Nets 3-1 win over 23 minutes while the fourth speech potatoes three plus reversal bull


  After Ticker on April 28 morning, after four hours of fierce battle, the Bulls played at home three to 142-134 overtime victory over the Nets, big score 3-1 lead, cut in sight。
  "Small potatoes" – Robinson last a plus when not in play, but he scored 23 points in the fourth quarter, scored 34 points。 Bulls 14 points behind in the fourth quarter and 3 minutes and 45 seconds, it will be Robinson Bulls pulled into overtime。 Carlos – Carlos Boozer had 21 points and eight rebounds, Kirk – Kirk Hinrich 18 points and 14 assists, Jimmy – Butler 16 points, Joe King – NOAA also committed 6 out, had 15 points and 13 rebounds, Luo Seoul – Deng 15 points, eight rebounds and six assists。   The Nets also have two 6 fouled out。
Deron Williams – Williams scored 32 points and 10 assists, Brooke – Lopez hit his first three-pointers, scored 26 points and 11 rebounds, Joe – Johnson 22 points, Reggie – Evans had 15 points and 13 rebounds, Gerald – Wallace 17 points and 9 rebounds, Andre – Lecce 13 minutes。
  Robinson is the most flamboyant, he was almost a fight with Watson, also in the fourth quarter became as the light goes out。
Section and 7 minutes 13 seconds, Watson dribble Robinson successively with hip roof, the latter being irritated, twisted together with Watson, even down in the score table Watson。 Referees and players gathered around, finally only then separate the two。
Fortunately, the two are not punched, so the referee only gave the two men a technical foul。 But Robinson was soon to end, to the locker room to calm down, this section did not come back。   After the game continues, Williams is also credited with three points, then break layup, the Nets only 43-44 behind to。
Lol – Deng and Carlos Boozer each hit a ball, Hinrich hit twice in third, the Bulls to 57-46 double-digit advantage, on the sidelines of Ross also excited to stand up and roar arm swing。
Bull last minute errors in this section, Williams and Wallace hit three successive Nets scored eight points, chasing the score 55-58。   Williams-9 shooting in the first half 5, scored 15 points and seven assists, had swept away two games of decline。 Lopez scored 12 points, 11 points Lecce。 4 double Bulls, Hinrich 13 points, 12 points Butler, lol – Deng 11 points, 10 points Boozer。 Both teams hit rate of more than 50%。   Bulls defense some slack for Evans, the result was that he succeeded twice in the basket。 The third quarter and 5 minutes and 11 seconds, Evans dunk after the roar, the results eat a technical foul, but the Nets to 72-70 beyond。
Williams has since hit consecutive shots, one shot 5-0, the Nets advantage to expand。 Nets also good luck, the last section of this attack, in 24 seconds around the corner, the ball after Lopez, there are more than 1 meter away from the three-point line, but he has no time to think, and turned on the shot, hit a career The first career three-pointers, the Nets 84-76 in the final section。   The fourth quarter and 3 minutes and 45 seconds, the Nets 109-95 to obtain 14-point advantage。
They have the advantage of a good opportunity to continue to expand, but Watson turned to face the empty basket missed dunk, Evans also missed two free throws。
  Robinson tried to save the Bulls within 1 minute 42 seconds, he hit four consecutive shots, of which there are one-third foul, the three penalties in three, after one shot 12-0, when used in this section have 1 minute 11 seconds chasing the score 107-109。 Nets continuous shot, Robinson's team have become a supporting role。
His performance continues, then create an offensive foul, once again break, this time he did not shoot, but the light to hit the ball, Boozer layup to tie it 109-109。
  Nets finally made Lopez hit two free throws in this section there are 33 seconds, leading the Nets again。 Robinson was the last moment pass, lol – Deng not in the third, but Noah tipped succeeded, to tie the game。 Williams last minute shot, blocked shots after Wallace grabbed offensive rebounds, the first overtime of the playoffs this year finally appeared。
  The most wonderful stay in the end, Robinson want to play the hero in the end。 When the first overtime and 11 seconds, the two sides draw, the final vote is done by him, dumped him in the running, even playing board hit, leading the Bulls to 121-119, only to leave the Nets 2 seconds。 Most of the regular season lore Johnson also lonely, really buzzer done by him。 Bulls even relax his defense, the result was his close range shot, the two teams into overtime again。
  Second overtime and 2 minutes 45 seconds, Robinson running jumper, the Bulls to exceed 125-123。
Robinson After three consecutive shots, but the Bulls twice grabbed the offensive rebound。 Nets are also continuous shot, Noah then lol – Deng pass, dunk with both hands, to expand the Bulls 127-123。
Johnson even with a fine cast further 3 minutes。
And Robinson offensive fouls in this section have 1 minute 03 seconds, reaching six personal fouls, had to end。 Lopez throws a ball, the two sides of a tie game。 After the two teams each misses a ball, the last seconds, the Bulls have a chance, but NOAA shot blocked shots, the third time the two teams into overtime。
  Noah took the lead in the third overtime field goal, but then also eat sixth foul, Robinson had to join the ranks of fate。
Bulls not a lack of people to come forward, the silence for a long time Butler and Gibson have been shot in the game 3 minutes 19 seconds, the Bulls 133-128 to expand the。   The two sides have been exhausted, the Nets several times to narrow the gap to three points, but this time no longer able to comeback。
After four hours of hard work, the two sides were guilty of five out 6, the Bulls finally defend home court。 (Angkor)。