Former South Korean women parliamentarians to shame China remarks an apology: May misconduct statement does not affect the China-ROK relations


  Former South Korean women parliamentarians SONG Yong Sin recently apologized (screenshots) to shame China remarks, according to South Korea, "Seoul" reported on July 21, former South Korean women parliamentarians recently SONG Yong Sin shame China for publishing remarks in the controversial TV show。 21, SONG Yong Sin official response on the matter, said: "deep apology"。
  SONG Yong Sin participate in the 16th South Korean JTBC television political talk shows had contemptuously called: "20 years ago, 1.1 billion gang of beggars, so dare to treat South Korea!"For this speech, she said:" This is a very inappropriate, not to speak of careful consideration。
I speak because of the hurt pride of the Chinese people, for which I apologize。 "SONG Yong Sin also said:" China and South Korea are countries of Northeast Asia cooperation symbiotic sincerely hope that this event not to expand the impact of China-ROK relations。
"There is this Korean netizen said:" This woman has to speak misconduct is not a one or two back。
If I were Chinese people will never not let go。 "Editor: Lu Po。