Amidst down drunk, Millennium Love Red


Moonset Wu Ti, Huaqing Yula, hurry down, it has a fine, clear, fall or flowers decorated!Look vast universe, leaving a little bit of ink marks, hand Su Tian Xiang, Fu Ya Su-Qin, embracing in the drizzle!  Rain umbrella home, while you are waiting for me, and you first met, fresh and elegant sounds heard from shore to shore, accompanied by elegant music, elegant dance duckweed pond littered with half falling thousands of miles, give me a legend myth!Eyes tenderness, cold pupil Wink, convey cool off injury!On the real estate broker incense, ink spilled ancient and modern, is your best confession to me!  Clueless, gray fog, walking in your world, is misty rain!  Sheng peach sky, clouds xingtan, you look back a hundred thousand turn back, keep all the ink I regret, nostalgia bloom I,!  Only in accordance with painted columns, Xiaofeng thousand points, for your ferry Wife!True to false, false is also true, but difficult Melancholy, bloom season, you have not drunk Red!Passionate ecstasy, Lan Meng Qing Xiao, and looking at the span of one thousand, a figure that you look back, two wandering!I am speechless speechless, and you met in the regrettable River, Resentment million points, two lines of tears Green, Red drunk can still laugh!Amber moon ten incense, gold flowers cherished, there is a sunny day you!  Swallow Sang Yu, Ling Nymphoides wind and rain, I stand under the flowers, waiting for your destination, and the Millennium!  Thousand years of hope, weathered millennium, the millennium tell, but look back a hundred years, a hundred years Sixu, it was a wisp of wind, blowing in your heart!  Drizzle elegant, leisurely cold air, wind and sun, pouring rain Gone with the Wind, I have dust debris flow, with no mountain!Bodhi life, Fallen flowers rain fly, you can not sense the fragrant brew, which is why bother?  A dream Qishan, the original love snow lotus of Britain ridge, dream home!Yau snow realm, endless affection, lonely trip, silent face, how much ignorance style!  Ye go back riding, refers to a lonely, sadness written, from injury to injury, walking in the spring of fish, quiet close sad。Not all down, our unique collection!At this injury is not injured, not tears tears, refers to a lonely, all you taste!  The pink, breezy, twist a finger flowers, incense overflow refers to the stream, falling helpless Red!Shed floral Qinren!You also laid hold of incense!  I hate worth mentioning!Love worth mentioning, hurt worth mentioning are passing a piece of paper, to stay in front of the rock life!  A dream to be intoxicated, drunk BES piano, was a prime bay Qinglian, opened in the earth!Gusui powder body, scarred, still laughing east!  Fine, clear, clouds Teng day, you also displaced thousands of years, it hurts my Wife!Years of reincarnation, time flies, five hundred years of wind and rain, are you crying!  Loving tired long, hazy Wife, day and night forever hand in hand, never tempered points!