American "misery index" a 56-year low


US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, March 3 news, according to the "misery index" (Misery Index) to measure the current United States economy at its best since President Eisenhower。Inflation fell sharply making the United States "misery index" dropped the least painful since the spring of 1959 levels by mid。  "Misery index" is the 1970s by the economist at the Brookings Institution scholar Arthur – Okun (Arthur Okun) proposed, when the United States is in a period of stagflation, high unemployment and high inflation co-exist。In order to measure the pain of that era, Okun made simply by adding the unemployment rate and inflation rate, reached a new digital。  The index is well depicted in the time of economic difficulties。In the 1970s, many people find it difficult not only to find work, they must continue to accelerate the fight against rising prices。Mid-19805, the United States "misery index" appears 21.Peak 9, when the unemployment rate was 7.5%, the inflation rate of 14.4%。Finally, in order to curb inflation, then the Fed chairman – Paul Volcker (Paul Volcker) interest rates rose to as high as 20%。Followed by rapid decline in inflation, the unemployment rate has been declining, the United States entered the prosperity of the 1980s and 1990s。  In the recession after the 2007 financial crisis, the United States, "misery index" highest value in September 2011, when the unemployment rate was 9%, inflation rate of 3.8%。12.The highest misery index 8 since the early 1980s。  After a steady decline in both inflation and unemployment。But now the misery index fell to 56-year lows is not very normal, because of a substantial decline in inflation is mainly due to oil prices。US annual inflation rate in January fell to -0.1%。  This and Okun introduced in the 1970s "misery index" a far cry from the original intention, because inflation is too low, many economists believe it is a problem。The job market has improved, but economists and Fed officials think the unemployment rate underestimates the extent of weakness in the job market。For example, the unemployment rate did not those people get engaged in part-time but want full-time employment into account, nor counted those people completely give up looking for work。  In other words, today's low unemployment and low inflation have larger deceptive。But for the family is concerned, the current low unemployment and low inflation rate does make people feel happier。January consumer confidence index of the Conference Board and University of Michigan consumer confidence index were hit its highest level since mid-2007 and 2004。(Shofu compilation)