Pot and beer can eat what you eat hot pot with a good wine


Pot and beer you can eat the occasion of the autumn and winter, cold weather, it is a good time to eat hot pot。
So, fondue and beer can eat it, drink wine with fondue and what better arrangement and with 6681 net night to look at the pot and beer can eat it introduced it!Pot and beer can eat with me to eat hot pot is best not to drink beer。1, easy to induce eating hot pot iced beer town, it is one of the main cause gout, but a good alternative to eat hot pot, drink wine, can play a bactericidal, go full throttle effect。As a health drink, it has been detected at least wine contains more than 250 components。Among them, mineral ,,, Nicholas acid and resveratrol, are substances that are beneficial to human health。
Tom liking Princeton substances in the body into uric acid, and this acid in urine will make the beer distribution in the joints or soft tissues of the body, leading to gout, can also cause severe complications such occurrence and。2, prone to cause prostate disease experts explained that the winter is the high season for prostate, prostate disease exacerbation Liucheng winter or recurrent disease。
This winter and sexual life, low ambient air temperature, pay attention to local warmth, eating habits and other relevant。The weather getting cold, drink beer, eat hot pot in order to withstand the cold is a lot of city people's eating habits。
Many people do not know, after drinking can cause prostate congestion, a lot of frying pot, hot spicy food will make the symptoms worse。Pot and beer you can eat male experts said, because many patients after the winter habitually drinking eating hot pot, leading to prostate complications。
And because of winter temperatures, many patients with prostate disease will increase。This is because at low temperatures, prostate sympathetic nervous excitability may significantly enhance the contraction of the prostate gland, causing chronic congestion, increased siltation prostatic fluid, leading to the onset of prostate disease。Eating hot pot, people with a variety of sauces like dip food, especially when the sauce, the spicy food the body would be great harm。
The beer will enhance blood circulation, can easily lead to prostate disease。