Countryside experience – the common progress

Countryside experience – the common progress July 20, today is our “Dandelion practice team” in Wuchuan Hinrich primary school teaching seventh day, time as fleeting, ten-day countryside tour has been a part of it, in this process, I found that teaching students knowledge and develop students’ knowledge, while he himself was growing progress. Today I […]

City Walk

Although the weekend, did not sleep late, they have long been accustomed to point up.Wash finished, turn on the TV, bored morning news, he felt bored them, such as being boring virus infection.The concept of open windows, warm sunshine, warmth poured into the heart, he felt refreshed, very good day, why not go out for […]

Cheongsam ambiguous, dominate

Woman’s life, it seems, and clothing entangled in the margin has, in spite of all kinds of clothing colorful colorful dazzling.However, most women feel nostalgic, or that graceful cheongsam, cheongsam ambiguous interpretation of countless women in clothing, dominate.Recently, thousands of women dressed in cheongsam, was held to “promote cultural practice dress elegance” event.And called for […]

Canola flower open

In May, the sun is already somewhat intolerable scalding, once arrogant wind convergence wings do not know since when, the sky will have a little gray color.Before winding road through the village empty, no longer see hoe and go folks figure.But it added several roadside wildflowers still uphold curl Tingting good to see open; committed […]

Born in the blue sky

Do you know what it is the whole world?Others say the whole world is living under the blue sky refers to all the people and things.    While we are living under the blue sky, people grow up in the sun, we all share a common authority and the joint commitment, thrive in the earth under the […]

Between mid-autumn, the cold wind off the dusty memories

Autumn cold, cold provoke heartbroken, leaves rustling, leaving the love of dendrites, wind drift, wandering away from home.    Last month Liu Shao head, looking down and think of home, melodious music, sound, such as complaints, it seems easy to cold after another from the War, fireworks, song to make people anxious.    Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, a lot of […]

Bazaar gone up children

Redneck love the fair, than the year-round spring supermarkets, markets and more recent Nick, affectionate, reveals a day when light and spacious open-top land when paving.A stroll was, hawker stalls cooked like relatives far from the door, no diaphragm, trade justice and benefit, also homemade human too lightly.Even if the times are different, redneck also […]

Autumn thick heavy dew.I love the wind

we all know.This world there is this feeling called love, who are still so beautiful, but also so hard.To much, but waited half did not like.Despair, but also unwilling to.Desolate heart is still longing to love the warm.Wound numbness, only wait heart is not extinguished.    Heavy dew yellow leaves fall, autumn wind shaking the window candle.Quiet […]


Always thought that seasonal changes are very slow, I remember the footsteps of spring came so slow, the South has been blooming everywhere, the chill of the north still snowflakes.Forget that summer is coming in the day, perhaps the catkins flying in one evening, or maybe roses bloom one morning, in the hot sun baking […]

Another year of spring green

Northern waterfront in the spring, always half a beat than anywhere else on the slow, early spring in March, the southern spring, when rain is already smoke or fog, when the South has a grass green flowers are blooming, spring rain is already elsewhere when Fangfei sky, the seaside town but still a chill winter […]