DC’s new drama Star Girl Blake Basinger gathers young heroes to start an adventure

DC’s new drama “Star Girl” Blake Basinger gathers young heroes to start an adventure
DC Super Heroine’s new drama “The Star Girl” releases a new poster, and “Bary Star Girl” by Courtney Whiteman, played by Blake Basinger, will be launched on the DC streaming platform “DC Universe” on May 18th, May 19th, landed on CW cable TV network.”The Star Girl” is produced by Jeff Jones, the former chief creative officer of DC. The first season contains 13 episodes.In the play, the sophomore girl played by Blake Basinger (“Rock School” and “The Goodburgs”) from the Disney child star, “Star Girl” by Courtney Whiteman assembled a group of young heroes and openedIn his own adventure.According to the comic book setting, the belt of “Star Girl” gives her mysterious super powers. She can fly freely, has the ability to cope with the cosmic force field, and has the ability of telepathic telepathy. It is a unique super heroine.Jeff Jones once said that there is a strong and positive energy temperament in Blick Basinger, which is very consistent with the character setting of “star-by-star”.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Tong Na proofreading Wang Xin