Fuxin found an ancient early Neolithic village


His feet west ditch unearthed stone tools of this Zhongxin She unearthed a large number of pottery, stone relics of their ancestors used in everyday life。
Including more than 400 pottery, are coarse pottery, red-brown, grayish brown two kinds, the main diagonal web tank, straight abdominal cans, cans and other puff, has the most chevron clay surface, string pattern, geometric pattern and other ornamentation; there are more than 600 large-scale stone axes, stone shovels, disc, polished bar, knocking hit, a chopper and so on; also unearthed eight very precious jade ax。   Archaeologists said that through discovery, confirmation and cultural nature of the sea near the site of the same check his feet xigou site, is an ancient early Neolithic village, reflected the many aspects of social production and life of our ancestors, but also China the originator of civilization, for the study of Xinglong depression culture provides a wealth of archaeological data。
  Check sea culture is the source of the Hongshan culture, known as the dawn of civilization 5,000 years Niuheliang "Goddess Temple" that comes from here。 Check sea ruins with its rich culture, play a very important role in the origin of Chinese civilization, the ancestors thus took primitive society, civilization entered the door。