One preflight Shandong Transportation Management Center fired the first shot of the regional investment


Figure 1: "Qilu Evening News" edition back cover significantly province published the "Preflight One" investment advertisements related staff recently from Hua Hengchang · One pre-screening Shandong Province Transportation Management Center was informed that the hot investment projects "preflight One "Shandong province of China Merchants work has already started across the board。 According to Wei, general manager of vertical Valley Transportation Management Center reports, Shandong Province with investment promotion "Qilu Evening News" and "martial arts style" two media column for the position, forming a province-wide campaign 95 million people, has taken the lead started "preflight One" National regional investment shot。
Generous: "Qilu Evening News" carpet bombing "martial arts style" overall title assault is reported, November 21, 2014, "Qilu Evening News" edition back cover significantly province published the "Preflight One" advertising investment in Shandong Province, the entire screen with "five milliliters of urine five minutes easy screening cancer" and "one billion yuan of healthy market invite you to share the" two eye-catching headline success on "preflight One," the province's investment model。 Transportation Management Center, Shandong Province, Gu Wei, general manager down, "Qilu Evening News" issue 15 million copies in November 21 JCP, the use of carpet bombing, we will comprehensively promote the Shandong region "preflight One" investment work, so that more One person understand preflight。