Criticism is also a caring way

Criticism of the word that everyone is familiar with it!From small to large, everyone has weaknesses, anyone can make mistakes, it is inevitable close family members, teachers, colleagues, leadership, would be timely criticism.Can someone encountered a lot of criticism of the idea, hesitates, worried about the impact of personal image, as well as putting a […]

Crippled US

Part one: bid farewell to the United States that crippled a man quietly, memories gradually underway ripples, once I was hovering between love and not love, but unfortunately between go and stay, once in past years gramophone scenes repeat, I think when you get sick anxious figure, I do think of you personally for nutritional […]

Cried laughed prose

Part One: I cried, laughed too we have a bunch of lonely child, always dreaming of a fairy tale ending.Fairy tale and reality never know the difference, do not know what is happiness, I do not know why the prince and princess happy together, but still persistent think the prince and princess will be happy […]


Late at night, I fell into a deep sleep, dreaming sweetly.Excluded, the waves of crickets chirping outside the window woke me sound high-spirited, confident, calm, there is a little cordial.Which sounded familiar sounds, dispelled my sleep; I’m listening distinguish insects, this insect is good to know, at least in the above product.Crickets chirping whetted our […]

Cricket fighting

Autumn, in a sunny morning, we go hand in hand to catch the eastern outskirts of Jingxi county cricket, lucky day, I caught a whole body glossy black, of medium height, slender hind legs, strong powerful male crickets.Yang came back in Wagang, the feed peanuts, corn and sweet potatoes, peppers can stimulate the point is […]

Crevice Ficus virens

Old school building that big sand brick cavity wall to be dismantled in the old school building school classes had to move hundreds of meters apart tenant class vocational school.    Vocational schools also have several decades of history, compared to our original pretty familiar with the campus, particularly the old.See messy campus, our heart has an […]

Crescent locked in the memory of the picture

Years instantaneous flow away from between the fingers, such as a loose fireworks.Flowers, flowers and fall, and rebirth this season season, flashed.Shallow autumn night, always wearing a charming color, but with a little deep romantic.Sky clouds at sunset mapping, colorful, vivid colors with quiet leisurely to their beauty.That full moon hung like a silver mirror, […]


Part One: What is the dream of small streams?Categorically that dream, I am returning to the dream.  Near the mountain alone significantly Saga.Cliff Shi Zhengrong, blame the steep wall.Distant forest gray rain high mountains, and more looked up to, hung in the hazy fog cold shimmer as Ye Yun magic emanation.I drifted into the house in […]

Credibility is

Part One: Credibility is a tree without roots, I Can not born.People without faith, no to legislation.Human letter, it can scale wind Lide.Anchoret faith, it can keep good honest self.Peddler faith, it could Kwong Hing home industry.Integrity, what is honest?Honest person, and honest too.What is the letter?Believer, also observe Connaught.No bully others, made out of […]

Cream to early winter

Early in the morning, I woke up when the red sun rising, has not seen the night.Out the window, wrapped in a layer of white mist glass that is frosted, it is a long time to find me and not frost.A chill forced opened the window, I can not help but hit a wave of […]