Ah Wong Fu

Every morning I walk in the warm sunshine down to work on the school building level will always see A yellow shower in the morning, lazy, comfortable, indulge in its sleep, walk in it neglects the coming and going around people also do not have to worry about who will take him away or go […]

Ah Sou!I would like to pay tribute to you!

Mid-Autumn night, the moon without trace, heavy clouds covered the sky.Looking at the sky, I hope to be able to partner with the moon and stars, but only a wisp of breeze, feeling a little desolate.Sitting in the crowd and saw every household with a happy smile, at the void deck “full moon” reunion.The children […]

Ah sister iron

I was in third grade, when iron Ah sister just three years old.    That year, coincided with the early summer, a yard full of cherry trees in full blossom.There are pink cherry blossoms, there are crimson with white, the first blooming wildly full of cherry trees, truly beautiful.In the flick breeze, cherry blossom constantly waved to […]

Ah Q ridiculous than “self-comfort”

The more adversity to grow in the more happy to fight for life and learning.Life is invincible, wicked fun never destroy all life.”Cultural Revolution” which I Xinjiang in the countryside, deprived of rights and the right to participate in the political life of writing, my future is very slim, but I’m still trying to live […]

Ah Q Revolution and price control

[REVIEW] Ah Q was not able to complete their longing for revolution, and I did not rate a life leather.Despite the sadness will angrily, but the developers did not dare to go in person to curse!Only as Ah Q spirit of victory as it!  Write down the problem, even I feel neither fish nor fowl.Helpless mind […]

Ah Q is inevitable

Passing in front of the shop, a few people sitting on the steps, in the cool of the evening. Sound far I asked: “sit in front of the?”(Nonsense) they rushes to ask:” blossoming back?”” How long have returned?”” How not seen you out?How not to marry?”I had too many problems even under the bike, the […]

Ah Niu Yu, expel substitute teacher

Cattle Ravine there are more than three hundred people in fifty six dogs, fifteen head of cattle, three students, a school and a teacher.After the teacher Ah Niu Yu think he took three students Roast heating outside the classroom photos were sent to the network, the entire Yichuan County is also the fire roasted rack […]

Ah love

Ah Qin Bashan deep in the beautiful home.Face dark and five short stature Ah-specific self-confidence.  According to him talk about himself, he is a retired soldier, after demobilization because the family more than brothers, the condition is not good, move the door to the neighboring village.His wife divorced and, also with two children.The marriage lasted only […]

Ah Lai

She shouted me a second uncle, after which they usually rattle Owl laughed forever, Yang head back on the sofa, with dancing.”Ownership”, “bang” dustpan dropped on his knees, grabbed her hand had reached out to knock a little sprinkle of only root tea glass, blue veins on his neck Bengqi Lao Gao.I quickly waved, beckoned […]

Ah eggs, eggs!

Ah eggs, eggs yesterday, a friend of the grandson of the full moon, full moon invited us to drink wine, feast called the election “Gomi Square in Wuhu City, a?Dinner home “style” hotel, decorated in a rural countryside point of the last century with modern means “to evoke the feel in the dining and banquet […]