Wuhan Cherry Blossom Festival attracted hordes of thieves Police foiled an inter-provincial gang fled


Pictured, reimbursement of stolen police phone box king deterrent police recovered a stolen phone the same day at 3 pm, five suspects came back to the hotel after a Wuchang Road is located, the police immediately net income。
When the police who broke into the room, the suspect was lying in bed made circle of friends to show off the day's "victories"。 After five police will control the scene seized eight packed and ready to mail phone stolen goods。
  Careful police still in the room on top of the cabinet to find a single courier。 Express a single show, the morning there is a parcel weighing up to 4 kg sent to Beijing。 The police inquiry immediately contact the courier company, 10 o'clock that night, the police successfully intercepted under this box is about to board the plane wrapped in Wuhan Tianhe Airport。 The bag is a whole carton of Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other high-end phones, the inventory of a total of 19, all of the group 16, 17 Theft of mobile phones stolen goods。
  Investigation, members of the group Mou (Hezhou people, 37 years old), Wu (Hezhou people, 36 years old), Momou (Yulin people, 28 years old), Lingmou (Yulin people, 32 years old), Lee (Guangdong Zhaoqing man, 29 years old), mutually fellow cellmate relations, have repeatedly pickpocketing criminal record。 According to the account, they ride from Nanning, Guangxi high-speed rail all the way north, had originally planned to go to Beijing of committing the crime, when passing through Wuhan March 16 afternoon, I heard that when the "Cherry Blossom Festival", many tourists, so would 19 again, "fishing for a" post go, I did not think the shot was just eyeing Wuhan pocketing police and "crashed" River City。   Ninety percent of victims are young women from 22, focused on reimbursement scene in stolen goods Wuhan Public Security Bureau held video Investigation Detachment, part of the victim from the hands of the police to reclaim the phone。
Victim 21-year-old Miss Zhang told reporters, March 16 at 6 pm, when she was shopping at Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street, this value will readily than 8000 yuan IPHONEX mobile phone on the shirt pocket, a few minutes later found the stolen , because they feel little hope back, Miss Zhang did not alarm。 I did not expect 19 pm, she suddenly received a police phone, telling her cell phone back up, so she was surprised。   According to the video investigation detachment Ten team instructor Huang Kai introduction, this 27 mobile phone belonging to 26 victims (one of whom was also stripped of two mobile phones)。 Among them, there are 23 young women, accounting for 90%。 Huang Kai analysis, because young women using a mobile phone is generally more upscale, fashion, and awareness is not strong, accustomed to hand the phone on the shirt pocket, can easily become the target of crime suspects。
He reminded the general public, especially young women, away from home should strengthen prevention, try the phone, purse pocket or backpack on the close, and the backpack placed on the chest。   Currently, the five suspects had been under criminal detention by the police, the case is being handled in further。 (Finish)。