For women, blood is life, blood raise gas to be a good woman (1)


  Chinese medicine believes that a healthy person's blood standard is sufficient。The body's organs like everyone else, well fed, and began to live only fresh。The blood is the organ of the "rice"。The body lack of blood, organs readily imbalance, it will lead to a variety of problems, for women, the most obvious is the irregular menstruation dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, infertility, etc.。
  Replenishing qi and blood, it is important to pay attention to adjust the diet, usually appropriate to eat a little red dates, and other "red" foods。Which dates is the most common blood tonic thing, known as qi nourishing clergyman, while red beans have the role of blood drainage, detoxification。Generally, eat more beans, for replenishing blood having significant effects, in particular black beans having characteristics of high protein, low calorie, blood can。Seaweed containing high iron, seaweed soup with cooking, can be blood。Carrot handsome, but rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, is extremely beneficial for blood。
  In addition, maintaining a good mood, happy, avoid over-exertion, not only can enhance the body's immune system, but also the physical and mental health of life conducive to the promotion of bone marrow in the body bones strong, fully achieve the blood, making the skin red, shiny surface。  Exercise is also an essential part of women nursed back to health。
Usually can practice yoga, tai chi, qigong and other health-care soothing movement。In addition, traditional Chinese medicine that "long as the injured blood", so long professional women sitting in front of the computer work, should pay special attention to the eyes of the rest and maintenance, to prevent the excessive use of eyes because the body's blood and Haoshang。  Dates。
  Since ancient times, dates that women Yun Yan Yang Fu of the best。
For women, the missing blood, red dates available daily tea, porridge, or even eaten raw, can supplement the missing blood in the shortest possible time, to achieve the purpose of health。
  。  Also known as red bean。
Although petite, but rich in nutrient-rich。
To improve women's blood loss is a significant effect。Women can always eat。
  Pig is not only rich in rich in nutrients, due to its special structural and pig's blood but also the adsorption of harmful substances in the body, self-cultivation to achieve the purpose of detoxification。
  Drink plenty of water to drink "Drink 8 glasses of water a day" is a very vague concept, so-called 8 glasses of water a day refers to people through eating, drinking and other water intake of total, if you drank a big pot of soup, drink 8 glasses of water is definitely kind of destruction。
Of course, only if holding a drink caffeinated coffee, drinks a day, it will naturally affect the normal intake of Whitewater。
  Is the most healthy, i.e., boiled for 3 minutes, cooled to about 30 deg.] C water, then water and chlorine harmful substances are substantially eliminated, while the body of water, essential nutrients can also be retained and not easy to stimulate the stomach, rapidly supplement the body of water。
  Note that, determined not to drink "more than boiling water," repeated the long-term drinking water or boiled water for a long time on hold overnight, there will be the risk of chronic nitrite poisoning。  Excessive intake of caffeine can cause anxiety, rapid heartbeat and insomnia problems, indirectly affecting the beauties of a good face。
Recommended daily replenishment can drink, eat fruit, porridge, etc. complete。
  Cherry fruits and vegetables rich in iron, iron can make girls ruddy complexion; pomegranate contains vitamin C content than Apple's high ^ 1?2 times, eat can help the body and skin antioxidant。The latest study found that vitamin?It can be expanded skin blood vessels, promote blood circulation and makes the body's energy comes out as soon as possible, so as to achieve "cold" purposes。Broccoli, cabbage and other vegetables is not only a good source of crude fiber, but also take away the body of excess water in the digestive process, to prevent the occurrence of edema。
  There will be different in different seasons effective nutritional fruit, we suggest that you can eat more of these fruits and vegetables in season。In-season fruit and some are too artificial ingredients, natural nutrition will reduce the number of, or compliance with the laws of nature better。