2020 Berlin Film Festival, do not miss these 7 films_1

2020 Berlin Film Festival, do n’t miss these 7 films
From left to right are the stills of the films “The Escaped Woman”, “Autumn Shi” and “Days”.Sauna Night News (Reporter Li Yan) Recently, the 70th Berlin Film Festival announced the finalist list, directed by Hong Shangxiu, and the old partner Jin Minxi starring “The Escaped Woman”, American “Black Film Master” Abel FeiEighteen films including “Siberia” directed by Lara were shortlisted for the main competition unit of the Berlin Film Festival. The film “When I Become Salinger”, which was adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name, became the opening film of the festival.For Chinese movies, Cai Mingliang’s new film “Day” became the only Chinese movie to participate in the main competition.In terms of short films, the short ink painting “Qiu Shi” directed by Sun Lijun was shortlisted for the new generation unit.This Berlin Film Festival is about February 20th-March 1st Antiques.[Opening film]”When I Become a Salinger” Director: Philip Ferrado Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Margaret Curry directed by Philip Ferrado, Sigourney Weaver and MargotThe Canadian and Irish co-produced film “When I Become a Salinger” starring Litt Curry became the opening film of this film festival and was selected as a special screening unit.The film is adapted from Joanna Lakov ‘s best-selling novel of the same name, and she believes that Joanna (Curry), who dreamed of becoming a writer, has been pursuing her dream of becoming a writer when she was famous by the famous writer JD Salinger (Tim)) · Bost (), after the literary agent Margaret (Weaver) was hired as an assistant, she began to live a “life full of humor and sweetness.”Philip Ferrado is a Canadian French director. Although his work is not many, he is very popular with the film festival. His work “Mr. Raza” was also nominated for the best foreign language film at the 84th Academy Awards.Sigourney Weaver, one of the two starring stars, was loved by the audience for appearing in the “Alien” series. At the 56th Berlin Film Festival in 2006, she starred in the romantic film “Snow Season”.The opening movie of the year was nominated for the Golden Bear Award for Best Film.And another starring Margaret Curry is a young star who is in the limelight. She played “Hitch Rider” in this year’s Oscar-winning movie “Hollywood Past”, and has a lot of rivals with Brad Pitt.In addition, she is the daughter of the famous American actress Andy McDowell.[Power of Chinese]Director of “Day”: Cai Mingliang Starring: Li Kangsheng, Yannon Hongshangxi During the 2019 Venice Film Festival, director Cai Mingliang announced that he has completed his 11th work “Day”.It is reported that there are only two actors in the whole film of this work, namely Cai Mingliang’s actor Li Kangsheng and newcomer Yanon Hongshangxi. The film has been filmed since 2014. It has accumulated many fragments, no plans, no scripts, and it costs very little.Fundraising is done in a long edit.Cai Mingliang once realized the creation of his new film: “The other people’s films are made smaller and smaller, but the smaller and smaller I am, the smaller and more free. I want to shoot whatever I want . This is a gift from God, only because Xiaokang (LiKang Sheng) A skyless illness, we can’t shoot anything else, I will tell him to shoot your illness, and I will not be able to act when you are done.What I’m shooting now is life. It’s the day of well-off, the day of Anon, and my day.”Carlo Xiatian, artistic director of the Berlin Film Festival, said:” Cai Mingliang displays with his unique aesthetics, while creating the unique characteristics of the film.As created by the title, the extremely pure work “Day”, I call it a movie about “pain” and “comfort”.This is the third time Director Cai Mingliang has been shortlisted for the Berlin Film Festival.In 1997, his directed film “River” won the special award of the 47th Berlin Film Festival Silver Bear Award Evaluation Panel. In 2005, “A Cloud in the Horizon” won three awards including the 55th Berlin Silver Bear Award.Director of “Autumn Shi”: Sun Lijun’s short ink painting “Autumn Shi” tells a story about Chunhua and Qiushi.The protagonist in the film is a cyan grasshopper. In the early autumn season, the insects in the garden scramble for food. After these small and tenacious lives have experienced the baptism of the spring, summer, and autumn seasons, they have to fight for time and time.Be ready for dormancy after autumn.”Autumn Shi” inherits the tradition of ink animation, integrates the technique of Qi Baishi’s “combination of work and writing” into the animation production, and uses the combination of meticulous brushwork and freehand brushwork to show the unique artistic conception of Chinese ink painting.There is no dialogue, only the traditional ink painting animation is integrated with traditional Chinese music.At the same time, the short film integrates the latest technology such as 8K for artistic innovation, and is the world’s first 8K ink animation short film.As early as 1982 and 1984, the two Chinese animations “Three Monks” and “Clamshell Fight” produced by the Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio won the Silver Bear Award for the short film at the Berlin Film Festival.China ‘s ink carbides have also been well-known internationally. “The Little Tadpole Finds Mom” won the Honorable Mention at the Cannes Film Festival in 1964, the “Grazing Flute” in 1963, the “Lu Ling” in 1982, and the “Landscape” in 1988.It has also won many awards at major international film festivals.However, since the program was complicated, the production cycle was long, and the benefit was low, the ink animation gradually became silent.”Autumn Festival” was shortlisted for the Berlin Film Festival. This is also the 30th year since China’s ink animation was far removed from the world’s top film festival. It has once again attracted international attention.It is reported that in the future, the series will have “Liqiu” and other ink animation works to meet the audience.[Recommended films for the main competition]”The Escaped Woman” Director: Hong Shangxiu Starring: Jin Minxi, Xu Yonghua “The Escaped Woman” is the 24th feature film of Korean director Hong Shangxiu. During the film, during a husband ‘s business trip, his wife was dating twiceIt was only 77 minutes to meet the past stories of three past friends in a chance encounter.In 2017, Jin Minxi won the Best Actress Award at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival for “Alone at Night by the Sea” directed by Hongxiu Zeng.This “escaped woman” is also the seventh collaboration between the two.As the “darling” of the Berlin Film Festival, director Hong Shangxiu has completed “Night and Day”, “Hai Yuan Who Is Not Anyone’s Daughter”, “Alone at the Seaside at Night” and “The Escaped Woman” nominated four times for the main competition of the Berlin Film Festival.Bear Award.Director of “The First Cow”: Kelly Redchard Starring: John Magalo, Orion Lee The film “The First Cow” directed by the famous American independent film director Kelly Ratchard is adapted fromJonathan Raymond’s novel “Half-Life”, it is said that in the 1920s in Oregon, a Western chef Cookie (John Magalo) came to the wild west to try his luck and encountered the same opportunity to find opportunitiesKing Lu (Orion Lee), a Chinese immigrant from China, saw the same as before and started a business through a cow partnership.The film had participated in the Tellur Ryder and Sundance Film Festivals and was screened at the New York Film Festival. It was scheduled to be released in North America on March 6.Female director Kelly Ratchard has a unique style. She is a fan of the film “Wendy and Lucy” and “Some Woman”. She also served as a judge for the 72nd Cannes Film Festival in 2019.Director of “The Road Never Traveled”: Sally Porter Starring: Javier Baden, Ellie Fanning, British female director Sally Porter is also a regular visitor to the Berlin Film Festival, 2009, dancer, poetShe had experienced the drama “Anger” in the 59th Berlin International Film Festival main competition unit.Afterwards, the 2017 comedy “Reception” was shortlisted again.And her representative works “Orlando” and “Indulgence” have won the favor of the Venice Film Festival, let the female director shine in the three major film festivals, and also brought her international attention.The new film “The Road Never Traveled” focuses on a crazy day spent by a man on the verge of collapse. His daughter gave him unconditional love and helped him calm down.With the “Killer Anton” in “Old Nowhere”, Javier Baden, who won the 80th Academy Award for Best Actor, starred in the protagonist.Ali Fanning, who had collaborated with Sally on “Ginger and Rosa”, played the protagonist’s daughter.The film is currently scheduled to be released in North America on March 13.Director of “Siberia”: Abel Ferrara Starring: William Duff, Simon McBurney, American director Abel Ferrara, who is famous for black, crime, violence and independent films, also has this Berlin Film FestivalNew product.The new film “Siberia” tells of a journey that a person who lives on the frozen tundra occasionally begins, starring Ferrara’s old partner William Duff, and the movie stars Isabelle Huppert and Nicolas Cage will guest on the film.The film is also listed as one of the most anticipated films in 2020 by the French Film Manual.Abel Ferrara has been nominated in the three major film festivals in Europe. This is his second nomination for the main Berlin competition after “Night Addiction”.Directors such as Quentin and Park Chan-yu have repeatedly expressed their love for his movies such as “The King of New York” and “Bad Lieutenant”.At the second Hainan Island International Film Festival last year, Abel Ferrara also served as a member of the international jury of the Golden Palm Award competition unit with Isabel Hupel and others.Shortlisted for the 18 films of the 70th Berlin Film Festival main competition “Berlin Alexanderplatz” Director: Burhan Quebani “Lev Randau” Director: Ilya Krzhanovsky “The Escaped Woman””Director: Hong Shangxiu” Delete History “Director: Benoit Dreping, Gustave de Cowen” Invader “Director: Natalia Metta” Bad Story “Director: DamiaNono Dinosenzo, Fabio D’Innocenzo “First Bull” Director: Kelly Rechard “Radiation” Director: Pan Lide “Salt of Tears” Director: Philip Garell “Never, rarely, Sometimes, always “Director: Eliza Hitman” Days “Director: Cai Mingliang” The Road Never Traveled “Director: Sally Potter” My Sister “Director: Stephanie Chute & VeroniDirector of “Legendlessness” by Raymond: Muhammad Lasolov Director of “Siberia”: Abel Ferrara Director of “All Dead”: Marco Dutra & Caetano Gotardo Director of “Windini”: Christian·佩措尔德《我想藏起来》导演:乔治奥·迪里蒂桑拿、夜网 李妍编辑 黄嘉龄 校对 王心