Campus suspense of palm pupil

[1] on the second floor hallway bulletin board posted the latest monthly exam results, I glance from a distance, Ji Lingqing a lot of top-ranking.Recently his mother that he did not know where to fall in love, and warned him that puppy love will affect learning, achievement go up if she is firmly opposed.In fact, […]

Campus Spring

Looked at the subject, can not help but put my thoughts into it late seventies, passionate high school……    1976, we graduated from elementary school into junior high school ninth (later renamed vocational schools), and soon, “Gang of Four” was crushed, education front poke haze, with one of the spring and King Ming.After ten years of turmoil […]

Campus Sketches

[Editor’s note] campus life colorful and more students are innocent, they add vitality to the campus, their growth make life enjoyable.Please click on Jun students read fragments of life, I believe it will inspire your innocence.(A) with regard to the registration yesterday, the school began to sign up.The original grade teacher doll can convert all, […]

Campus sad love: the youth who did not crush

High School, faced with Arts and placement, and I chose the most iron buddy science, and I decided to choose liberal arts, started school those days, I was lonely, lonely, like the one the wolf get lost.I often a lonely man staring at textbooks taciturn, try to find a silver lining from inside the rigid […]

Campus sad love story: a happy little misunderstanding break fortress

His name is Zhang Shengnan.Enrolled in Shandong Province, Linyi City, Pingyi key universities “Cyber High School”.    Nan is a school in San notoriously big guy.And family is very rich.So a lot of girls in school and more like him.of course?Also included in this article actress Chen Yaxuan.    TZ: it is the school of celebrity.People not only pretty […]

Campus sad love: love life come alive

There is a very ordinary high school day to the transfer of a boy, tall and handsome, a non-mainstream dress, from the total showing him a noble, rebellious temperament.Of course, for such an ordinary high school, it’s such a good boy will certainly stir the whole school.Sure enough, one night, he made a name received […]

Campus poetry selected individual poet SOUTH –

Hello, my poetry, “this should be the heart crumbles into dust,” and a friend of poetry, “this life is supposed to be infatuated” by the Southern Publishing House published a collection, priced $ 26, welcome to order.The resulting sell books, all donated to charity Anhua County, funding for poor students.Thank you for support.SOUTH – Sincerely,.I […]

Campus Name Plates

Shiqu instant campus, the campus has taken more than two decades.Then the young girls, has long been polished into a time full of fireworks Red laity.Years, such as hooks, interesting past, is still vivid in my mind, clear as yesterday, is convulsed.    China is dumbfounding physical education Ziyang people, Ziyang’s Dragon Hill Silk has given her […]

Campus Midsummer Night

Between fleeting, summer vacation is already past.Memory, everything is vague, except that serenity and peaceful campus Midsummer Night!    When the hot sun disappeared below the horizon, the air becomes restless Wen Shunqing when it was new, my heart unknowingly flew down the tree-lined campus, the side of the road.It seems midsummer night has become a long […]

Campus love story: thousands of heart knot your solution

Xian Wei and Gao Bin Ye began to love from the sophomore, living together for four years after graduation, she has repeatedly hinted he would like to Gao Bin Ye married, can Gao Bin Ye has not been able to give her a clear answer, they have been advances and retreats the wandering, is to […]