Small way to treat corns corns teach you farewell


Small way what are the treatment of corns corns is relatively common phenomenon, many people will appear corns, corns and caused a lot of harm actually, so when corn emergence of the need for timely treatment。
The following night on the net for everyone to bring the treatment of corns small way, to teach you bid farewell corns!1 small way to treat corns.1 onion, water chestnuts 1 Usage: water chestnuts, onion, peeled, smashed drunk, Fuyu Corn office, sanitary gauze, feet every night before bed after dressing 1。
Note: The side with the treatment of foot corns, it may fall off。
2.Usage amount of garlic: the garlic is cut into 1-2cm wide annular garlic sheet, cover the affected area, and moxibustion with moxa。
2 times a day, to fall far corns。Description: When moxibustion treatment, must pay attention to the temperature of certainty, it is best not to be too high, because that could easily burn the skin, and even corn also have a certain impact, so I hope we can note。
Small way to treat corns 3.Fresh onion 1 Usage: peeled fresh root chives (aka shallots) of white bulbs outermost thin skin, corns attached to the upper (first feet in hot water and dry), fixed with adhesive tape。
After a day and night, Corn tenderness that is significantly reduced or disappeared。
Spend the first two days following the Law。
Repeated so many times, the skin around the corns pale, soft, and finally off on their own。
Note: this method treatment of corns without any adverse reaction。