CBA All-Star Jeremy Lin shouts See you in Guangzhou

CBA All-Star Jeremy Lin shouts “See you in Guangzhou”
Yao Ming will sing to add luster to the CBA All-Stars, Jeremy Lin and Marbury will also lead their respective teams to release. Photo / Osports The 2020 CBA All-Star Weekend was unveiled in Guangzhou today. Because of Jeremy Lin, this big show has added star flavor.At the same time, the most popular players of the two Beijing teams, the coaches involved, let the Beijing element become a highlight.CBA2.In the era of zero, the All-Star weekend is also trying more innovations and injecting more entertainment elements.    Zhou Qi reassured Brother Hao that Jeremy Lin has added attention and topics to this season’s CBA. He was selected as the All-Star starter as the North District ticket king.He is not the only NBA star to land in the CBA this season, but the rush of Bijou and the “Orc”, Stephenson’s ups and downs when he combined with the team, Jeremy Lin is undoubtedly the most popular foreign aid, and Shougang is well-deserved core.  On the day when the starting list was released, Jeremy Lin called up his teammates on the social media. “According to my current hairstyle, Guo Ailun is a little taller than you, so you can play the point guard, but you have to call me more tactics.Zhou Qi, I need you to create a lot of great cover for me, as well as to open up space for me to play low singles.Zhai Xiaochuan, don’t think about pitching, just pass it to me, hahaha.The teammates responded positively, and Zhai Xiaochuan stated that he would listen to Brother Hao.Zhou Qi also replied: “Brother Hao is assured that the space will be opened for you.However, the Shougang men’s basketball team encountered an insider shortage in the regular season and was forced to use the “Twin Towers” from the 23rd round to make Jeremy Lin take a break.The outside once violated or even questioned his qualification for the All-Star competition, but both Shougang and CBA officials confirmed that they would not be affected.  Jeremy Lin has been actively training to maintain his state during the holiday, and agreed with the fans to “see you in Guangzhou”.Some fans are expecting Jeremy Lin to hit the All-Star MVP.  Beikong’s apprentice changed his opponent Beikong became the biggest dark horse of CBA this season.In this year’s All-Star Game, Sun Yue was selected to the North District bench. Head coach Marbury headed the CBA Xingrui team, but Wang Shaojie, the “Zhuang Yuan Lang”, was going to support his opponent.  This year’s Xing Rui Challenge is still played by CBA Xing Rui players against college students’ alliance, and continues the tradition of rookie college students returning to campus last year.Wang Shaojie, Liu Yuchen and He Siyu, three college student players from last year’s draft and Jia Mingru, the core of China Civil Aviation University who signed directly to Guangzhou, will continue to fight for the college student team.  The College League won the Xing Rui Challenge for the first time last year, and Wang Shaojie won the MVP.He joined Beikong as the No. 1 pick this season. He was valued by Marbury and entered the fixed starting list, averaging nearly 25 minutes of playing time per game.After 26 CBA games, Wang Shaojie averaged 8.3 points, 4.5 rebounds and 1.3 blocks.Therefore, his voice for winning the MVP of StarCraft is very high.  However, if Wang Shaojie wants to achieve his goal, he must first pass the Marbury level.At that time, Lao Ma as the coach of the Northern Star Rui team in 2012, led the then Shougang teammates Zhai Xiaochuan, Zhu Yanxi, and Guo Ailun, Ding Yan Yuhang, 105-88 victory over the Southern Star Rui team led by Wang Zhizhi.  This year, the Marbury team has the 2017 and 2018 champions Chen Yingjun, Jiang Yuxing, and both of them have grown into the local main force of their respective teams. As a rookie in the coach, Lao Ma has proved his strength with his record.I don’t know if he will face the love general Wang Shaojie in the Star Race, will he be merciless.  Yao Ming and her actress sang a rehearsal process for an All-Star race this week. The biggest attraction is Yao Ming and female artist Lou Yixiao singing “Me and My Motherland”.Yao Ming has participated in performing arts activities many times, but his personal artistic cells have been hidden in a low-key manner.  Finally, he left his first public voice to the CBA league.Regardless of his singing skills, Yao Ming has been able to personally participate in this all-star entertainment show, and he has already received praise.  At the press conference of the new season last year, Yao Ming said that the performance of the Chinese men’s basketball team in the World Cup was unsatisfactory. The league needs to bear more responsibilities and obligations, and it is necessary to make the CBA into “the most popular professional basketball event in the country.”Since serving as the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, he has been pushing for league reforms. The All-Star weekend has new highlights every year. On the basis of the previously existing entertainment, it also provides a stage for campus basketball and private talents.  Outside the stadium, Yao Ming realized that the positive energy of the CBA league was passed through public welfare activities, reflecting his responsibility to society.The environmental protection theme of the All-Star public welfare event this year is in the moment. Players will turn to children to participate in the environmental protection activities of the safari park, personally demonstrate garbage classification, and promote environmental protection concepts.  ”Yunnan Glider” is concerned because of a back injury. Zhou Qi will miss the All-Star Skill Challenge. His place will be replaced by Wu Guanxi.The NBA All-Star Skills game has long ceased to be the territory of small guards, and CBA has also tried to break through this year.  Both Hu Jinqiu and Wu Guanxi are insiders who are good at sports ability. Whether Zhao Rui, Zhao Jiwei and Wu Qian are surrounded by defenders with national names can make an upset.Unfortunately, Guo Ailun, who was recently ill, withdrew from the skill game.  College students and grassroots players were invited to participate in this year’s All-Star single event.In the past two years, the champion of the slam dunk contest has been taken away by college student player Zhang Jianhao. CBA players may still miss the slam dunk this year.Among the six finalists, Yi Jinhong, known as “Yunnan Glider”, received much attention, and his height was 1.The 78-meter grassroots dunk will stage a free-throw line dunk.In addition, height 1.The 76-meter Xinjiang team’s foreign aid Feld also has amazing bouncing ability, and has played a good show in the game.  There will be a veteran Zhang Qingpeng in the three-point contest, no surprise, this will be his last All-Star.  Du Feng and Ari “1V1” all-stars added “1V1” conversion this year.According to the voting results, Yi Jianlian played against Zhou Qi and Zhao Rui singled out Jeremy Lin.This period will take place between the first and second quarters and the third and fourth quarters, and the score doubles to the total score of the player’s team and the player’s individual game.  However, due to Zhou Qi’s injury, it is still unknown whether he can play in the main game. His “1V1” with the United Arab Emirates has also been replaced by Han Dejun.What makes the fans look forward to the “1V1” of Guangdong team coach Du Feng and the team member Zeng Fanri.In the air force’s on-line documentary, Du Feng’s deep “heartbeat” on the disciple’s magical spirit, and the call for a “showdown” between the two was very high.In the video released earlier, Zeng Fanri has been preparing for the talk, pretending to have an age advantage, and said in front of the coach that if he loses, he will do 1000 push-ups, and if Du Feng loses, he will learn to cheerleader dance.  The initial result was the most favorite of all stars, the answer is self-evident.So, “Ari, you can’t be hard!”CBA All-Star Starter List South Star Team Yi Jianlian (Guangdong) Wang Zhelin (Fujian) Shen Zijie (Shenzhen) Zhao Rui (Guangdong) Hu Mingxuan (Guangdong) VS North Star Team Zhou Qi (Xinjiang) Han Dejun (Liaoning) Zhai XiaochuanBeijing)) Jeremy Lin (Beijing) Guo Ailun (Liaoning) Collection / Sauna, Ye Chen Liu Chen

Fan Guangyao rehearsed Li Guoxiu’s Three Can’t Do It, 20 consecutive performances at Longfu Theater

Fan Guangyao rehearsed Li Guoxiu’s “Three Can’t Do It”, 20 consecutive performances at Longfu Theater
Fairy Child Theatre pays tribute to Chinese classics-original director Li Guoxiu’s pioneer comedy “Three Can’t Do It” is about to begin the second round of performances at the Longfu Theater from November 13.Before the performance, “Three People Can’t Do It” was held at the Longfu Small Theater Ruins. Ms. Wang Yue, the producer of the Taiwan Screen Performance Class, and the director of the play Fan Guangyao shared the course of the screen performance class with the media and audience.The origin of the creation of “Nothing”.Wang Yue, director of Taiwan Screen Performance Class, and director Fan Guangyao.The picture comes from the network “Three Can’t Do It” is a pioneer comedy originally directed by Taiwanese dramatist Li Guoxiu. It was premiered by the Taiwan Screen Performance Class as early as 1987. It took 32 years to perform.Fan Guangyao, who rejoined the screen performance class since 1999 and later became the lead actor of the screen performance class, won unanimous praise from the audience during the first round of performances.At the press conference, Wang Yue, the producer of the screen performance class, said that how people who make drama understand drama should start with life, just as Li Guoxiu has been constantly prominent, we have to do a good job and talk about the drama again.He said in a sentence, “Watch the drama and cultivate the mind, and act and practice”.Actors are a path of cultivation. They are constantly tempered by various roles. They are very attentive. They spend time with the characters. The theater is the last and only pure land compared to TV and movies.Fan Guangyao said frankly that his mentor Li Guoxiu was also the director of acting and optimizing. As an art creator, the first thing is to have a sense of mission, the desire to create and the power of creation.Fan Guangyao believes that the famous “Three People Can’t Do It” has a long-lasting charm of 32 years. Vanguard is not catching up with the trend. The true pioneer spirit can be seen in different eras. It has certain spirits in this era, and it can continue to this day.There is no way to replace it. This can be shown through a play. It is not made out of fashion. It is reported that “Three People Can’t Do It” will perform 20 performances at the Longfu Theater from November 13th, and on November 13th and November 14th, the screen performance class supervisor Wang Yue, director Fan Guangyao will bring actorsShare and communicate with the audience.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tong Na proofreading Guo Li