[How long does it take to stew rock sugar?]_ 冰 粮 _How to make

[How long does it take to stew rock sugar?]_ 冰 粮 _How to make

It is believed that many people have heard of the medicinal effect of Zhilu on the human body, and it can play a very obvious cough suppressing effect.

The main method of this loquat is to add raw loquat to the boiled sugar and cook it. When it is boiled, it becomes loquat.

In this way, in the process of making stewed ravioli with sugar, there is a great demand on one’s skills. How many people will have stewed ravioli with rock sugar for a long time when in doubt?

What is the effect of stewed rock sugar? The effect of stewed rock sugar: The organic acids contained in stewed rock sugar can stimulate the secretion of the digestive glands, improve appetite, help digestion and absorption, and quench thirst and relieve heat.Almonds are single, which can nourish the lungs, relieve cough, expel phlegm, and treat various coughs; 枇杷 is rich in a variety of nutrients required by our body, so it is a fruit with extremely high nutritional health effects. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine,Weight loss should be based on strengthening the spleen, water, and phlegm, and 枇杷 is rich in these effects, so it is a good fruit for weight loss; 及 fruit and leaves have the effect of inhibiting the influenza virus, often eaten can prevent the four seasons cold.

The method of stewing rock sugar: simmer 400 grams, 30 grams of longan meat, cherries, green beans each, 50 grams of rock sugar, and an appropriate amount of rose sugar.


Wash the ravioli, cut it open with a knife, remove the core and peel, put it in a boiling water pot for a while, remove it with a colander, and put it in cold boiling water.

Add longan meat to warm boiling water, remove it and add to the bowl.


Add heat to the wok, add water, and boil the rock sugar. After the rock sugar dissolves, add the cherry, longan meat, green beans, rose sugar, and simmered meat. Boil it and bring it into the soup bowl to serve.

As a snack, eat as you like.

By understanding everyone’s understanding of the effect of stewed rock sugar, like children, the elderly can eat to condition the body, but for the elderly to determine whether there is too much disease before eating, because the originalIt contains a lot of sugar, let alone rock sugar, not to mention, if a friend with high blood sugar consumes it for a long time, it may cause diabetes.

[Binghua spinach and egg fried dumplings practice]_ Binghua spinach and egg fried dumplings common practice _ Binghua spinach and egg fried dumplings practice Daquan _ Binghua spinach and egg fried dumplings practice

[Binghua spinach and egg fried dumplings practice]_ Binghua spinach and egg fried dumplings common practice _ Binghua spinach and egg fried dumplings practice Daquan _ Binghua spinach and egg fried dumplings practice

Each of us wants to be healthy for myself and my family, and to maintain better health, diet is an important aspect that cannot be ignored. The practice of fried eggs with spinach and eggs is very simple. As long as you are willing to learn and master cooking skills, you canMake delicious and healthy food.

1. These are the required ingredients, eggs, crust, and spinach are ready!

2. Stir eggs with a little salt.

3. Add oil to the pot and heat to about 60%.

4. Pour the eggs and stir into pieces with chopsticks or shovel.

5. Those who do not like large pieces can be chopped with a knife!

Just like me.

6, add water to the pot and boil, then pour the washed spinach.

Cook for 1 minute.

7. Remove the ice and add it to the cold water.

The color will not change, and you will not be hot when you squeeze the water.

8. Pinch off excess water.

Put it on a cutting board!

9, chopped with a knife!

10, put eggs and spinach in the container, add salt, chicken powder, allspice powder, sesame oil!

11, stir the dumplings evenly!

12. After being wrapped, you can prepare for frying, (you can usually put some in the refrigerator, and it ‘s delicious when you cook it!)

) 13, preheat the cake stalls for one minute, brush with oil, put the dumplings and cover the case for about 3 minutes. Remember to open the shell and take a look.

14. My cake stalls turn yellow in two or three minutes, and I fry the sides.

15. Turn over again after two minutes and cover with shells.

16, while frying can take a bowl, add starch and water and stir well.

17, all flat, pour starch, cover with a layer for one minute.

Hearing the sound of popping la la la shows that it’s almost ready, wait a minute and you’re ready to cook.

18, all can be reversed when it comes out of the pan, my plate is not so big, I had to separate!

It’s easy to eat.

Office workers usually don’t have much time and energy to cook, it is good to learn a few simple alternatives.

The practice of fried dumplings with iced spinach and eggs is particularly simple, and office workers can choose.

[Can pregnant women eat Chuanbei]_ 川贝 _Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat Chuanbei]_ 川贝 _Pregnancy_Can I eat

Chuanbei can compress cough, phlegm and relieve asthma, as well as the function and effect of clearing heat and phlegm. For pregnant women, if some cold cough occurs, it is OK to eat some Chuanbei, but you should consultDoctors.

1. It can be eaten.

Chuanbei has the functions of nourishing the lungs, relieving cough, resolving phlegm, asthma, clearing heat and resolving phlegm. If cough or respiratory infection occurs during pregnancy, you can drink a moderate amount of Sydney, but take it under the guidance of a doctor.

2. Chuanbei has the effect of nourishing the lungs, relieving cough, resolving phlegm, asthma, clearing heat and resolving phlegm, and is used for fever cough, such as wind-heat cough, dry-heat cough, and lung fire cough.

Chuanbei has antitussive, expectorant, antihypertensive and antibacterial effects.

Indications Lung deficiency, chronic cough, exhaustion cough, dry and hot cough, dry cough with less phlegm, expectoration with blood, lung dysentery, dysentery, bloated, breast dysentery

3, Chuanbei generally do not have, but usually need to pay attention to the appropriate amount, and some pregnant women in special groups, children and the elderly should be under the guidance of a doctor.

It should be noted that Chuanbei is mainly applicable to cough caused by dryness, which is characterized by dry mouth, less thick sputum, yellow color, sore throat, or accompanied by fever and headache.

However, if it is a cold cough, it is very inconvenient to take Fritillaria chuanxiong powder as “aggravating the problem”.

If the mouth is light and not thirsty, itchy throat, mainly at night cough, thin phlegm, do not use.

[How to burn the best bird’s nest_How to cook delicious bird’s nest]

鐕曠獫鏄惀鍏讳环鍊兼瘮杈冧赴瀵岀殑婊嬭ˉ鍝佷箣涓€锛屾槸浜轰滑杩涜ˉ鐨勪笂涓婁箣閫夈€傜浉淇′笉灏A lot of things are going on, and there is a lot of information about how to do it, how to change it, how to change it, how to change it, how to change it, and how to change it.A little bit of sorrows or sorrows or fine sorrows or sorrows or sorrows or sorrels or sorrels or sorrels or sorrels or sorrels.湁杩欎簺鐜拌薄锛岄偅涔堢涓€娆$叜鍑烘潵鐨勭嚂绐濈殑鍛抽亾鍙兘涔熻繙娌℃湁閭d箞濂藉悆锛岄偅涔堢嚂绐濆埌搴曟€庝箞鐑ф渶濂斤紝濡備綍鐓嚂绐濆ソ鍚冿紝涓嬮潰灏变富瑕佷粙缁嶄竴涓嬨€傜嚂绐濈殑鍋氭硶澶ц嚧鍒嗘垚涓夋锛氭场銆佽檻銆佺倴銆傞鍏堬紝鐐栫嚂绐濈殑鏃跺€欎娇鐢ㄧ殑閿呮湁涓€绉嶄笓涓氱殑鐐栫泤锛岃€屼笖鐐栫嚂绐濈殑鏃跺€欐槸闇€瑕侀殧姘寸倴鐨勶紝杩欐牱鐐栧嚭Shou Newspaper Qing Zankuangxianjia Zhanxizhajian Tong Zhazengxiamo?.鍑嗗鐕曠獫涓€鐩忥紝9鍏嬪彲3浠斤紝21鍏嬪彲浠ュ垎涓冧唤銆?澶囨敞锛氱函澶╃劧鐕曠獫鍛堟贰榛勮壊锛屽共搴﹁秺骞茶秺鏄鹃粍锛屾按鍒嗚緝澶氥€佸ご鐕曞憟鍋忕櫧鑹层€The uncle and the uncle are succumbing to the Latin amines and the uncles of the Han dynasty, the uncles, the uncles, the uncles, the uncles, the uncles, the uncles, the uncles, the uncles, the uncles, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people, and the people.Sorry 2.啓 ╂According to the Xianxuan field, 鐕 Kuang Yan 4 濏 夔 宸 ﹀ 彸 銆?澶囨敞锛氫汉宸ュ埛鑳剁殑鐕曠獫琛ㄩ潰鏈変竴灞傝兌锛屾墍浠ユ场鍙戝線寰€闇€瑕佸叓灏忔椂浠ヤ笂鎵嶈兘鍙戣捣鏉ワ紝鑰屼笖鍙戝ご灏忋€傛墍浠ユ场鍙戞椂闂翠篃鏄楠岀嚂绐濇槸鍚﹀埛鑳剁殑鏂规硶涔嬩竴)娉″彂鏄寚鐢ㄥ噳姘存潵娴稿彂鐕曠獫锛屼娇鐢ㄥ噣鍖栬蒋姘淬€佺函鍑€姘村拰鐧藉紑姘撮兘鍙互銆傚搧璐ㄨ秺濂界殑鐕曠獫锛屾蹈鍙戝悗鐨勪綋绉秺澶с€傚鐕曡竟銆佺嚂瑙掍緷鐒惰繃纭彲鍓笅缁х画娴告场銆傜嚂绐濆拰姘寸殑姣斾緥涓?Adze?0 tweezers?Adze?0銆傛场鍙戠巼鏄 閲忕嚂绐濆搧璐ㄤ紭鍔g殑鏈€鍩烘湰鐗瑰緛锛岃濡傚浗鍐呯殑鐭ュ悕鑰?粗 岀 .涓撮棬鐕曠獫锛屽叾鍙戝ご寰€寰€鍙互杈惧埌7鍊嶄互涓娿€傚垏蹇岋細1銆佷笉瑕佺敤鑷潵姘存蹈娉★紝The award of argon is not good enough?銆佹俯姘寸敋鑷崇儹姘存蹈娉¢兘浼氭崯鍧忎娇鐕曠獫鐨勮惀鍏绘垚鍒嗐€?銆佹场鍙戝洓灏忔椂宸﹀彸锛屽彂澶村凡杈句竷鍊嶅乏鍙炽€?叉 “囜 囦 另 珃 鏄  南 岀 嚐 翐 濆 ソ 鍏 协 描 描 氏 尼 嫼 呴 鑸?The chains are intertwined with each other?鐕 黃 猃 椤 Hong 滾 绾 Kui 鎾 垚 鏉 駉 姾 姾 嘾 瘮 評 冨 卄 幫 湴 揂?How is it?鈙  敤 鍓  品 鍓  紑 犆 Effectiveness: Effectiveness and RelevanceEffectivenessEffectivenessEffectiveness钖庤偗瀹氫細鏈夋瀬灏戠粏姣涳紝娓呮礂鏃舵妸鍙戝紑鐨勭嚂绐濈敤鎵嬪厖鍒嗘悡寮€(鎾曟垚鏉$姸)锛岄噷闈㈢殑灏忔瘺鍜屾潅璐ㄩ兘浼氳窇鍑烘潵锛岀嚂姣涗細娴湪涓婇潰锛岃€屾潅璐ㄥ垯娌夋穩鍦ㄦ按搴曪紝鎹㈡按澶氬啿娲椾袱閬嶅嵆鍙紝涔熷彲浠ョ敤闀婂瓙鎶婄嚂姣涘拰鏉傝川鎸戝共鍑€銆傛场鍙戝ソ鐨勭嚂绐濇斁鍦ㄨ檻鏂椾笂闈㈠皢姘存播骞层€?銆佸皢娴搁€忓悗鐨勭嚂绐濇斁鍏ョ倴鐩呭唴鍔犲叆閫傞噺鐑粴姘寸洊濂斤紝鍐嶅皢鐐栫泤鏀惧叆閿呭唴锛屾敞鍏ョ儹婊氭按锛屾按浣嶈嚦鐐栫泤楂樺害鐨勪竴鍗婏紝鐒跺悗鐢ㄦ參鐏倴30鍒嗛挓銆?涓€)鍙栦竴涓ぇ涓嶉攬閽㈤攨锛岃姹傜洿寰勪笉灏忎簬30鍘樼背锛岄珮涓嶄綆Bang?5鍘樼背銆傛斁鍗婇攨姘淬€傛斁鍦ㄧ倝涓娿€?Bang?鐢ㄤ竴涓倴鐕曠獫鐨勯挼瀛愶紝鏀捐繘涓€娆″垰澶熷悆鍒嗛噺鐨勬按銆傚湪涓嶉攬閽㈤攨閲屾斁涓婅捀绗兼灦锛岄珮搴︿负閽靛瓙鏀捐繘澶ч攨鏃讹紝鏈変竴鍗婇珮搴︽槸娴告场鍦ㄥぇ閿呮按閲屻€?Trickle?涓€娆′唤閲忕殑鐕曠獫鏀捐繘閽靛瓙閲岋紝鐩栦笂鐩栧瓙銆?Perseverance?鎵撳紑鐐夌伀锛岀敤涓伀寮€濮嬬儳銆?浜?I am afraid of falling down, and I am afraid that I will be able to distinguish between those who are afraid of the situation and those who are afraid of the situation.銆?Arrogant?濡傛灉澶╂皵澶喎锛屽彲浠ュ湪閿呯洊涓婂姞涓€涓ゆ潯姣涘肪淇濇寔娓╁害銆?Trickle?I ‘m not sure what to do, but what ‘s more, I ‘m not sure what to do. I ‘m not sure what to do. I ‘m afraid that I ‘m afraid of each other.宜 宸 民 鍙 Ee 攗 锽 Cang dribbled ソ) 銆?Arrogant?Shackles?0鍒嗛挓鏈€浣?(Don’t you want to sing?)銆?Sorrow?鍑嗘椂鐔勭伀锛岀劧鍚庡彇鍑哄悗绋嶅噳灏卞彲浠ヤ韩鐢ㄣ€?

[Grilled eggplant with tomato sauce]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[Grilled eggplant with tomato sauce]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Ketchup is a kind of food from Italy, but when we eat a lot of food in China, we can add some ketchup, and the taste will be better. Some people use tomato sauce to prepare the eggplant because it is normal.The taste of roasted eggplant is sour and sweet, and the taste of ketchup we eat is also sour and sweet, so there is no need to worry about making soup of roasted eggplant. So, is the roasted eggplant made of tomato sauce delicious?

To make this dish, use half a catty eggplant and one tomato is OK. 1. The eggplant is cut into a triangular shape with a hob. If you cut it a little longer in the pot, it wo n’t become a pancake.The fire is softened in the pot, and the oil is only about 15-20 grams. The garlic does not need to be put in first, because garlic contains sugar, it will form a “芡” when it is first put into the pot, which will affect the appearance.Enter 4, then add sugar, soy sauce, and salt in sequence. Note: Put sugar first before salt, because salt is easier to taste than sugar. For Chinese taste, the mouth is salty and the aftertaste is sweet. This is the best.5. Cover the pot, and simmer for a minute on low heat. Note: Do not add water during the eggplant burning process. Eggplant and tomato are fine. Adding water will affect the taste!

Ingredients: 3 eggplants (peeled), half tomatoes, the other half eaten raw, one bell pepper (to be small), 10 grams of soy sauce, 20 grams of white sugar, 5 grams of salt, least MSG, onion, ginger,Fresh garlic in moderation.

Method: 1. Cut eggplant, tomato, bell pepper into hob pieces.

Chop ginger, mince garlic, add soy sauce, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, starch, and mix well with water.

2. Put the oil in the wok, don’t put too much oil, just about the same amount of oil as the ordinary cooking.

Since eggplants are more “eating” oil at first, be sure to heat slowly and heat the oil.

And you have to turn it around, you can hardly stop the shovel, or turn it around, wait until the eggplant looks yellow and soft, turn it slowly.

Slowly turn it, but you have to turn it. The trick of burning eggplant is not to get tired of it.

When the eggplant becomes very rotten, add tomatoes and bell peppers. Of course, if you do n’t like two things, you can just leave the eggplant in.

Then add the seasoning, because there is starch in the high seasoning, so wait for it to collect the soup, not too thick

[Can pregnant women eat toon]_ Recommended diet

[Can pregnant women eat toon]_ Recommended diet

Everyone should know and know the existence of toon. Everyone should understand the existence of toon more clearly. Everyone should know about delicious things like toon. Can pregnant women eat toon?

Many people deserve to understand the existence of toon well. Eating toon is very important for anyone. People must clearly understand the existence of toon. Maybe we should understand toon at any time.

For Toon we have to analyze it more carefully.

The special smell of toon makes it difficult for many people to accept. Everyone should carefully understand the nutritional content of toon. After clearing these ingredients, someone will know whether toon is suitable for pregnant women.

Everyone should know Toon well. Pregnant women eating Toon is definitely a good thing for everyone. Sometimes people must carefully analyze whether Toon is suitable for pregnant women.

In fact, pregnant women can eat toon. Pregnant women eating toon can enhance people’s appetite, can achieve the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, and skin care. In addition to these, toon also contains vitamins and estrogen substances, so it will be very veryTonic and nourishing yin, many infertility patients are using toon to help pregnancy.

Of course, women can eat some during pregnancy.

However, some people need to know that toon is cold, and try to eat less in early pregnancy, because everyone knows that sometimes early in pregnancy is not very stable. At this time, eating more cold food may cause miscarriage, of course.There are no major problems in the middle and late stages.

Can pregnant women eat toon?

I believe that people have been very clear in their lives. Perhaps too many problems in people’s lives should be understood by everyone. We must understand Toon very clearly in our lives.

Toon allows us to taste delicious, and of course pregnant women must not miss these delicious.

People need to understand the deliciousness of toon in their lives, and whether pregnant women can eat it should also pay more attention to it.

[Does n’t eating amaranth affect the human body?]_ Danger_Bad

[Does n’t eating amaranth affect the human body?]_ Danger_Bad

The daily diet of the human body must be balanced in nutrition. Whether it is meat or vegetables, fruits and other foods cannot be picky. Many people do not eat amaranth for a long time to lose weight. This has a certain impact on the health of the body.Insufficient protein will cause the body’s resistance to decrease, which will also affect the absorption of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine is also easily dysregulated, and some also suffer from stones.

Does not eating amaranth usually affect the human body?


Resulting in a lack of protein in the human body Although some plants also contain a large amount of protein, such as high-protein plants such as soybeans, but compared to the protein required by the human body, the protein contained in the plant is far from sufficient, and the plant containsCompared with animal protein, the protein is more difficult for human body to absorb and digest.

Second, the human body lacks some vitamins. If you do not eat meat for a long time, you will not be able to obtain enough fat-soluble vitamins. Fat-soluble vitamins refer to the vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E that are not easy to break down water.Wait, the lack of these vitamins will cause the body’s immunity to decline, resulting in dry and rough human skin, making people prone to complications such as osteoporosis.

Therefore, not eating meat for a long time is a kind of harm to the body, and may even cause diseases of the human body and threaten human health and safety.

Third, the lack of trace elements in the human body. Meat also contains many essential trace elements, such as iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, etc. Although the plant also contains a certain amount of trace elements, it is far worse than meat, if you do not eat meat for a long timeEating food will cause the human body to lack these two trace elements, and the plant contains oxalic acid and other substances, which will cause the body to absorb iron and other elements, which will cause iron deficiency anemia, osteoporosis and other problems, threatening human health.

4. Hormone secretion disorders The hormone secretion in the human body is inseparable from the raw material of the aunt. If you do not eat meat for a long time, it will cause the body to absorb slightly less, leading to insufficient raw materials for hormone secretion, which will affect the secretion of female estrogen and causeIrregular menstruation, infertility and other symptoms can even accelerate human aging.

Fifth, make people susceptible to stones. People who eat vegetarian food for a long time without meat can easily cause stones. The reason is that the oxalic acid contained in plants will combine with calcium in the human body to produce stones; meanwhile, vitamin A, vitaminsE is also one of the reasons for the stone.

It can be seen from this that long-term non-eating of meat is extremely harmful to the human body.

Only a balanced diet can keep your body healthy.

Therefore, everyone should eat meat according to their own conditions, and some people need to eat meat instead of avoiding meat.

The following categories of people are advised not to resist eating meat.

[How to make braised pork is more fragrant_How to make braised pork is simple, fragrant and delicious]

[How to make braised pork is more fragrant_How to make braised pork is simple, fragrant and delicious]

There are many techniques to make the marinated meat special. First, make the marinated soup. Whether the marinated soup is done well or not, it directly determines whether the marinated meat is particularly fragrant. It is not necessary for the family to make it.Trouble, you can choose some special seasonings to make. In addition, fried sugar color is also more important. You can put some stewed foods, such as dried tofu, eggs, and so on.

How to make marinated meat and make it more fragrant. Home-made marinated meat: Buy the meat, wash it, cut it into the size of a matchbox, and put it in a hot pot until there is no moisture.

First add a large piece of rock sugar (white sugar is also acceptable), stir fry slowly, until the sugar has completely melted, wrapped in the meat, the meat is shiny, add a little soy sauce (for color emphasis), and then add soy sauce.

Stir well so that each piece of meat is evenly covered with soy sauce.

ui At this time, throw a piece of crushed ginger into the pot, cut a whole onion into pieces, take four or five cloves, one or two aniseed (octagonal), casually pull and sizzle, the fragrance comes out, Boil a little wine, add water without meat to the fun.

Open the fire, boil, turn to low heat, cover it, and simmer it for less than an hour. The water in the pot is almost dry, and you can serve it.

First taste the taste, if it is sweet and salty, you can take the soup and serve it.

The production methods of several other special braised meats: 1. A simple method for frying braised meat in sauce: Ingredients: 200 grams of pork belly, 10 grams of ginger, garlic, and onion.

2 bottles of brine, 10 grams of XO sauce, and grams of sesame oil.

Production process: 1. Brine is boiled in a pot, pork belly is washed, cut into large strips, put in brine, cooked until cooked, pick up slices, chopped ginger, garlic and chopped onion.

2. Add oil to the wok, add ginger, garlic, shabu-shabu, and stir-fry with braised pork until golden.

3. When the braised pork is fried until golden, add XO sauce, stir-fry the shallots and drizzle with sesame oil to serve.

Second, the practice of braised pork 1, a pound of beautiful pork belly, cut into thin slices for spare 2, oil in a wok, heat the oil, add garlic slices and peppercorns, then fry the pork belly 3, the nextOne star anise, one grass fruit, one piece of cinnamon, pour some old soy sauce, add salt, sugar and stir-fry 4, add enough water, and simmer on low heat for more than an hour until the pork belly is simmered.

[Hot pot chicken practice and ingredients]_Production method_Recipe

銆 愮 伀 阌 呌 咫 咫 咛 咉 倫 嶆 嶆 抆 銆 銆 鍔 Duo 珔 珔 珂 珔 _ 閰 嶆 楠
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[Can tofu and bitter gourd be eaten together]_Food Conditioning_Diet Matching

[Can tofu and bitter gourd be eaten together]_Food Conditioning_Diet Matching

In daily life, bitter gourd and tofu are very common foods, which are very rich in nutrients. Regular consumption is also very good for people’s health. Whether bitter gourd or tofu are eaten in many ways, it ‘s just bitter gourd.Bitter, some people may not be used to eating, but the nutritional value of bitter gourd is very high. Many people like to mix bitter gourd with tofu when eating bitter gourd. Can tofu and bitter gourd be eaten together?

Can tofu and bitter gourd be eaten together?

Bitter gourd and tofu can be eaten together.

Tofu nourishes and neutralizes, refreshes, moistens dryness, clears heat and detoxifies.

Indications of red eyes, thirst and other symptoms.

Bitter melon contains substances similar to insulin, which has a significant effect on lowering blood sugar, and is a top-quality food for the summer in diabetes.

Both bitter gourd and tofu have heat-clearing and detoxifying effects. When combined, they have the effects of clearing heat and removing annoyance, and adding calcium and blood pressure.

Suitable for patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, osteoporosis.

How to eat bitter gourd and tofu How to eat bitter gourd tofu Ingredients: bitter gourd 150 g, pork (lean) 100 g, tofu 400 g, rice wine 8 g, salt 4 g, sesame oil 5 g, MSG 2 g, soy sauce3 grams each amount.

Method: 1. Chop pork into pieces, add wine, soy sauce, sesame oil, and water starch for 10 minutes; 2. Cook the raw oil slightly to cool down; 3. Disperse the minced meat, add bitter gourd slices and stir fry several times; 4, pourPut in boiling water, push in tofu cubes, shred with a spoon, season and boil, thinly stir-fry, drizzle with sesame oil (sesame oil) and serve!

Tofu bitter gourd cup material: bitter gourd, tofu, wolfberry, salt, pepper.

Method: 1. Wash the bitter gourd, cut into 1-2 cm wide round segments, clean the melon in the middle, put it in boiling water and take it out for later use.

2. Take a small piece of tofu, wash it, add boiling water to stir it, take out the mud, add salt and pepper powder and stir well; soak the wolfberry in a soft reserve.

3. Fill the bitter gourd with tofu stuffing, lightly squeeze it, and then garnish a goji berry in the middle, put it into a boiling water steamer, steam over medium heat until the material is broken.

4. After taking it out, you can make a loquat juice and pour it on the bitter gourd cup.

Bitter gourd and what is a good match 1, bitter gourd and eggplant bitter gourd have the effect of reducing fatigue, clearing eyesight, nourishing qi and yang, and delaying aging. Eggplant has pain relief and blood circulation, clearing heat and swelling, dissolving pain and diuresis, and preventing blood vessel rupture, calming blood pressure, and pain reliefEffects such as hemoptysis, the combination of the two is an ideal part for cardiovascular patients.

2, bitter gourd and chicken wings bitter gourd and chicken wings paired with food, have heat and detoxification, spleen appetizer and other effects.

Suitable for chronic gastritis and chronic hepatitis patients.

3. Bitter melon contained in bitter gourd and pork bitter gourd not only can promote appetite, diuretic and blood circulation, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, fatigue relief, clear mind, and is a powerful anti-cancer substance.

Bitter gourd matches pork, which has the functions of clearing away heat and relieving summer heat, and detoxifying eyesight. It is suitable for body heat and thirst, summer fever, excessive fever, and conjunctivitis.

4, bitter melon and pig liver pig liver taste bitter temperature, can nourish the liver, nourish blood, eyesight.

Pork liver is rich in vitamin A, which can inhibit the growth of vitamins, and cells that have differentiated into cancer cells return to normal.

And bitter gourd also has a certain anti-cancer effect. They are reasonably matched with each other and supplemented by skills. Regular consumption is good for anti-cancer.