James 12 + 26 + 9 43 Heat reversal points 3-1 Westbrook three straight Thunder

  Ticker on June 20, the completion of the first section of the Heat 17 points behind the reversal, home to 104-98 win over the Thunder, to obtain match point at 3-1 in the finals。   LeBron – James hit cramps in the fourth quarter, scored 26 points, 12 assists and nine rebounds。 Heat trio on 20 […]

Experts Initiative tumor "co-existence" health management concept to enhance the health of the patient

  Under the national "comprehensive, full-cycle to protect people's health" and "co-existence" approach to health management, oncology "comprehensive, full-cycle" Health Management refers to people early life cycle management as the core goal of health coverage for cancer prevention and risk screening, diagnosis and treatment of acute disease multidisciplinary standardization, management of chronic diseases associated with cancer […]

Wang Yi: to create a better future regional cooperation in the Lancang Mekong

  March 23, 2016, the Lancang – Mekong cooperation first summit was held in Sanya, Hainan, Li Keqiang Prime Minister and the leaders of the five countries in the Mekong jointly announced the birth of this new cooperation mechanism。 January 10 this year, the second week will be the first summit meeting of the leaders of […]

Russian government overseas assets has become a state secret | Russia | Yukos case | Real Estate

  RBC will not publish the legal basis of information raised questions, Chu Barr said the issues have been "beyond the scope of federal power assets of the Authority"。   RBC reports that the government can only be separated confidential information about those military bases and specialized aerospace facility。 However, GoltsblatBLP law firm of Mozart Petrovsky (VitalyMozharovsky) […]

In mid-2017 a big wave of people "small target" realize how much benefit you?

Xinhua Beijing December 15 electricity (in sub-Ru) 2017 ending soon。 Opened this year's "people's livelihood bills," pension increases, lowered tariffs, and more pilot "with rental rights" such as a large wave of people "small target" to achieve, people's life has also undergone profound change。 Shanghai college entrance examination reform, comprehensive reform of Zhejiang college entrance […]

Fuxin found an ancient early Neolithic village

His feet west ditch unearthed stone tools of this Zhongxin She unearthed a large number of pottery, stone relics of their ancestors used in everyday life。 Including more than 400 pottery, are coarse pottery, red-brown, grayish brown two kinds, the main diagonal web tank, straight abdominal cans, cans and other puff, has the most chevron […]

How can you not do eyelid jump jump jump eyelids hot or cold

How do to not jump?Central Standing Committee has life situation eyelid jump, but eyelid has been jumping will be very hard to accept that eyelid jump can not jump how to do it?Below small eyes jump to tell you how to do to not jump。 How can we not do eyelid jump jump method: the […]

Nets 3-1 win over 23 minutes while the fourth speech potatoes three plus reversal bull

  After Ticker on April 28 morning, after four hours of fierce battle, the Bulls played at home three to 142-134 overtime victory over the Nets, big score 3-1 lead, cut in sight。   "Small potatoes" – Robinson last a plus when not in play, but he scored 23 points in the fourth quarter, scored 34 points。 […]

3450 platform successfully stepped back, the market will form a new upward angle!

Friday the trend not to mention shaking, but definitely scary!Plane crash in early trading stock index is almost a way to open lower, then plunged down, instantly killing broke off integer 3400。 The decline in the most vicious moments gainers on the Proof of only two digits, the panic in the market is evident。 About […]

Chen Jianguang: new economic boom or overlooked in the statistics | New Economy | new industry | new formats

  Text / Sina Finance opinion leaders (micro-channel public number kopleader) columnist Chen Jianguang In recent years, China's rapid economic growth than expected new mobile payment, big data, cloud computing, "Internet +" and led to the Industrial Revolution and Product Innovation。 However, it is observed that the existing statistics tend to be applied to the traditional […]