Manufacturing and selling fake Maotai chain: a box of 400 yuan to sell packaging costs account for half


  Wen | AI Finance Agency Jing Wenjing editor | I wish the same to buy a house than to buy Maotai?Better to hoard gold hoard Maotai?But only if that is true buy Maotai。
  According to media reports, in January 2018, Mr. Wang Xi'an to spend 90,000 yuan to buy 10 boxes of "Flying Maotai" wine by professionals to inspect, all counterfeit products。
Since the second half of 2016, Maotai skyrocketing from 800 yuan to 1499 yuan, the Lunar New Year Maotai even rose to more than 3,000。
Under profiteering must be fake。
In place of origin Maotai, Maotai Town, there is a fake Maotai black chain。   Liquor Street, located on Maotai Town, Mao South Central Avenue, four or five hundred Restaurant。
If you count Renhuai City, as of September 2017, the number of liquor companies have 2811。 Sold almost all the wine "Maotai" relevant。
Here, a bottle retail price of 1499 yuan, the market price of about 1800 yuan Maotai flying, less than 200 yuan can buy high imitation。
The high degree of imitation, the price also has to compete。   Maotai town with rich wine is famous at home and abroad, known as "China's first wine town"。
Known as the "Liquor Co., Ltd." Production of Maotai, which was made here。 Maotai Town people take advantage of this great IP, for their own benefit。 Specific route two operations, one is fake Maotai, starting with the name and trademark on the packaging changes, "Maotai" word not change, only you need to add Tasting behind "Maotai" word, for inside, reception and so forth can be customized private。 The second is a fake Maotai, Maotai price by selling really, really Maotai can also provide the relevant bills, bar code, security signs readily available, single bottle net profit more than 1000 yuan。   Maotai Town "Maotai" production chain also has mysterious upstream, bulk packaging is a。 Renhuai urban Shing Road, there are many such packaging material supply liquor stores。 Maotai counterfeiting packaging can be seen everywhere, from the appearance point of view, in addition to packaging and trademark names are not the same, the other looks and classic wines Flying Moutai Maotai has a high degree of similarity on the package, just not Maotai registered trademark。
Although there are some packaging factory name, in fact, without a trace of "ghost winery" Maotai buyers want is the word, the essence of the "three non-product"。   These three non-packaging is to feed the packaging supply Maotai Town, the vast majority of wineries, winery after purchasing these three non-packaging their wine into the packaging, to sell properties。 Personal Tailor, in addition to the ability to customize trademark can customize the price of each package can be developed according to the bar code liquor manufacturer pricing, vendors also often selling price in accordance with the barcode。
From the production of packaging to enter the market, the whole process through-train service。   But fake Maotai packaging is generally not placed in the store, you need to transfer cargo-site, in-line contact the manufacturer, the price is more expensive than the average, 400 yuan a box, a box of six bottles, while the retail price of a box of Maotai true for 8994 yuan。
After all, where technical content, also need to risk, it is generally only large single。 "Will be found in jail," a package liquor store owner says。 In Shing Road, this street, there are many such businesses, although the cost of expensive (an average of 66 yuan a bottle of adulterated liquor packaging to be), but as long as you can sell a bottle of adulterated liquor earn two boxes of fake Maotai packaging costs。
Excellent quality of the fake Maotai can be deceptive, for counterfeit inspection, visible bottle caps appear like true rainbow of Beijing and Maotai "national drink Maotai" word。
  After the highlight of packaging solutions, many simple little raw wine。
Maotai Town, home to 30 wineries formal, class of nearly 500 small wineries。 Businesses will own liquor distillery after a certain ratio to reconcile, as Maotai raw materials。
Fake Maotai also pay attention to the packaging。
After completion of the hot water rinse bottles, injection bulk liquor, hand press on the first cap layer, using a hand-cranked cap wine wrapper, the closure cap and the plastic bottle at a good link。 The security chip then glue paste onto the bottle。
Security chip "black spots" upward, then apply a layer of glue, and then the wine in the wine neck ribbon based on the security lid chip-based method than authentic Maotai。   After the bottle, and the bottle ribbon take good set, heating the bottle, and the bottle of the bottle take full engagement。 And then paste Maotai trademark security labels, packaging box 12 bottles 2 counterfeit Maotai finished with a time of less than 20 minutes。
According to news reports surging, who took the fake Maotai in Shing Road, Renhuai assembled for testing in Zunyi a Maotai franchise stores。 Eye real ones, but did not pass the test, the results of the scan test machine showed no store queries to the counterfeit any information。
  Maotai town of Maotai distillery in addition to the production of counterfeit and fake Maotai outside, but also produces its own wine。 The price of 600 yuan a pound of bulk wine, the wholesale price may be only tens of dollars a pound, customers come to buy, packaging choice。
However, after a series of packaging, with "Maotai" the IP, suddenly it became the market price on the thousand or so a bottle of premium wines。 "This (adulterated liquor business) played with a good year to earn hundreds of thousands, millions of very simple"。 Huge profits to attract many wine merchants willing to dance on the edge。 "2016 arrested seven or eight people, and now they are doing the same with drug trafficking, very subtle."。
  In August 2017, under the Alibaba fake commandos Big Data help, Hunan Longhui County police successfully destroyed Renhuai Maotai selling counterfeit dens one, all kinds of fake Maotai liquor seized nearly 2,000 bottles, involving a thousand million。 Alibaba crackdown SCS was founded in 2010。
By the end of 2017, Ali counterfeiting and commandos have been under the country's 23 provinces to carry out cooperation in line crackdown, law enforcement agencies nationwide to push the cumulative involving fake clues 1910 to help arrest the people involved in 1606, the number of destroyed dens 1328, involving about 4.3 billion yuan。
  However, it has not eradicate the phenomenon of counterfeit products。 Here consumers will not buy really expensive Maotai, on the other side there is a need for even numbers only 100 yuan currency exchange puree wine Maotai 52 degrees。
By the end of 2017, Sichuan Province, Huangshan City of Industry, together with the criminal investigation in disguise selling counterfeit case。
February 2018, Shenzhen Maotai adulterated liquor dens and investigate a specific amount of money involved were not disclosed。 Every spring or holiday, along with the gifts the peak of production of fake Maotai not idle。   Profits and demand is the main reason。
It is reported that in recent years authentic Guizhou Maotai annual production of around 40,000 tons of base liquor Maotai 2018 production of 46,100 tons target, but only some will be put on the market, some for storage。 Since mid-August 2017, Moutai shares soaring, hard to find a bottle of Maotai。 Beijing Maotai outlets and even the purchase order, the provisions can only buy two bottles per person per day, full-day shop sold only 18 bottles。
Maotai town even appeared to hold only sell two bottles of Maotai field of consumer identity cards, ID cards each local consumers limit prescribed a bottle of。