Mobile Payment lose ground: ATM machine frustrated two-dimensional code scan code reader laugh

  2017 net profit is expected to dip about 90% of the company Virgin creativity, is causing the market's attention。 Production at the bank self-service machines (ATM) business, estimated a few years ago did not expect the impact of the rise of their performance would be so great。   The industry believes that mobile payment menacing, will […]

What is hyperlipidemia?How effective prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia?

Since fat metabolism or abnormal operation of one or more lipids in plasma higher than that called hyperlipidemia, lipid insoluble or sparingly soluble in water must be combined with a protein present in the form of lipoprotein, therefore, often hyperlipidemia as hyperlipoproteinemia。 So how effective prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia daily high cholesterol can do […]

Urticaria hives care what type of fall

How to care hives fall, one to fall, the skin will be very dry sense, if caught accidentally broken, perhaps scars。 Urticaria patients should pay attention to care in spring and autumn, often the emergence of various diseases in our lives, because people neglect the health and diet of the effect, so often induce some […]

22 + 7 Deron Lopez contributed 21 points and the Nets home opener win over Bulls

  Ticker on April 21, NBA playoffs open play, the Nets at home to 106-89 win over Bulls。   Nets is by far the first team easily won the team after the end of the two playoff games, played very hard。 Deron Williams – Williams scored 22 points, seven assists and three steals, Brooke – Lopez 21 […]

China's response to Zimbabwe "capital flight" list: not accurate, Zimbabwe should do more investigation

  [Global Times reporter Wang Panpan Wang Kuaicong] According to the South African news website TimesLIVE22日报道, Zimbabwean President 姆南加古瓦 capital outflows list released Monday, show hundreds of foreign enterprises and individuals have not returned harboring billion dollars in foreign funds, of which about 70 per cent is funded enterprises and Chinese businessmen。 In this regard, the […]

East Fleet combat training: barrage destroy new high-speed drone (FIG)

Yangzhou-ship missile firing rockets deep。   "Tracking stability, consult shooting!"Changchun ship out of the fog, heading quickly into battle, ready to expand the application of gun-fire training on the sea。 With the commander's order, guns firing squad ZHANG Xu Hua decisive, cannons target Shen。 Zhengzhou ship and other ships have also opened fire, accompanied by waves […]

Burst!Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Embassy issued a statement blockbuster trade war came true?

  Financial newspaper (Hong Kong), according to news reports, Beijing at 0:50 on March 23 points Xu, US President Trump trade with China formally signed a memorandum at the White House。   Trump announced on the spot, it will be possible to import 60 billion of goods from China to levy tariffs and restrictions on Chinese investment […]

Man riding a motorcycle pressed stones broke into a vegetative state highway company Pipan Pei 1.06 million

  Rain stones highway, he unfortunately hit the unfortunate incident vegetative how to do?Highway company Pipan Pei 1.06 million yuan Yangzi Evening News (Reporter correspondent horse SHYE Tu Lei Wan Lingyun) 24, reporters from Zhenjiang Dantu court was informed that the hospital Civil Tribunal has concluded with the compensation due to careless driving seriously injured case, […]

Foreigner online shopping "Made in China" to see the results of doubt the joke of life

Foreign little brother Polenar spent $ 100 (1 US dollar equals yuan) to buy a piece of armor plates from the Chinese network, had this cheap "Made in China" There is no confidence。 Try holding the attitude towards it fired two shots, he began to doubt the life……Until the end, Three Views subversion。 After this […]

Married for many years, how Retriever sexual climax?

  Many of the old couple living has no sex life, love life is also very cool, in fact, this seemingly normal and not normal。 As the years passed, it will change the looks, the body will become unattractive, but as long as you or he / she had liked the man, still feeling, love is […]