How do got neurodermatitis how tough neurodermatitis prevention


Neurodermatitis, the disease is very annoying, though not large, itchy people awake at night。
Into a piece of moss-like rash seriously affect the image, but believe it will relapse, people keep track。Can not be completely "get rid of" this intractable problem let us take a look neurodermatitis knowledge。
How to treat it first got neurodermatitis: itching。
The first step is from the outside, the first solution of the urgent needs of itching, and then follow through and into the body's repair in the disaster。
For most skin disease is concerned, can cure most of the basic anti-itch, so from the outside in this way is very good, my family is doing so salve。
But if the wrong drug, the wrong use of hormone drugs as medicine, no different harm than good。
It is well known quick hormone drugs, and faster relapse, stopping a little, here disease intensified comeback。So it is recommended that you use traditional Chinese medicine, away from steroids!Step two: strengthening the economy, rousing。The so-called "chronic illness will be empty", longer course of time patients, the virus all the time consuming strength, slowly strongman has become a virtual person, resulting in resistance to evil is to stop or weaken the detoxification of the body。
This step-and-conquer fundamentally supplement internal organs of the essence, the human consumption of vitality filled, anti-evil restore normal function, allowing the body to produce righteousness going out, a steady stream delivered to the lesion, and upper and lower body the gorgeous body gets yang shadow, clear vestiges hidden in the body from the inside to the outside, to prevent recurrence。About 1 neurodermatitis prevention tips, Diet, ban alcohol and tobacco; eat spicy, delicious, greasy food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and foods rich in vitamins, keep stool。
2, to feel comfortable, to avoid large mood swings。Early hours, sleep should be sufficient to maintain。
3, avoid friction, scratching the affected area, to avoid scalding hot water。
Prevent scratching skin lesions, secondary infection。
4, autumn and winter, dry climate, the outer skin lesions shall constantly rubbing moisturizing cream or emulsion, preventing dry skin lesions。Of course, excessive sun exposure stimulus should be avoided, pay attention to sun in summer。
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