Four mothers

[ Editor’s Note ]: The plain and rustic life of four fathers and four mothers is enviable. Happiness didn’t need a mountain of wealth and hot power . Ah, the author uses small bridges and flowing water to ease the leisurely tone of writing, bringing us to experience the happiness of a poor family..   She’s […]

Father sea is a deep and vigorous baritone collection

Father sea is a deep and vigorous baritone collection! This splendid starry sky has rock music and break dancing! The sea changes my father’s bleak smile and my heart sounds flowing between the world and the sea! Please follow me to live in a poem, free and free!     Father Hai cheated me because I cheated […]

Embrace your mother

The more you walk, the more you age, the less you walk, the less you time, the shorter you walk, the shorter you live, and the deeper you walk, the kindred . Ah, time flies by, and I cherish the kindred even more in the year of no doubt.. I can’t remember when I will […]

Can you still sing that book reader

On Monday, the teacher called to say that you were skipping classes. On Tuesday, the teacher sent a text message saying that you were causing trouble in class and affecting other students. On Wednesday, the teacher said you didn’t hand in your homework. On Thursday . Ah, a barrage of phone calls and text messages […]

Another kind of sunshine

Here I come, gently, along the path, over Dongshan, to your grave. Time flies. A year has passed. Father, how are you in heaven? I just want to see you silently again, accompany you to talk about your heart’s words.     First, the sun came out. The spring sun shines on this mountain path full of […]

A letter to his wife

A letter to his wife on August 25, 2015 ( the day before my birthday on the 12th of the seventh lunar month )! Please read this passage patiently! Last night I thought a lot, and this morning I was still thinking, and finally I thought of a word: comparing heart to heart. Love is […]

Mother’s name

Mother’s Name When I was a child, the rural children were dull and did not know that the mother had a name. When she was called to her mother, she was born to shout’ Niang’. At that time, I thought my mother’s name was’ Niang’.     After going to school, I began to fill out a […]

Hard work and skillful work

There is an interesting story in the ancient fable to the effect that when someone saw a cigarette smoke too straight and a lot of firewood piled up, he advised the owner to bend the cigarette upwards and move the firewood to this place. This was originally a good suggestion to prevent it from happening, […]

Don’t take yourself too seriously

As the saying goes,’ People need to know their own knowledge’, they should know how many bowls of dried rice they can eat.. Don’t be conceited or arrogant. Look at yourself with a common heart. Don’t take yourself too seriously..     The story of participating in Zou Ji’s satire on Qi Wang’s coachable Regulations in the […]

Both rain and shine

Sunny days are just around the corner, rainy days are nostalgic.     The sun shines on a sunny day, and all the scenery is bright, clear, hierarchical, friendly and compatible with the sun.. The sunlight illuminates the space within the reach of the eye, the space is expanded and enlarged. the perspective performance of the light-sensitive […]