Wine Tasting Tips, drinks more benefits (1)


  Has now become a lot of people will drink wine on the table wine, then some knowledge about wine tasting and you know how much?Today gave you talk about wine night network of knowledge。  1, visual: shake glasses, wine lees observed which slowly flows down (or legs tears); then the cup is inclined at 45 degrees to observe the wine color and edge level (in the ideal state in natural light), this step liquor may be judged maturity。
  2, the sense of smell: wine after shaking, and then deep into the nose cup took at least 2 seconds, repeat this action can distinguish a variety of odors, to analyze the three aspects as wine aroma。
  3, taste: a drink, and a semi mouthwash manner, the wine in the mouth and sufficiently mixed with the air to reach all parts of the mouth; in this case can be summarized, analyzed tannin, sweetness, acidity, roundness , maturity。  Benefits adorned with the best drink to aid digestion。
To stimulate gastric acid secretion of gastric juice, wine tannins, increased intestinal musculature smooth muscle fibers contraction, the adjustment function of the colon, has a certain effect on colitis。
Sweet white wine contains sorbitol, helps digestion, prevent constipation。  The role of long ago, it was recognized that the role of。
For example: a cold is a common disease, wine antimicrobial substances inhibit the influenza virus, the traditional method is to drink a glass of champagne or hot snow after a glass of red wine heated, into an egg, stir, stop heating, cooler temperatures after drinking。
Studies have shown that: wine bactericidal effect because it contains bacteriostatic, bactericidal substances。
  Aging body with metal, as will gradually oxidized in nature。Oxidative culprit is not oxygen, but oxygen radicals, an outer nucleus containing reactive groups not electrons。This unpaired electron is easy to cause chemical reactions, damage to DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), proteins, and lipids and other important biological molecules, thereby affecting membrane transport processes, each tissue, impaired the function of promoting the aging。
Red contains more antioxidants such as phenol compounds, tannins, flavonoids, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zinc, manganese and the like, can eliminate or oxygen free radicals, the anti-aging and disease prevention effect。