How can you not do eyelid jump jump jump eyelids hot or cold


How do to not jump?Central Standing Committee has life situation eyelid jump, but eyelid has been jumping will be very hard to accept that eyelid jump can not jump how to do it?Below small eyes jump to tell you how to do to not jump。 How can we not do eyelid jump jump method: the thumb or index finger with both hands, tapping the sides of the temple, the fish back points, four white points, save bamboo hole, giant liao points, each tapping at 20-30, efforts to point feel slightly sour slight pain is appropriate。
Then use one-handed pinch pressure the other hand Hoku 1 minute exchange pinch。
Role: can relax the mind, relieve eye muscle fatigue, promote blood circulation eye, with the brain for a long time, long time with eyes, mental stress caused by eyelid jump alleviate the effect。 Methods: fill method, taking Cuanzhu, the first dimension, four white, Sanyinjiao, sea of blood, empty string and wind, Zusanli point, daily or every other day。
Plum blossom needle prick a patient eye point side face and eyes。
Function: qi and blood, improve blood circulation for Heart and blood deficiency, muscular dystrophy caused twitching eyelids and。
Note: You should go to a professional Chinese medicine hospital to ask a professional acupuncture physician。
Eyelid jump how can we not do is jump eye drops if the eye caused by bacterial infection of the eyelids jump, accompanied by itchy eyes and other symptoms, can be alleviated using eye drops, eye drops, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, analgesic, itching and other effects。
Note: It is best to use a professional ophthalmologist open eye drops, remedy。
Avoid casually drops with purchase。
Supplementary eyelid stop dancing there may be a lack of vitamins, it can be appropriate to add some vitamin A capsules, tablets, or vitamin B-carotene。 But this is a long-term conditioning methods twitching eyelids relief, not immediate results。