Spring eight principles of traditional Chinese medicine and health principles to keep in mind


What are good foods to eat the arrival of spring is also accompanied by a change in people's body, changeable spring weather, so the body's metabolism will not become law is not very stable, so that accumulation of toxins in the body will be more and more。
Many people will feel easy to fall asleep in the spring, apathetic, which is often said of Chinese medicine "Chun Kun"。
Spring to eat what food is good, it should adapt to changes in the main season, alas homeostasis by regulating some food。
Such as spring appears Chun Kun phenomenon, then it should be appropriate to add some nutrition, a reasonable diet amps, which can effectively regulate the mind; the northern spring climate is dry and windy, and it is prone to all kinds of inflammation, so to exercise more, and drink plenty of water; if the person is suffering from a certain kind of traditional illnesses, should be appropriate spring tonic, which helps improve the body's resistance。
A food: yam is not just a common ingredients, but also has a lot of use value, is common Warming stomach, kidneys, etc.。
Spring is a good season to eat yams, can stomach the status of the best conditioning to reduce the chance of gastrointestinal diseases appear。
Food II: Whether or sesame white sesame seeds, which are rich in fatty oil,, calcium and protein nutrients, etc., to have a good role in our body's nourishment。In addition, the daily eat sesame can also maintain hair Oh!Spring Food III principles: leek spring climate changes very fast, in order to maintain balance in our bodies, then the appropriate supplement, maintenance yang is very necessary。Leek contains vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals, etc., in a short time training the body, maintenance yang, yang ingredients is very effective, especially for men oh!Food Four: animal offal Chinese medicine, there is a saying that "eating which make up what" we want to restore good internal organs, in the spring what to eat good food, animal organs is a very good choice。
There are many common animal offal, such as liver, goat liver, etc., these foods have maintained our role of the liver。
In addition Spring climate variability, so a variety of bacterial growth is very fast, so a detox should be put on the agenda of things。Old Chinese told us that eating animal organs liver can effectively nursed back to health, work and do body detoxification。