Wang Yi: to create a better future regional cooperation in the Lancang Mekong


  March 23, 2016, the Lancang – Mekong cooperation first summit was held in Sanya, Hainan, Li Keqiang Prime Minister and the leaders of the five countries in the Mekong jointly announced the birth of this new cooperation mechanism。
January 10 this year, the second week will be the first summit meeting of the leaders of organized identified as Mae Lan Zhou。 The six countries will hold youth exchange, a series of colorful activities show the fruits of cooperation, cultural performances, think tank forums, Business Summit, television and feature films, etc., to celebrate the second anniversary of the start of cooperation Mae Lan, Lan Mei cooperate fully demonstrated the unique charm and rich achievement。
  Lancang – Mekong River stretches for thousands of miles, from the towering Tanggula originated along the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Pentium, all the way to the river polyethylene product stream, crossing the mountains of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the Pentium in the vast Indo-basin feeding the millions of people。 With a drink of water, connected to the fate of tight。 This mother of the close ties between China and the five countries in the Mekong together, Lan Mei cooperation emerged, opening a new chapter six countries seeking cooperation and development of。   Lan Mei cooperation started two years, the six countries to a heart like, an effort to make one, creating a remarkable pattern of Mae Lan。
We work together to build the "leaders to lead, covering all departments involved," the pattern of Mae Lan, and created a "progress every day, every month results, the mid-level," the Mae Lan speed, to cultivate a "equality , genuine solidarity, kinship, "the culture of Mae Lan。 One of the new mechanisms of cooperation Mae Lan has deservedly become the most dynamic subregion, most development potential。    – Construction of a new framework for sub-regional cooperation。 Lan Mei cooperation is cooperation platform for six new co-founded the basin, which is rooted in the traditional friendship built on common interests, conform to the trend of the times, in line with popular opinion。 Six countries established a cooperative framework, including leaders' meeting, Foreign Ministers' Meeting, Senior Officials' Meeting and in all areas, including the working group, established the "5 + 3 cooperation framework", that political security, economic and sustainable development, social and human as the three pillars of the priority areas of cooperation in interconnection, capacity, cross-border economy, water resources and agriculture and poverty reduction。
The second meeting of leaders will upgrade it to a "3 + 5 + X Cooperation Framework", to further expand the areas of cooperation。
Since last year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the six countries have set up national Mae Lan secretariat or coordinating agency cooperation, the priority areas of the Joint Working Group fully established。 Lan Mei Water Collaborating Center, Center for Environmental Cooperation and the Mekong Global Research Center has been put into operation。 Multi-level and wide-ranging cooperation mechanism provides strong support for the practical cooperation。
   – to create a new pattern of coordinated development。
The six countries agreed to promote cooperation with the Mae Lan "along the way" initiative, the "ASEAN Interconnection Master Plan" in 2025, the United Nations sustainable development agenda and development strategies docking States in 2030, to create economic development with Lan Mei Basin, the construction of the State Lan Mei common destiny。 Six countries conducted more than 20 major infrastructure and industrial projects, the implementation of hundreds of projects to benefit the livelihood of small and medium cooperation for economic and social development in the basin make an important contribution。 The old railway, the railway and Thailand have started, Laos River cascade hydropower stations in southern Europe, a project put into power generation, Siem Reap, Cambodia new airport started soon。 2017, China and the five countries in the Mekong trade exceeded 220 billion US dollars, an increase of 16%; China's total five countries invested more than $ 42 billion in 2017 investment increased by 20% over the previous year; cumulative total contract signed contracted projects exceeded $ 140 billion。 For two years, the new route between China and the five countries more than 330 pieces, 2017 30 million passengers every year and personnel exchanges。 Six countries to form a new pattern of all-round cooperation, coordinated development。
   – arrange a new blueprint for regional integration。 Mei Lan was born in China cooperation – under the framework of ASEAN, is China – an important part of ASEAN cooperation, help enrich the China – ASEAN cooperation connotation, to create a higher level of strategic partnership。
Lan Mei cooperation from the three major political, economic and social humanities round butt ASEAN Community, ASEAN help narrow the development gap and foster new growth momentum。
Many hands make light, Lan Mei cooperation is not to "reinvent the wheel", but "the fire burn even more vigorously."。 As a latecomer sub-regional cooperation, cooperation Mae Lan uphold openness and tolerance, cooperation and win-win spirit, complementarity with other mechanisms, mutual promotion and coordinated development, the formation of sub-regional flourishing and prosperity of the situation。
A week later, the sixth Summit of the Greater Mekong Subregion Economic Cooperation will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, China will actively participate and look forward to the conference a success。   In order to Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, China's development to stand on a new historical starting point of socialism with Chinese characteristics into the magnificent new era of big power diplomacy with Chinese characteristics open a new journey magnificent。 Communist Party of China has always been to make new and greater contributions to mankind as its mission。
China will stick to the road of peaceful development, and actively promote "along the way" of international cooperation, and promote the construction of new international relations, build human community destiny。   Lan Mei cooperation will become a model for sub-regional cooperation to build "along the way" process。 Mekong River Basin is located in the "area" and "all the way" cross-zone, with a unique geographical advantage。 Mekong countries, with China in the complementary advantages of industrialization, infrastructure, agricultural modernization, etc., is a natural partner。 We will uphold peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win spirit of the Silk Road, adhere to jointly build a shared principle, China's development with the development of the Mekong countries combine to deepen policy communication facilities China Unicom, the smooth flow of trade, financial intermediation and the people connected, strengthening infrastructure "hard Unicom" and policies, rules, standards of "soft Unicom" narrow the development gap, adding impetus to the development, cooperation share dividend。
  Lan Mei cooperation will become a lively practice to promote the construction of new international relations。 The core Mae Lan cooperation is win-win cooperation。
China will actively practice the concept of tolerance and pro Cheng Hui and neighbors as good neighbors as partners surrounding foreign policy, adhere to justice and benefit phase and to justice for the first correct righteousness and benefit, we are committed to help each other Mekong countries, a reliable partner。 Politically, mutual respect and mutual trust, equal consultation, adhere to national, big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor are equal and adequate care comfort each other, establish a model of harmonious coexistence of nations; on the economy, mutual benefit, complementary advantages, always put development as priority direction, is committed to the economic development of mutual complementarity into force, build developing countries to work together to seek common development model; culturally, mutual learning, seek common ground, respect for cultural diversity, to mutual – learning beyond the clash of civilizations The coexistence of civilization beyond civilization is superior, the realization of cultural development and revitalization of the Mekong River Basin Lan。
  Lan Mei cooperation will be the first version of the fate of the human community building。
The surrounding is the base of China settle down, development and prosperity of China and neighboring countries with a common fate。 Good surrounding, China can develop good; good Chinese development, the surrounding will get better。
China's development will inevitably earliest and most benefit the neighboring countries。 China's economy has been the rapid growth phase of flight to quality stage of development, innovation-driven significantly enhanced, consumption structure, speed up the upgrading of industrial structure, derived from the huge market growth, investment and cooperation opportunities。
Lan Mei cooperation reflects the Chinese to their own development into the surrounding development to their own development to drive around the development of the concept and mind, to show China as a great power regional cooperation leader, peace and development in the Rye area served, will contribute subregional governance Chinese wisdom , China program, serves as a source for the construction of the injection of human community of destiny。   This year is the first year of nineteen implement the spirit of the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, is winning building a moderately prosperous society, the implementation of "Thirteen Five Year Plan" nexus year, but also towards cooperation from Mae Lan incubation period to the key to long-term year。
We will be in the order of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, have 19 great spirit as a guide, to create a new model of regional cooperation, development and prosperity of the construction of the new high ground, expand win-win cooperation frontier, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream Mekong dream of revitalization with the country's development closely linked, contribute to the achievement of all the people of the benefit of watershed "Lan Mei dream"。