Minsheng Bank Bank of Ping An Bank to pay illegal business out of 1.700 million yuan tickets | illegal


  Latest news: Work to implement the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and State Council on strengthening financial supervision, payment and settlement purge the market order, to prevent payment risks, People's Bank of China in July 2017 to September, has on China Xiamen Branch (new payment and settlement center ), to carry out the payment and settlement business of law enforcement inspection。
  The investigation has revealed the existence of two banks in violation of liquidation management, the RMB bank settlement account management, non-financial institution payment service management and other illegal activities。
People's Bank of China Considering the two banks of the facts of illegal activities, nature, circumstances and extent of social risk factors, according to "People's Republic of China People's Bank of China Law", "RMB bank settlement account management approach", "non-financial institution payment service management approach "and other laws and rules and regulations, giving Xiamen branch of China Minsheng Bank (emerging payment and settlement centers) warning, confiscate the illegal income 48418 yuan, a fine of 114,639 yuan, the total amount of punishment 163057, yuan; given a warning Ping An Bank, confiscate the illegal income 3,036 yuan, a fine of 10308 yuan, the total amount of penalties 13,344 yuan。
  Next, the PBC will continue in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, continue to strengthen market supervision and payment and settlement, payment and settlement severely punish illegal acts to protect the payments market sustained, stable and healthy development。