2nd NBA Live Streaming: Rockets vs Warriors Online Video Watch Address_1

2nd NBA Live Streaming: Rockets vs Warriors Online Video Watching Address
At 11:30 am Beijing time on December 2, the Rockets will challenge the Warriors away.As the current league’s first team, the Warriors have won 12 consecutive victories, Houston wants to make a difference on the road, it is very difficult.Click to watch: Rockets vs. Warriors online video live Golden State Warriors (16 wins and 2 losses) is the most judged team in the league, they have won 12 consecutive victories.On the 2nd, the Warriors will take home the Houston Rockets (11 wins and 7 losses).Curry, Durant and Thompson must maintain their three muskets, Green needs to use all-round performance to help the team, and the Warriors have won 13 straight at home.The Rockets have just suffered a defeat. They haven’t experienced a losing streak this season. Harden needs the support of his teammates. They strive for an upset away game.  When visiting the Jazz, the Rockets’ performance on offense and defense was unsatisfactory. They encountered a fiasco and the team missed a three-game winning streak on the road trip.When visiting the Warriors, the Rockets want to break through and rebound, and they strive to overturn the league’s best record team.The Rockets have not suffered a losing streak this season, and they hope to continue this momentum, then the team will go to win in Oakland.  I think every game is very important to us, this is a correct ruler, Harden novel, we are trying to do something.I haven’t watched their games. Their record is quite good. I focus on making progress with my teammates and coaches.  Harden averaged 28 per game this season.7 points, 11.9 assists and 7.With 2 rebounds, he brought great help to the team during offense. He is also the team’s offensive engine.When confronting the Warriors, Harden wanted to create better opportunities for his teammates while maintaining his personal aggression.Anderson, Gordon, Ariza and others have become Harden’s powerful helpers. They constitute the team’s main three-point attack point. The Rockets have made at least 10 three-pointers in 17 consecutive games, which has created a new alliance.Record, they want to continue the good performance of three-pointers.  Beverly has to play a role in defense, he has to work hard to put pressure on Curry, Ariza has to cause trouble for Durant, Capella has to work hard to bring an impact to the Warriors.On the bench, Brewer, Gordon, Nene, Dekel and others need to work hard to help, the Rockets need the bench to perform better.  The Warriors have won 12 straight games. They are the league’s most legally hot team. The offensive combinations of Curry, Thompson and Durant are getting better and better. They are the guarantee for the team to win.Green’s role in the team cannot be ignored. His two crucial moments when he defeated the Hawks directly helped the team lock in the victory.When the main scene is against the Rockets, the Warriors have to maintain a good state, they have to hit 13 consecutive victories.  Both teams have strong offensive firepower, and the Warriors are averaging 117 per game.6 points, the Rockets reached 109.3 points, I don’t know which of them can have a better offense on the court.Curry and Durant as team leaders, they want to lead the team in the offense, they must bring reliable offense support to the team.Thompson has to work hard to find the outside shooting touch, the team needs him to give Curry and Durant more support.Green is still the core of the team’s organization and the key to defense. He wants to create opportunities for several teammates. He is also a defensive guarantee for the team’s inside.The Warriors lost 104 per game this season.9 points, their defense needs to improve.When meeting with the Rockets, the depth of the Warriors is also facing a test. Iguodala, Livingston and others on the bench must work hard to make contributions.  Last season, the Warriors swept the Rockets 3-0. They have defeated the Rockets 8 times in a row. The last time the Rockets defeated the Warriors, this was December 14, 2013, precisely at the Warriors’ home court.Against the Rockets at home, the Warriors have won four straight.  Both teams are expected to start the first-tier Rockets: Beverly, Harden, Ariza, Anderson, Capella Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Durant, Green, Pachulia