Where nine local influence should pay attention to women's health


Affect women's health where long-range aircraft have a cost-effective method is to use the cabin air circulation, which means that you are 15 hours in the air we breath, is 300 passengers common exhaled air。
Although aviation units, the proportion of fresh air in the cabin should not be less than 50%, but few people really see in inspection。 Confined space, air re-use, so that bacteria and viruses floating around, plus the air is so dry, dry nose become more suitable breeding ground for germs。 If you want to by plane, all you can do is fly the way a few days ago and flying, some vitamin supplement, enhance their immunity。
9, mattress mattress microorganisms affect the health, not bacteria or viruses, but dust mites, which can cause allergic rhinitis and asthma。 According to the UK National Association of bedding, dust mites parasitic on human skin, everyone will shed a few pounds of skin debris each year, most are on the bed while we sleep loss of moisture, but also a year 45 gallons, resulting in a warm and moist environment favorable dust mites multiply。 Experts suggest that the best way to prevent mites:。