What are the early symptoms of endometritis?

Can you make it?

What are the early symptoms of endometritis?

Can you make it?

In modern society, female friends suffer from more and more endometritis. Endometritis can cause cervicitis, cervicitis, salpingitis, etc. When the condition is serious, it will lead to the occurrence of tumors, which will seriously affect the health of patients.life safety.

Therefore, women should understand the early symptoms of endometritis and armor early treatment.

So, what are the early symptoms of endometritis?

Let the experts explain it to everyone.

Four major symptoms of endometritis in the early stage 1. Although abdominal pain is not obvious in patients with early abdominal pain, some patients may have discomfort in lower abdominal acid swelling.

On the occasion of the menstrual period, menstrual pain in the lower abdomen, lumbosacral pain is slightly obvious, and this point is likely to be replaced with dysmenorrhea symptoms, so you need to know.

2, vaginal discharge increased due to increased secretion of endometrial glands, resulting in patients with complications, the color of the vaginal discharge, local changes, manifested as leucorrhea thin yellow, increased vaginal discharge, may also appear bloody vaginal discharge.

3, menorrhagia due to menorrhagia, some patients will cause anemia due to a large number of bleeding, and the reason for the increase in menstrual flow, which endometrial thickening caused by endometriosis, and cause endometrialThere is a big relationship between congestion.

4, excessive pain, leading to excessive thickening of the endometrium of the patient, hinder the normal degeneration and necrosis of the tissue, stimulate the uterus excessive perforation penetrating contraction, complications, and aggravate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

Tips: Endometritis can be well treated in the early stage. If the treatment is not timely, it will not only cause difficulties for treatment, but even cause female infertility.

Chinese people have four bad habits for dinner, five of the most hurtful dinners.


Chinese people have four bad habits for dinner, five of the most hurtful dinners.

There are four bad habits for Chinese people to eat dinner: seeing dinner too heavy, eating too late, eating too much too much oil, often eating out.

Although it is a bit too radical to describe dinner with 鈥渇ive poisons鈥? the dinners of Chinese people are indeed the most varied in three meals a day: some people have big fish and big meat, some people have porridge wrapped in belly, some people simply don’t eat, time spanFrom five or six in the evening to one or two in the morning. The pattern has caused more problems, and the five poisons are not enough, but the tumor and digestive experts said that the following five kinds of dinner, the long-term consumption of the body is nothing.Eat “poison.”

5 kinds of the most hurtful dinner 1, old leftovers, beware that nitrite nitrite will combine with amines in the stomach to form nitrosamines, which are first-class carcinogens.

There have been experiments by domestic scholars, adding the leftovers to the refrigerator at noon, and taking out the heating after 6 hours, and found that the nitrite content has increased, the fried vegetables increased by 16%, and the braised meat increased by 70%, exceeding the national 鈥渇ood pollutants鈥?Limited Standards.

After 18 hours, the nitrite content of all dishes exceeded the national standard.

Therefore, it is best to cook once and eat it. If leftovers are left, they should be placed in the refrigerator immediately after cooling.

Placement time should not be too long, it is best to eat within 5 hours.

The best protein for fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, etc. is best, otherwise it will not be good for the flour.

The meat must be heat-permeable, preferably heated for more than 10 minutes, or heated in the microwave for more than 1 minute.

Do not eat hot water or leftovers in the soup to avoid heating.

2, drinking too much nerves, hurting the liver and stomach happy, painful, and invited three or five friends at night to “beverage” is a lot of people’s choice.

Alcohol concentration The body’s nervous system is excitatory to highly inhibited, and in severe cases it will destroy the normal function of the nervous system.

Although the concentration of beer is lower than that of white wine, after entering the stomach, it can reduce the secretion of prostaglandin E in the stomach wall, causing congestion and edema of the gastric mucosa, loss of appetite and fullness of the upper abdomen.

Therefore, it is best not to drink alcohol for dinner, especially within 4 to 6 hours before bedtime.

If the wine bureau cannot refuse, it is best to bring a cup of warm milk to protect the gastric mucosa before drinking.

It should be noted that white wine and beer should not be selected for iced wine. If you are drunk, you can drink green tea and hangover.

The right amount of red wine is better than white wine and beer for many years.

3, do not eat dinner stomach hungry, nervous involvement in the weight loss circle “noon to eat” is very popular, such eating habits are not fat, it is your health.

Is the emptying time of the stomach food about 4?
After 6 hours, after emptying, the stomach will continue to secrete stomach acid. If there is no food neutralization, stomach acid will erode the gastric mucosa for a long time.

Most diet women do not eat staple foods after dinner, and do not increase animal foods and soy products, protein intake is seriously reduced, and at the same time lead to a lack of multivitamins and minerals.

In addition, overtime people are still excited because they consume a lot of energy, do not eat dinner for a long time, and do not get normal rest, affecting the work and learning efficiency of the next day.

4, eat too spicy, hurt the stomach, interfere with the stimulating traits such as capsaicin contained in the sleeping pepper, by stimulating the tip of the human tongue, long stimulation of the central nervous system and nerve endings of various parts of the body, leading to rapid heartbeat, body temperature rise andReversing the excitement of time eventually leads to late sleep and poor sleep quality.

Therefore, spicy food is the dinner mine area, for people with oral stomatitis, pharyngitis, bronchial inflammation, peptic ulcer, digestive inflammation, cholecystitis, chronic diabetes and high blood pressure, etc. is a restricted area.

5, processing meat to eat too much, increase the risk of cancer barbecue is the upper corner of many “carnivores” dinner table.

Professor Zhou Chunling, a member of the Cancer Nutrition Support and Therapy Committee of the Anti-Cancer Association, said that eating too much barbecue for dinner, meat products of smoked sauce, such as sausage, barbecue, etc., completely poor nutrition, will affect digestion.

In the process of grilling food, “Millard reaction” occurs, although the smell is fragrant, but it affects the digestion and absorption of protein.

Therefore, dinner parties should try to stay away from barbecue, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease patients and elderly people with digestive and absorption dysfunction should pay more attention.

Try to use steamed, boiled, stewed, etc. with less oil and less salt.

The middle-aged and elderly people eat the wrong rice, and the latest research by the sick scientists found that one of the causes of many diseases is the bad eating habits at night, especially the middle-aged and elderly people, eating too much at dinner, improperly, actually the body is subject to the followingInvasion: 1, suffering from stones and osteoporosis often eat nightingale, reset due to high urinary calcium content, people can not be discharged in time after sleep, urinary calcium concentrated deposition, increase the formation of urinary calculi; and due to urinary calcium concentration, reduce bodyCalcium storage can lead to osteoporosis and bone decalcification.

In addition, after the nightingale, there will be a relative lack of water, bone deficiency can make bones loose.

2, the nighttime night sputum that causes neurasthenia to restore the expansion of the body, will inevitably oppress the surrounding organs liver, gallbladder, kidney and other organs, these compression information will be transmitted to the brain, early can induce a variety of nightmares, over time will be mentally depressed andFatigue performance eventually develops into neurasthenia.

3, induced modern disease, diabetes venous blood and blood cholesterol and glycerol triglyceride increased significantly, gradually deposited in the blood vessel wall, causing arteriosclerosis and blood pressure, further development into cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cholelithiasis and other diseases.
In addition, there are more problems in eating dinner, weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep quality and other issues, not to mention here.

How to eat dinner?

Time: What time is it appropriate to have dinner for 3 hours?

The ideal situation is: at least 3 hours from bedtime.

This can ensure that the food in the stomach has not remained much when sleeping, and will not affect the quality of sleep at night.
After the meal, there is time to do some activities to help reduce the risk of getting fat.
In other words, if you take a break at 10pm, dinner can be accepted at 6:7.

Food: It is best to choose foods that are tryptophan, such as: millet, seaweed, etc. (kelp, seaweed), tryptophan can make melatonin, can regulate sleep.

Also eat more foods such as milk, eggs, animal liver, wheat, cabbage and other vitamin B.

Vitamin B helps to eliminate anxiety and also helps to sleep well.

A reasonable dinner mix, mainly fish, do not forget the fungus, chicken soup, other can be accompanied by vegetarian dishes, rice bowl is good.

Beverage: Drink honey or milk to drink honey water at night.

Glucose, vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium in honey can regulate nervous system function, relieve nervous tension, help maintain blood sugar balance at night, and promote sleep.

Milk can eliminate tension, which contains L-tryptophan, which promotes sleep, and has a certain sedative and hypnotic effect.

Drinking a cup of honey with honey 1 hour before going to sleep is more conducive to sleep.

Related recommendations: breakfast will also damage the health of six common mistakes breakfast with fitness after eating what six kinds of food to achieve a healthy lunch dinner so eat will not gain weight, you know?

Seven strokes, let the old mind stay young


Seven strokes, let the old mind stay young

Keep your brain alive.

Middle-aged and older people should use more brains, such as reading newspapers, reading, playing chess, and training a variety of hobbies.

Studies have shown that 65-year-olds who often use their brains are no worse than 35-year-olds who don’t like brains.

銆€銆€Live refers to the active finger.

Frequent activities of the fingers, doing two hands alternating exercise and turning the fitness ball can stimulate the two hemispheres of the brain, have brain and brain puzzle, and delay the function of brain aging.

銆€銆€Turn to convert sports of different natures.

Such as reading, writing, should be converted in time to other activities of different nature, so that the brain nerves are relaxed without excessive fatigue, so that the brain power to maintain the best state.

銆€銆€Participate in social activities and sports activities.

Make new friends, to accept the infection of youthful vitality, often maintain a happy mood, and get rid of the lonely living environment.

銆€銆€Sleep well and sleep well, to ensure adequate sleep.

Middle-aged and elderly people should learn to live normally, arrange their work schedules reasonably, and ensure that they have eight hours of sleep per day.

銆€銆€Adjust the diet.

Make coarse and fine grain size, mix with meat, eat less animal waste and sugary foods.

Listen and listen to beautiful songs.

Beautiful melodies can adjust the function of the central nervous system, giving people a feeling of joy and joy.

Easy to use white vinegar whitening method to teach you how to do


Easy to use white vinegar whitening method to teach you how to do

White vinegar fast whitening method 1: white vinegar wash white vinegar can not only make food more delicious, but also can be used as skin whitening; white vinegar whitening is a very economical and practical method, today teach you several ways to whiten with white vinegar.

White vinegar fast whitening method 2: white vinegar + salt water wiping method The simplest is to count the white vinegar wash method.

When washing your face every morning, put a small bowl of water, then add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar inside, soak your face for a few minutes, and start the normal cleansing procedure.

Every day, using white vinegar to wash your face can whiten the skin, dilute the pigmentation, and at the same time make it easier for the skin to tighten and reduce wrinkles.

White vinegar fast whitening method 3: white vinegar + melon juice face This is an upgraded version of white vinegar wash method, it is also quite simple, white vinegar, salt and water are mixed together, white vinegar, salt and water ratio is about 9:3:1, after adjusting, put a clean towel into the soak, and then rub on the face, once in the morning and evening.

For whitening and freckle, delicate skin has the same effect.

White vinegar fast whitening method 4: rice vinegar and soy bean diet to make the winter melon smashed juice, add one or two tablespoons of white vinegar, mix thoroughly and apply it on the face, it can be washed off in about 10 minutes.

Apply 2-3 times a day with white vinegar melon juice, and use it for half a month to help remove spots.

Although this is not a white vinegar, it is also a very good whitening method; that is the rice vinegar + soy whitening method.

Practice: first wash the soybeans, add the glass bottle, then add the rice vinegar equivalent to 3 times the amount of soybeans, soak the soybeans completely, then seal the bottle mouth, seal for a week, you can eat.

Sticking to 10-20 grains of vinegar and soy beans every day can achieve a rapid whitening effect. After 100 days, the skin will be very white and the color spots will be almost gone. If you keep eating, then you don’t have to worry about sunscreen whitening.

The exact position and massage method of the head point


The exact position and massage method of the head point

The head-dimensional acupoint is the acupuncture point of the foot-yangming stomach, which is the point of the foot-yangming stomach and the foot-less biliary meridian.

The position of the head cavity is 0 on the frontal angle.

5 inches, next to the center line, 4 from the court.

5 inches, modern is often used to treat vascular neuropathic headaches, orbital oblique muscle tendon fractures, etc.
Sitting, on the side of the head, on the frontal angle of 0.

5 inches, 4 next to the center line.

5 inch.

2.At the intersection of the front edge of the burst and the corner of the Shenting.

3.Sitting, in the side of the head, from the forehead hairline, push up about 1 finger wide, move the mouth, you can feel the muscles will also move relative, that is, this point.

The role of the head-dimensional acupoints clears the head and clears the eye.

There is a trigeminal nerve in the vicinity of the head cavity, so this point is very effective with trigeminal neuralgia or migraine, high blood pressure.

At the same time, it is also often used to relieve eye diseases or fatigue, vision loss, cerebral congestion, head congestion and other symptoms.

Massage the head to relieve functional headaches: In daily life, many friends have to sleep less, want to know, mental stress, work stress, depression and other factors lead to headaches, medically known as “functional” headachesTherefore, many people rely on painkillers to solve the problem, but the effect is usually not ideal, which will lead to perfusion and damage, and some also affect liver and kidney function.

Massage method according to the method of head cavity: press down with your fingertips or knuckles and make a ring massage.

Can I block 50 with the middle finger or index finger?
100 times.

Chinese medicine should not be placed in the refrigerator for more than 3 days after frying


Chinese medicine should not be placed in the refrigerator for more than 3 days after frying

Traditional Chinese medicine is an important medicine for treating diseases in Chinese medicine. When the doctor is sick, the doctor will suffer from Chinese medicine for a few days to eat. The fried Chinese medicine is easy to deteriorate at room temperature, so we have to store the quality of the medicine in the refrigerator, but put it in the refrigerator.It can’t be more than 3 days, and it will go wrong after more than 3 days.

銆€銆€Seeing Chinese medicine prescribing, usually open 4 at a time?
7-day dose, if the chronic disease patients may be prescribed for two weeks at a time, many patients will choose to cook all the Chinese medicine once in the hospital or pharmacy, and then store the fried soup in the refrigerator.

So, how long can the Chinese medicine in the refrigerator be preserved in the refrigerator?

銆€銆€First of all, we need to understand the packaging form of Decoction Chinese Decoction.

At present, the most common packaging for traditional Chinese medicine decoction is vacuum sealed packaging, and secondly, it can be placed by the patient’s own utensils.

銆€銆€We found that the storage time of the liquids indicated by the various hospitals and pharmacies on the sealed vacuum packaging bags was not the same.

There have been such studies in which different prescriptions were placed under different temperature conditions. By observing the degree of deterioration of the juice, odor, turbidity, mold and acidity were recorded.

It was found that the temperature rises the faster the drug solution deteriorates. In the short-term high season, the above-mentioned decoction is stored for less than 2 days at 25 掳 C or above. If it is refrigerated, it will generally be stored for 7 days without deterioration.

In addition, different prescriptions can be overcome even under the same conditions. If the content of starch, protein, sugar and other components in the liquid is increased, the metamorphism will change.

銆€銆€In order to ensure the safe use of medicines, the optimal temperature for the preservation of vacuum-packed Chinese medicine decoction is 0?
5 掳 C, the storage time is 7?
14 days, but it is best not to exceed 7 days.

It can only be because after the soup is cooked, it is often stored half-day to one day before being taken home for refrigerating. This will 鈥渁ccelerate鈥?the deterioration of the soup; if, the boiled medicine contains all the cockroaches, cockroaches and other animals.Traditional Chinese medicines such as traditional Chinese medicine or rehmannia, such as Astragalus membranaceus, will also affect the preservation time.

If it is found that the liquid medicine bag is bulging or the liquid medicine is odorous, abnormal phenomena such as air bubbles are deteriorated and cannot be taken.

銆€銆€If it is a Chinese medicine decoction filled with the utensils provided by yourself, it is generally not recommended to take it overnight. Unless it is placed in the freezer of the refrigerator, it can be more than 3 days to prevent the deterioration of the liquid medicine from affecting health.

銆€銆€In order to ensure good health, we must take the medicine according to the method of consumption of the medicine when taking the medicine, to ensure that the medicine is not taken under the condition of quality, and finally the body of everyone is better every day.

How to maintain 10 kinds of vegetables in winter is indispensable


How to maintain 10 kinds of vegetables in winter is indispensable

Although the winter is much colder, the winter does have a good time for the body!

Especially before and after the winter solstice, the yang is rising, and this time, the tonic is most beneficial to the absorption of nutrients.

So what is good for winter health?

Here are 10 recommended indispensable winter health dishes.

銆€銆€Winter health food one: taro taro starch, very rich in nutrition.

Protein 2 is contained in every 100 grams of fresh product.

4 grams, transfer 91 cards, 濮?0.

2 grams, carbonic acid 20.

5 grams, 43 mg of phosphorus, 14 mg of calcium, and 0.

5 mg, vitamin B10.

09 mg, vitamin C 10 mg, vitamin B20.

04 mg.

It contains chyle, mild and smooth, easy to digest, and has a stomachic effect. It is very suitable for patients with spleen and stomach weakness, disease, tuberculosis and recovering period. It is a good food for infants and the elderly.

銆€銆€Winter health food 2: radish radish contains more water, vitamin C, a certain amount of phosphorus, calcium, glucose and a small amount of protein, iron and other vitamins, also contains choline, oxidase, lignin, glycase, starchEnzyme, mustard oil and other beneficial ingredients.

Chinese medicine believes that radish cool taste Xingan, into the lungs, stomach two menstruation, can eliminate stagnation, phlegm heat, lower air, detoxification, for food expansion, urinary adverse symptoms.

Therefore, radish has a great effect on conditioning physiotherapy and spleen and stomach. Therefore, there is a saying that “authentic radish ginseng” has the auxiliary remedy for common indigestion, tonsillitis, wind-heat type cold, cough and asthma, sore throat and other diseases in autumn.

銆€銆€Winter health food three: carrot Chinese medicine believes that carrots contain more vitamins, sweet and flat, eat the spleen and stomach.

In the late autumn, carrots are best stewed, and fried food is good.

Stir-fry can keep carotene more than 80%, and stew can keep carotene more than 93%.

銆€銆€Winter Health Food 4: Lettuce lettuce is tender and tender, and it is suitable for raw and hot.

Eat lettuce in the fall, the secretion of gastric juice and digestive juice can be enhanced, and the secretion of bile is enhanced.

The lettuce contains 27 times more potassium than sodium, and the vitamins also help to urinate, which is of great help to maintain water balance, high blood pressure and heart disease.

The high iodine content in lettuce is beneficial to the basal metabolism and physical development of the human body.

The nutrition of lettuce leaves far exceeds the lettuce stems.

The fluorine contained in the diet of lettuce can participate in the formation of enamel and dentin and participate in the growth of bones.

In addition, people who suffer from cough in autumn, eat lettuce leaves, and even can cough.

銆€銆€Winter health food five: bean sprouts soybeans, mung beans are rich in a large amount of protein, impurities and small amounts, as well as iron, sodium, phosphorus, calcium and other essential dietary trace elements.

After the beans are sprouted, they can no longer maintain the body’s substances, and the vitamin content will also increase, which helps to eliminate fatigue.

Chlorophyll in bean sprouts can be implanted in rectal cancer.

銆€銆€Winter Health Food Six: Cabbage Cabbage Vitamin C content is 3 of the tomato.

5 times, the calcium content is twice that of cucumber.

Cabbage also contains excessive amounts of trace elements such as molybdenum and manganese, which are essential raw materials for the production of enzymes, hormones and other active substances.

It can promote the metabolism of human body and is very beneficial to children’s growth and development.

Its large amount of vitamin C can enhance the body’s ability to fight cancer.

銆€銆€Winter Health Food Seven: Sweet potato Sweet potato is a nutritious and rich food in food.

Can supply a large amount of sugar, mucus protein, vitamin A and vitamin C in the human body, so it has the effects of nourishing deficiency, benefiting Qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, strengthening kidney yin and stomach, warming the stomach and benefiting the lungs.

Therefore, eating sweet potatoes often prevents connective tissue atrophy in the liver and kidneys and prevents collagen disease.

銆€銆€Winter health food eight: celery Chinese medicine believes that celery is cool, Pinggan Jianwei, sweet and spicy, invert sugar, protein, carotene, vitamin C, amino acids, etc., can excite the central nervous system, more diet, can promote gastric secretionIncrease appetite and have an astringent effect.Celery can be fried with dried fragrant and shredded pork, with bright colors and a fragrant taste.

銆€銆€Winter Health Food 9: Cauliflower flowers are rich in vitamins.

Every 200 grams of fresh cauliflower can provide adults with more than 75% of the vitamin a needed for a day’s diet.

Its vitamin C content is more prominent, up to 80 mg per 100 grams, 3 times higher than common soybean sprouts, Chinese cabbage?
4 times, 2 times higher than vitamins.

銆€銆€Winter health food 10: Chinese cabbage believes that Chinese cabbage has nourishing stomach and medium, bitter and bitter cold, and smooth the stomach.

Cabbage is rich in vitamin C and calcium, and also contains phosphorus, iron, carotene and b vitamins.

There is also cabbage, that is, cabbage, bitter taste, can benefit the kidney, spleen and stomach, have analgesic effect on stomach and duodenal ulcer, and promote healing.

1 minute, let her reach the peak of sexual blessing

1 minute, let her reach the peak of “sexual blessing”

Men and women reach a climax together, sometimes they are less satisfied.
銆€銆€Usually both parties plan to let each other’s climax come together.
However, in fact, such a plan will make each other even more unsatisfied, because when a woman is about to reach a climax, she will be confused and unable to concentrate.
Therefore, it is best to let the woman freely discover the time of the arrival of the climax, rather than deliberately adjust or control it.
After a woman reaches a climax, a man can immediately reach a climax or wait a little longer.
銆€銆€Men and women reach a climax together, although they will concentrate on a strong pleasure, but the excitement of men will disappear immediately, and the intimacy between them will suddenly disappear.
銆€銆€This minute women are still enjoying the full excitement of men.
But it will disappear in the next minute.
Similarly, when a man is enjoying his thrill of excitement, he also loses the opportunity to experience all the pleasures of a woman.
Before the men’s climax, he can still feel the excitement of the woman’s slowly intensifying. When his climax comes, he is too focused on his own intensity, so that he can’t feel the excitement of the woman and her right.His love.

Learn to use the biological clock daily best slimming timetable _1


Learn to use the biological clock daily best slimming timetable

Learn to use the biological clock, the best daily slimming timetable.

There is a saying in the old saying: no rules are not square.

Some people work hard and lose weight. Some people seem to be lazy, but they can easily lose weight.

In fact, as long as you take advantage of the body’s own metabolic schedule, you can easily get rid of your stomach.

Come and learn how to make your weight loss schedule!

銆€銆€There is a saying in the old saying: no rules are not square.
Some people work hard and lose weight. Some people seem to be lazy, but they can easily lose weight.
In fact, daily living, diet, activities, sleep, etc. will affect the body’s metabolism.

As long as you do the right thing at the right time, you can easily lose weight.

Recently, the “Rodale Life Network” listed “Best Slimming Timetable” to teach you how to effectively lose weight.

銆€銆€AM6:00-8:00: Do sports and walk downstairs.

Active body should be active within half an hour after getting up.

Because the air floats in the morning, the negative oxygen ions are less, the blood circulation of the human body is slower, and the bones and muscles are not fully stretched, so it is not suitable for outdoor sports and tilting exercise in the early morning.

You can do some soothing yoga exercises and stretching exercises at home to help you lose weight and lose weight.

Morning exercises can help the body burn more effectively, no need to do high-intensity exercise, walk around the community.

銆€銆€AM7:00-9:00: Drink 2 glasses of water.

Drink at least 2 glasses of water after getting up (about 227 ml per cup).

Studies have shown that drinking water can reduce the weight of people who drink less than 5 pounds (about 2).

3 kg).

In the morning, the metabolism is strong, and adults are not easy to accumulate. It is necessary to take advantage of this opportunity to accumulate energy and even avoid eating too much at lunch.

For breakfast, choose protein-rich foods including eggs, yogurt, fresh fruit and oatmeal.

銆€銆€AM10:00-11:00: Have a cup of hot tea.

The brain’s high blood pressure and thirst center are located in the hypothalamus. If you mistake your thirst for obesity, you can easily eat junk food.

This breaks down a cup of hot tea or coffee to both quench your thirst and maintain a more continuous satiety.

銆€銆€AM11:00-13:00: 30 minutes before and after good lunch, it can prevent the nutrient accumulation in the food and turn into sputum.

One hour before lunch, you can drink a glass of water to help digestion and create a feeling of fullness.

It is recommended that lunch should be balanced and balanced. Chicken and fish, vegetables and fruits are good choices.

During this time, the body is in a burnout period and is not suitable for exercise. Just take a walk 30 minutes after a meal.

This can lower blood sugar and help digestion in the stomach.

銆€銆€PM14:00: Take a nap.

Napping 15?
20 minutes, the body can be quickly charged without affecting nighttime sleep, helping to maintain normal metabolism.

銆€銆€PM16:00-20:00: You can eat some fruits and vegetables, both to replenish your energy and to suppress the appetite for dinner.

Do some aerobic exercise.

This level of body function is best, beneficial to strengthen muscles, is the ideal time for strength training and aerobic exercise.

The study found that at this time, fitness is better than earlier exercise, and muscle can increase by 22%.

It is best to keep running for more than 3 times a week, each time for 30 to 60 minutes.

This will not only help to get rid of excess meat, but also the fatigue caused by exercise can effectively promote sleep and indirectly strengthen the slimming effect.
If conditions permit, you can use this time to jump a weight loss exercise. It is recommended to choose a different exercise every day, so that you can lose weight without feeling bored.
After exercising, you should lie flat for 10 minutes to relax your abdomen to prevent muscle buildup.

銆€銆€PM15:00-19:00: Have dinner.

To ensure that you don’t wake up in the middle of the night, you should add a healthy meal such as flaxseed and fish oil to your dinner.

銆€銆€PM20:00-21:00: Have a cup of yogurt.

You can eat low-fat yogurt before going to bed, which can prepare for the subsequent fasting, and also secrete melatonin in the brain to improve sleep quality.

Do not eat after 21 o’clock in the evening. It is the easiest to gain weight when eating at this time. You must force yourself to develop habits. Over time, your body will gradually become thinner.

銆€銆€PM21:00-21:30: “Power off”.

After 21 o’clock, away from television, computers and mobile phones, the blue light they emit is prone to sleep.

You can read a book, take a shower, dim the bedroom lights, etc. before going to bed.

銆€銆€PM21: 30-23:00: Ready to sleep.

Sleeping and getting up every day helps to maintain a higher quality of sleep, and slimming will be more successful.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment for summer stomach discomfort


Traditional Chinese medicine treatment for summer stomach discomfort

Guide: The weather is getting hotter and hotter, the moisture is increasing, it is easy to have indigestion, flatulence and other gastrointestinal discomfort, what should I do?

The following small series introduces a small coup to treat summer stomach discomfort: the coup for the treatment of loss of appetite: Wumei Chenpi tea material: 3 grams of ebony, 5 grams of dried tangerine peel and Amomum villosum.

Efficacy: ebony can relieve heat and fluid, vomit and promote appetite; Chenpi qi and spleen, help digestion; spleen and dampness, warm spleen appetite and diarrhea.

The role of Zusanli Point: regulating spleen and stomach function, promoting appetite and helping digestion.

Position: Deviate to the outside with a depression of about four fingers.

According to the law: use the fingertips to insert a circular pattern, with a feeling of soreness, 15 times a day, press 2 per day?

3 times.

The trick to cure indigestion: Musk Atractylodes tea material: Musk, Atractylodes, Bupleurum 5 grams each.

Efficacy: Musk relieves gastrointestinal motility rupture; Atractylodes spleen and stomach, benefit Qi and dampness; Bupleurum helps to relieve liver and qi.

The role of the acupoints: and stomach gas, pain, improve indigestion, stomach pain, abdominal bloating.

Location: 4 fingers wide above the navel.

According to the law: use the fingertips to insert a circular pattern, with a feeling of soreness, 15 times a day, press 2 per day?

3 times.
The trick to cure bloating nausea: Houpu Banxia drink material: Magnolia, Pinellia, 5 grams each.

Efficacy: Magnolia can make the stomach and stomach, phlegm and dampness; Pinellia can remove moisture in the body;

Function of Fenglong Point: Strengthening spleen and dampness, promoting metabolism, relieving flatulence and snoring.

Position: The middle point of the wiring outside the main shaft and the wiring above the foot.

According to the law: use the fingertips to insert a circular pattern, with a feeling of soreness, 15 times a day, press 2 per day?

3 times.
The trick to cure the bowel movements is: the solid almond material: tamping, clam shell, almond powder 5 grams each.

Efficacy: spleen into the spleen, stomach, large intestine, can clear heat and laxative; clam shell enhances gastrointestinal motility, qi and swell, almonds and intestines, used to improve intestinal dry constipation.

The role of water hole: qi and swelling, promote metabolism, improve constipation.

Location: about one finger wide above the navel.

According to the law: use the fingertips to insert a circular pattern, with a feeling of soreness, 15 times a day, press 2-3 times a day.

Tips: Tea drinking practice: You can add the medicine to the commercially available tea bag or halogen bag, put it into the heat preservation pot and add 500 liters of hot water for 10 minutes, you can back 1-2 times, drink the same day, many times.limit.