Circle of friends crazy pass!Huoxiangzhengqi water so eat will be poisoned or even killed, it was true.?(1)


  The heat of summer, in order to avoid heat stroke, many people will bring some refreshing and other drugs。However, recently called a "Huoxiangzhengqi and cephalosporins not eat, otherwise it will produce toxic killed," the news was crazy pass in the circle of friends, so many people wary。
is this real?  It does not contain alcohol and cephalosporin with food!  First People's Hospital in Hangzhou pharmacy clinical pharmacists RESOURCES & said, "although the expression is not rigorous, but really can not eat and cephalosporins。
"Huoxiangzhengqi formulation with effect relieving dampness, qi and for exogenous cold, internal injuries caused by hysteresis or cold summer injury Shushi。Clinically, commonly used in the formulation Huoxiangzhengqi gastrointestinal-type cold, heat stroke prevention。  However containing 40?When 50% ethanol (commonly known as alcohol), while taking metronidazole and other cephalosporin antibiotics or even small amount of alcohol or drinking alcoholic beverages, are likely to cause headaches, vomiting, palpitations, shortness of breath and other adverse reactions, serious symptoms may appear respiratory depression, myocardial infarction, shock, acute heart failure。
This reaction is called disulfiram-like reaction, also known as disulfiram-like reaction。
  Other non-alcoholic formulation Huoxiangzhengqi not produce similar hazards these antimicrobial agents contain a chemical structure similar to the structure of disulfiram component, its function is similar with disulfiram。
Thus, once the patient after taking antibiotics containing disulfiram alcohol component, such components will prevent the harmful oxidation of acetaldehyde alcohol metabolites are water and carbon dioxide, resulting in increased concentration of acetaldehyde in the human body, and then the occurrence of alcohol -like reaction, symptoms appear。  Currently, in addition to the market, as well as oral liquid, soft capsules, pills。
Huoxiangzhengqi other formulation does not contain alcohol and cephalosporins taking disulfiram-like reaction caused by。
  These drugs can not be used together and cephalosporins According to reports, at present, the commonly used oral drugs containing ethanol, Dishui, Compound Glycyrrhiza Oral Solution, L-carnitine oral solution, oral liquid caffeine DHEC。
Traumatology aqueous external preparation, tincture remove injury swelling, muscle pain elimination tincture, Shujin wine, liniments Shuhuo musk, musk liniment remove pain, swelling and pain tincture, and the specification mentioned drug-containing ethanol。
And cephalosporins such drugs may cause disulfiram-like reaction。
  Doctors recommend disabling cephalosporin 7 days after doctors advise not to drink, from a security point of view, if taking cephalosporins, stopping seven days do not drink, do not take drugs containing ethanol, for example, also to avoid topical drugs containing ethanol ; If taking drugs containing ethanol, preferably in two days after taking cephalosporins, avoid discomfort body。
  If disulfiram-like reaction occurs inadvertently, for patients with mild reaction generally self-limiting, without special treatment, symptoms will be reduced or disappear after discontinuation of alcohol; severe toxic reactions, immediate medical treatment to be。
  Beware of heat stroke medicine has a lot to choose from in fact, there are many drugs to prevent heat stroke, relatively inexpensive and safe drugs, wind spirits, cool oil for external use, pay attention to allergies, infants, pregnant women should be used with caution; there are oral medicine g dysentery fever capsules, honeysuckle, also standing honeysuckle, mint, rugosa, lotus, chrysanthemum tea drinking Chinese Herbal medicine。