The meat Song Beibei how do you teach Cantonese practice


But note that the pork itself contains a certain amount of sodium ions, and a lot of soy has brought a considerable number of sodium ions, and therefore need to restrict your diet to eat less salt friends。 Some floss also adding a lot of fat, taste more fragrant beauty, but also increased energy brought a lot of。 Floss heat are much higher than the lean meat, are high-energy food, eat should have some control over the amount and frequency。
Floss practice 1, lean meat floss material net 500 g, curry powder, soy sauce, salt, sugar practice 1.The meat on the water and cook a few minutes, then go Xuemo。 2.After cooked like this drops ~ ~ 3.Then cut into small pieces so easily boiled, especially in pressure cooker。 I cook for about two hours, because it is electric pressure cooker, gas does not cost。 4.One benefit of using a pressure cooker boiled pork, the meat is cooked can be very, very bad, a slight pressure on the broken。 It can also be made a little more rotten Ha。 5.Then add curry powder, sugar, soy sauce, salt, switch, fried in the pressure cooker。
6.This kept stir fry, Scoop dry up, the finished product is such drops。
Meat Song Beibei how to do 2, homemade pine 1.Material handling: The lean pork blood, cut into pieces of about 2 cm into the pot。
2.Cooking: add a little water is placed on a high boiling, then add soy sauce, salt, wine, spring onion and ginger, use Simmer 5-6 hours, until slightly dry soup, minced meat with a shovel。 3.Roasting: The pan was placed on the hot slow fire, poured repeatedly agitate roast meat, minced finely divided when let it be free of moisture, sugar and monosodium glutamate thrown, welling roasting continued until the fried meat end fluffy Serve。