James career worst half!But to extract a 28-year NBA strongest reversal


  Beijing on March 22, Cavaliers to 132-129 victory over the Raptors。
After the first half, the Raptors chisel 79 points, the Cavaliers complete reversal in the second half。
  The first section of the game, the Cavaliers and Raptors play the exchange, but the Cavaliers to 42-38 lead into the sect。
  However, the Raptors bench lineup outbreak in the second quarter, the Cavaliers significant cooling side of the offensive, the results beat the Raptors in the second wave of the Knights 41-22。
  The first half, the Raptors 79-64 lead with 15 points Knight。
  According to the statistics show: 79 minutes of the first half of the season is the knight biggest drop points。
At the same time, 79 points also tied the Raptors halftime scoring record of history。
  In addition, the 79 points also set a maximum drop points at half-time in 15 years where the team of James。
  So-called "sense of shame and then courage," Knight significantly strengthen the defense in the second half, and the Raptors get only 50 points in the half。 Eventually, the Cavaliers to 132-129 victory over the Raptors。
  It is worth mentioning that, since November 8, 1990, no NBA team can lose a complete reversal of the case of 79 points in the first half。 At that time, the Spurs after the first half was 90 points Nuggets also get complete reversal。