3450 platform successfully stepped back, the market will form a new upward angle!


Friday the trend not to mention shaking, but definitely scary!Plane crash in early trading stock index is almost a way to open lower, then plunged down, instantly killing broke off integer 3400。 The decline in the most vicious moments gainers on the Proof of only two digits, the panic in the market is evident。
About this adjustment, our view is a step back to the early 3450 important platform for so-called step back to confirm the breakthrough that is, of course, can not effectively below that level, so even when the homeopathic stock trading at below 3400 in early trading it is a test of the。
Fortunately, this rapid sell into intraday get to stop after 20 minutes, under the leadership of the stock in the iron and steel, nonferrous metals, coal and other second-tier blue chips dish step by step, at the time of 11:00 to recover all lost ground。 Although the market is still being repeated in the afternoon, but in the end a strong pull in the red, led by the petrochemical planes, closing stock index rose respect%, while the GEM is concerned, although morning was the first to rebound, but the overall is finished lower, compared with the weak performance of the motherboard。
From the morphology of the close view, today's date?Line is the candle to close with a long lower shadow, closing point is 3462, which means that the stock is not effective below form for 3450, it is understood today, the lowest point of 3388 this last foot Dehen point。
week?See line, likewise with a long lower Zhang Yin hatched week?Line, the whole week or a decrease of 96% point, but the overall volatility this week is quite large, touch from the highest to the lowest 3587 3388 200 points back to explore space concussion。
From this long lower shadow see the nature of this pullback is a step back to confirm the action, and basically ended, entered the dressing period。 Therefore, the long-term upward trend in the market has not changed, still on the road Manniu。
The market outlook is expected to form the point of view of the rapid rise in short squeeze after New Year's Day will be a correction, the formation of a new upward angle。 So this week's adjustment is quite tragic, especially anti huge hit for some small stocks, some other performance of the company's basic problem is a catastrophic crash, a lot of the stock is continuous limit。 By comparison, the number of first-tier blue chips, like China Merchants Bank, ICBC, Ping An, Sinopec and other not only unscathed in this adjustment, but hit a new high; a number of second-tier blue chip is also very resilient, like Air China, China International Travel trends also gone against the tide new high。 This phenomenon is very worthy of reflection。 Overall, Friday's super shock fully complete the task back foot, with a violent, bloody keep, but the fact is that the average investor could have been avoided, quite simply, in the last two years in the market, if always to adhere to a the right investment philosophy will let you avoid, or are we talking about the day before yesterday two idioms: Do not nostalgia on the subject shares of small ticket "passive" way of value investing "too late" never too late。
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