George Walker 8 27 + gain another victory away to attack the Eagles still tough defeat


  Ticker on April 25, at home to the Pacers beat the Hawks 113-98, in the first round 2-0。
  George – Hill in force last one, scored 22 points, Paul – George 27 points and eight rebounds, Roy – Hibbert 15 points and nine rebounds, Gerald – Green 15 points。
  Eagles lost the two cities, German – Harris scored 17 points, Jeff – Teague 16 points and five assists, Josh – Smith 16 points, Al – Horford 13 points, 10 rebounds and five assists。   The first battle to 90-107 defeat the Eagles captains complained to referee。
Pacers played very aggressive, and the referee turned a blind eye。
Hawks study concluded: eye for an eye。   "From the perspective of tough confrontation, I can not complain," Hawks coach Larry – Drew said, "the agreement reached by the players that have played some tough。
Not to hurt the opponent, but must be more to fight some more physical confrontation must。 "Compared to keep an eagle really tough lot, but in front of the Pacers, or some not open display。   Eagles to a wave 5-0 start, but the Pacers played in the game three minutes later only to vote in a ball。
Walker soon enter the state, Hill-thirds vote, George layup, two teams began to tug of war。
This section there are 4 minutes, the two sides are still a tie, but the Eagles scored only two points thereafter, the first section of the Pacers lead to 25-19。   The two teams began to exchange that three points in the second quarter, this section played less than four minutes, Harris succeeded twice in third, while Green and George have also hit the long shot for the Pacers, who still holds the upper hand。 More than half of this section, Kyle Korver hit third, but the Hawks still 40-45 behind。 This section 5 Walker hit a three-pointers, single scored 34 points, leading the first half to 59-50。   George first half, scored 16 points, Hibbert 11 points off the bench Gerrard – Green and Augustin each scored 8 points。 Teague had 16 points for the Hawks, Harris 10 points, 8 points huofude。
  Hill started the second half to hit the third, leading the Pacers to continue。
This section there are 4 minutes 58 seconds, Horford layup, the Hawks will recover as the score 65-73, but Pendergraph also to a ball, followed by George steals, fast-break layup, but the Pacers double-digit advantage。
Green's dunk after the buzzer, the Pacers to a 88-76 lead into the final。
  Hill even after the start of the fourth quarter and even "play a quarter," succeeded, Teague thirds vote and cause foul, and even scored 4 points with a fine cast, after more than half of this section, he hit third, one with 5 points, the Pacers 104-85 lead with 19 points。 This section played seven minutes later, I hope one scored 13 points, the Pacers extended the advantage to 20 points or more。 Eagles had to give up, this section also removed all the main four minutes。 (Angkor)。