A curtain of spring rain, a piece of paper

Years remind people to be old, and in plain days, they are doing their usual self because of confusion, helplessness, sadness and helplessness. In a time when they are alone, they burn a scroll of sutras, listen to a tune of light music and taste a cup of tea, and look at each other with […]

Real knowledge comes from practice

Today is the sixth day for the social practice team to come to Beipo Middle School in the morning and dream of going to the countryside. The past unaccustomed and strange feeling gradually disappeared and began to adapt to the rhythm of life here.. Every day, they can be amused by a group of small […]

Forgetting has become our most powerful weapon

So quietly holding a book to read, the cabin was quiet and peaceful, and no one bothered me today. I am immersed in the world of books, but my thoughts wander outside the books alone. The bad news in the morning made me unable to return to god, shocked and sad, for nothing but the […]

Grapes & Mom

Grapes were first planted and brewed in ancient Egypt and then introduced into France. Romantic French brought wine culture to the world, while non-romantic people drank it and were also endowed with romance and refined elegance..   In front of and behind the house of ordinary people, a green frame was erected to seek riches and […]

Four mothers

[ Editor’s Note ]: The plain and rustic life of four fathers and four mothers is enviable. Happiness didn’t need a mountain of wealth and hot power . Ah, the author uses small bridges and flowing water to ease the leisurely tone of writing, bringing us to experience the happiness of a poor family..   She’s […]

Father sea is a deep and vigorous baritone collection

Father sea is a deep and vigorous baritone collection! This splendid starry sky has rock music and break dancing! The sea changes my father’s bleak smile and my heart sounds flowing between the world and the sea! Please follow me to live in a poem, free and free!     Father Hai cheated me because I cheated […]

Embrace your mother

The more you walk, the more you age, the less you walk, the less you time, the shorter you walk, the shorter you live, and the deeper you walk, the kindred . Ah, time flies by, and I cherish the kindred even more in the year of no doubt.. I can’t remember when I will […]

Can you still sing that book reader

On Monday, the teacher called to say that you were skipping classes. On Tuesday, the teacher sent a text message saying that you were causing trouble in class and affecting other students. On Wednesday, the teacher said you didn’t hand in your homework. On Thursday . Ah, a barrage of phone calls and text messages […]

Another kind of sunshine

Here I come, gently, along the path, over Dongshan, to your grave. Time flies. A year has passed. Father, how are you in heaven? I just want to see you silently again, accompany you to talk about your heart’s words.     First, the sun came out. The spring sun shines on this mountain path full of […]

A letter to his wife

A letter to his wife on August 25, 2015 ( the day before my birthday on the 12th of the seventh lunar month )! Please read this passage patiently! Last night I thought a lot, and this morning I was still thinking, and finally I thought of a word: comparing heart to heart. Love is […]