Russian government overseas assets has become a state secret | Russia | Yukos case | Real Estate


  RBC will not publish the legal basis of information raised questions, Chu Barr said the issues have been "beyond the scope of federal power assets of the Authority"。   RBC reports that the government can only be separated confidential information about those military bases and specialized aerospace facility。
However, GoltsblatBLP law firm of Mozart Petrovsky (VitalyMozharovsky) lawyers said the government may issue executive order requiring that information is confidential, so can not be disclosed。   Russia's Federal Security Service and the two relevant ministers did not respond to the requirements of RBC comment。
  Russia's decision to seal overseas asset-related information, apparently to avoid recourse year foreign shareholders of Yukos Oil Company。 Last year, the International Court of Arbitration in The Hague ruled that Russia should pay $ 50 billion in compensation to the shareholders。
The Court found that the Russian government in the mid-2000s led to one of the country's largest oil company bankruptcy and disintegration。   After the ruling release, French and Belgian judicial authorities froze assets belonging to the series belonging to the Russian government and the Russian state media companies。   Currently, the Federal Security Service is pushing a bill to limit public access database of real estate ownership by, because the recent past, many people have found a large number of cases the Russian bureaucracy has a large property through the database, and publicly released to the Internet。