“White collar” entrepreneurial farmers do not say sorry

Military service became a company white-collar workers, unwilling to 3,000 yuan monthly salary, resigned their own business over the past decade has engaged in a variety of career.There have been failures, there have been successful, but never regret their choice – eight in the morning, in the southern outskirts of the West Village Taicang a […]

“One-Armed Angels’ hopes of a small village

Pneumoconiosis is a disease due to long-term work in dusty environment caused in recent years for many migrant workers occupational diseases.In Chongqing Zhongxian Stubbs Town taro Dutch village.Migrant villagers more.As early as 5 years ago of dozens of pneumoconiosis patients registered in the book.Due to poor economic conditions, many villagers lack of understanding of the […]

“Welfare love coupons”: This girl should not consume so youth

He not only active gestures girl, also gift him a love coupons welfare, in the face of heaven Aventure, why should he opposed cutting edge?Strange Rape: a leisurely cup of tea November 15, 2009 morning, Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Public Security Bureau received a report after the satyr of crime: the area of one-star […]

“Cool girls” recipe for success: I see a woman early success

People can not just ideals, but also have the capability.Far, she came over, slender and soft, near only to find that her good look, look fine.When you talk to her up, she will find strong gas field, eyes firmly.She is the CEO of the company after the rank and file path design projects, best-selling writer, […]

“Sand King” Henry Fok business story

In billionaires in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Fok popularity can be said is the highest.This is not only because of his personal assets of approximately HK $ 13 billion, in 1993, was elected vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee!However, Henry Fok origin, may have to be considered the most bitter of a billionaire!His ancestral […]

“Foreign Fuma” Suffered: former Prime Minister of Iceland son Chinese workers in mind

One day, on a construction site in Hefei Dangtu Road, a foreigner is not good due to open hoist March 2009, the appearance of a foreman who was publicly reprimanded.Who knows, there is no foreigner to defend themselves, but also offered to Quban brick Who would have thought that this submissive foreigner actually former Prime […]

“Liu Yi Chuan book” Myths and Legends

In between Yifeng Tang Dynasty, there was a scholar Liu Yi, not to sit in the capital Chang’an, ready to return to his hometown diverted to the edge of the Xiang River.He remembered a fellow who has lived in Jingyang, ran farewell.He rode in the water Jing Six, Seven Mile.There are suddenly a flock of […]

“Bao opportunity” to build the investment community, “Taobao, Lynx”

They are after 85, 90, have a dazzling overseas experience, and most of them had to work in the private placement, public offering and other financial institutions, with people paying, promising them the envy of all have passion for investment even obsessed, now, because they share a common goal, we have gathered to resign after […]

“Salt-free” Queen Zhongli spring

Zhongli spring, after the Warring States Period, King Xuan, Hebei County salt-free, salt-free person, is one of the famous four ugly history of China.According to legend, she never married forty, very ugly unique and talented, knowledgeable.After introduce ourselves to King Xuan, the courtesy, called after.She gave a blow King Xuan, the King Xuan Zheng Zheng […]

“Search Dog” Ms. Yu: innovation never forced to the road

Outside the straits, it is paradise.Facing the Ocean, Spring and Blossom.Signed, Sogou split, Ali injection, reap what you melon, sown so we shall continue to strive to do the standard-bearer of Internet innovation!This is the night of August 8, 2010, Sogou CEO Ms. Yu Polytechnic man on a personal micro-blog wrote emotionally rich passage.On this […]