Hard work and skillful work

There is an interesting story in the ancient fable to the effect that when someone saw a cigarette smoke too straight and a lot of firewood piled up, he advised the owner to bend the cigarette upwards and move the firewood to this place. This was originally a good suggestion to prevent it from happening, […]

Don’t take yourself too seriously

As the saying goes,’ People need to know their own knowledge’, they should know how many bowls of dried rice they can eat.. Don’t be conceited or arrogant. Look at yourself with a common heart. Don’t take yourself too seriously..     The story of participating in Zou Ji’s satire on Qi Wang’s coachable Regulations in the […]

Both rain and shine

Sunny days are just around the corner, rainy days are nostalgic.     The sun shines on a sunny day, and all the scenery is bright, clear, hierarchical, friendly and compatible with the sun.. The sunlight illuminates the space within the reach of the eye, the space is expanded and enlarged. the perspective performance of the light-sensitive […]

After the peace of grief, retrace the pain of the time.

From time to time, diseases and disasters endanger human life and seriously hinder economic development. It is our government’s bounden duty to prevent diseases and reduce disasters.     As the saying goes,’ why don’t you get sick and have no money?’. No disease. That’s a myth. People are born, old and dead, which is a natural […]

( Essay ) Even a poor life

People are the same, there should be no distinction between high and low.     The great life is envied by people and is the dream of all people.. There are brilliant life, perfect life, successful life, rich life, happy life, intelligent life and smooth life, etc.     However, not only is there a wonderful and brilliant life, […]

Essays and essays to participate in the disappearing dialect regulations

When our generation now communicates in the form of Mandarin, it seems to be a good thing, with no language barriers or incomprehension.. At the same time, there are also some regrets and deficiencies, because the local dialect in our country is gradually losing and being eliminated..   I went to the vegetable market to buy […]

A man for whom tears

Sad lonely night alone / no experience of my heart / love you to withdraw my heart pain / lingering just a moment of beauty / love lost can not be recovered / heart pain but their own comfort / wait for the morning to take away the black night / forget you I do […]

A cold-blooded woman like me (cool in summer and literature Cup)

Yesterday’s rain down from Shanghai to Hangzhou, once thought no longer contact person will not be met, again as in a thunderstorm days.Kind of feeling had to do a thousand sails in the vast fog, it seems once again to see the old times.I do not remember the.    For three years I was a too distant […]

Fall silent

This is a season worth of memories, this is a worthy season thoughts, perhaps only this time it can stand the wide wilderness to voice softly asked: “Where, where are you?”With the sound call, as the shadow of the wind fluttering echoed sky, but you do not fly angel what?Where in the autumn, where to […]

Encounter a special beauty

I would not have had this training opportunity!    Convince myself happily accepted this training, like peeling a candy into his mouth so simple, then sat on the back waiting for the summer steamed.    Summer color faded, Qiuchong from the Ming, when just about enough homebound boredom and fear of school around the corner, 90 hours of training […]