A high proportion of listed companies pledge danger frequent risk prevention and control very difficult

Multi "mine" clear "chronic illness" step by step with the relevant listed company's share price dropping, some shareholders equity of the pledged situation appears unable to add lead to liquidation of collateral。In this regard, the parties in the intensive "mine", with a view to the impact to a minimum within the range。(Recommended reading) open exposures […]

"Super ministry" NDRC release micro-performance thin, the overall focus regulation

March 17, Thirteenth National People's Congress voted to adopt a decision on the reform program of the State Council, approved the program。As the first major ministries of the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC said that under) functions in China's macro-control system has once again been adjusted。  In this year's State Council institutional […]

Highland to build a new open wider this year will focus on FTA "New Extension"

  Free Trade Port is expected to emerge this year during the two sessions this year, the FTA, since the high-frequency Kong Trade once again become hot words。 Including Sichuan and other places have submitted proposals to explore the construction of a free trade harbor behalf of the delegation, as well as Anhui, expressed the hope […]

Choose a period of time, bearing in mind the king

I said, my heart is the text of the copy, so I always write in your text, time goes farther, longer and shallower, and you have been standing still, it seems very far away from me。Really want to, choose a period of time, bearing in mind the king, leaving a life of emotional read white, […]

Centrifugal gravity

Love is like an autumn maple leaves, dark red too hot, leisurely and fell。The story is not ending, I can add extra, tiring tired heart。Like geese flying south, used together in pairs I've not help a person to see the sunrise, sunset listen。Longing to leave the sinking of the heart for too long, I will […]

Dutt Stewart American propaganda: "After the war group" Do not take me

  According to the "Philippine Daily" reported on March 22, Philippine President Dutt Stewart 21 said that the Philippines will not join the US war and expedition。 Dutt said Stewart, the Philippines always been nothing but violence and suffering to get。 Data for: Dutt Walter Trump and now I want to say to the United States: […]

Carlyle Japanese health food company Sansei medicine

.ct_hqimg .to_page a: link {padding-left: 8 pixels;} See the latest market Carlyle latest real-time quotes News Research institutions holding financial information private equity investment \ r US stock market center line client: exclusive whole industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants real-time quotes "Japanese Economic News" (Nikkei) Friday Morning Post reported that business focus is […]

Play on the court you really played it too Luhan

Football is a circle, entertainment is also a circle, of course, will also have the intersection of two circles。 Football players have to switch to entertainment stars, such as Pooh Jones, who had pinched little brother Gascoigne player is also an actor, "Two Smoking Barrels," "stole abduction" let these two famous for his success enter […]

Let derailment men listened very guilty sentence

Emotion is a science, in the emotional world, the men and women to learn the knowledge can be said to be endless, some people will be feeling as a game, so keep injured。 Man derailed can say is a normal thing, but for his wife, it should be how to deal with it calmly Today, […]

Binhai New Area Mayor Yang Maorong – do the smart era leader

Nineteenth big party report, pushing the Internet, big data, the depth of integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy。 Accelerate the construction of the city, continue to nurture the development of new intellectual economic growth, create new momentum。 Recently, the Binhai New Area Mayor Yang Maorong an interview with reporters, thinking about the Binhai […]