James 12 + 26 + 9 43 Heat reversal points 3-1 Westbrook three straight Thunder


  Ticker on June 20, the completion of the first section of the Heat 17 points behind the reversal, home to 104-98 win over the Thunder, to obtain match point at 3-1 in the finals。
  LeBron – James hit cramps in the fourth quarter, scored 26 points, 12 assists and nine rebounds。 Heat trio on 20 points, Dwyane – Wade and Mario – Chalmers each had 25 points and Chris Bosh – 13 points and nine rebounds。   Russell – Westbrook scored 43 points, seven rebounds and five assists, the audience voted 32 20, Kevin – Durant 28 points, others have failed to double。
James – Harden mediocre, 2 of 10 shots, eight points 10 rebounds。   The previous three games, the Thunder are the poor start, but today was uncharacteristically。 Westbrook continuous shooting accuracy, the first section played less than five minutes, he already has eight points for Houston, Thunder 15-5 start。
After playing four minutes, the Heat hit only one ball, then called timeout has improved, but short-lived, have since troubled, continuous shot。 Thunder continued onslaught, this section there are 2 minutes 28 seconds, just play near Collison Bulan (), Thunder to 27-12 obtain 15 points of advantage。
Thunder is leading up to 17 points, Cole-thirds vote at the end of this section, the Heat was chasing the score 19-33。
  Cole changed the hairstyle, feel unexpected upgrade, Section II began soon after, he hit third, James and Wade have also shot thereafter succeeded (), the Heat to a wave of 16-2 start this section, in one fell swoop tie it at 35-35。
Durant finally hit the vote, followed by third succeeded Harden, Thunder to maintain our edge。
After three degrees Heat will narrow the gap to 1 point, Westbrook fired back three times (), refuse to overtake the Heat。 Halftime, the Thunder lead to 49-46。
  James hit back many times, passing defense in the case of attraction, teammate fulfill the mission, frequently hit, he would have had 10 first half points, eight assists and six rebounds, three pairs and ran away。 Westbrook is 15 shots and 9, scored 18 points。
  Wade hit two free throws after the third quarter began, and then shot at close range succeeded, one scored 4 points, the Heat to 50-49 beyond, this is their first lead since 2-0。 The two sides tug of war played a few rounds, then James Chalmers pass in this section there are 7 minutes 07 seconds, hit the third, leading the Heat to 64-60。 Heat was leading by 7 points, Westbrook in this section there are three seconds to hit a ball, Durant also throws a ball, the Thunder chasing the score 75-79。   Thunder in the fourth quarter to narrow the gap to 1 point after two consecutive Chalmers hit clutch shots, including a record third, the Heat to a 85-79 advantage to widen again。
Westbrook continued strong play (), one arranged thereafter Thunder 13 points in the game there are 6 minutes and 11 seconds to recover as the score 90-90。
  James even hit the cramp (), after being steals, unable to back on defense, but a blessing in disguise, the Thunder five dozen four without success, James basket ball, easily hit。 James ready to stay in the field, but it can not stand, Zuodao in the field, the Heat had to pause。   Thunder while James is not in play, scored four points, the score go-ahead。 James play soon after he hit the third shot on the outside (), the Heat shot a wave of 7-0 to 99-94 once again to gain advantage。
  Seconds before the whistle, the two sides form a scrum, the Heat to grab the ball (), Thunder had to foul。   After two free throws Chalmers, Durant third out of a "three non-stick" Thunder escape defeat。
  After a day of rest, both teams continued to battle in Miami, the Heat will be able to just clinch a win。