Master skincare techniques to make beauty easier

Master skincare techniques to make beauty easier

As a woman, you must recognize your own facial problems. Acne, moisturizing, sun protection, whitening, and anti-aging are required courses for facial care.

So, how can we make the pink and delicate face never fade?

Xiaobian Life is here to provide you with all kinds of beauty and skin care information, so that the beautiful face is always there, so that your youth will always be permanent!


hzh {display: none; }  淋巴排毒顺序  清晨醒来时,镜中的肌肤质感光滑又明净–这都是淋巴排毒的结果:平躺时,由鼻中线起,毒素顺着循环向脸的两边Mobile exclusion.
Follow the direction of facial lymphatic detoxification, from top to bottom, the three areas of the entire face, upper and lower forehead, facial jaw and chin; with the nose as the middle length, insert it on both sides sequentially.

  Makeup remover: first warm the makeup remover in the palm, activate it, then tilt it from the top to the bottom, and tilt it to the sides from the nose. After absorbing it on the forehead, face, jaw, and chin, then gently block it with the palm.Remove makeup and oil from pores.

  Cleansing Foam: Use warm water to make foam in the palm of your hand, and use the foam on the surface to clean the skin in a circular manner (use the foam to make the circular sliding movement, try not to pull the skin), then rinse with water.

  Eye cream: The eye is the thinnest part of the skin and no sweat glands.

Therefore, be sure to use eye cream before the face cream, otherwise oily particles may be generated.

Depending on the essence, it depends on whether the specific product can be applied to the eyes: if it is an essence that can be used on the eyes, use it before the eye cream.

With a rice-sized eye cream, use your middle finger and ring finger (the two lightest fingers) to gently extend the inner corner of the eye and press it. You can make a circular motion, but the amplitude and intensity must be small.

  Essence, cream: follow the direction of facial lymphatic detox, tilt from the nose to both sides, smear the entire face across the forehead, jaw and chin, and then gently pull the cream in the above direction with your palmJust fine.

Night cream and serum can be massaged a little.

  Eye Makeup Remover: Cover the eyes with two makeup sheets dipped into the eye makeup remover / liquid, and gently wipe with both hands. After warming, gently wipe off the eye shadow, eyeliner and other makeup from top to bottom.

Then put the cotton pad under your eyes, use the cotton pad to dip the eye makeup remover, comb it carefully, and clean the mascara residue.

  Toner: Gently patting the toner on the bladder with your palm may feel more comfortable and not wasteful, but this way does not best absorb the toner on the entire sheet.

The correct way is: start from the center of the forehead with the cotton pad soaked in toner, and tilt it to the left and right with the midline of the nose as the top and bottom across the entire face.

In this way, even the eye socket area can fully enjoy the cleansing and moisturizing effect of the toner.

  Skin care milk / cream: If you want the skin to better absorb moisturizing products, it is very effective to push the pores from the bottom to the top.

First apply the cream on the chin, the two jaws, the forehead and the tip of the nose, and then start from the chin in a circular motion slowly upward, through the nose, to the forehead; and then spread the cream on the cheeks from the sides of the mouth up.

If it is an emulsion, you can make better use of the palm and adhere evenly over a large area.

For soothing fragrance products, this method allows the nose with sensitive nose to enjoy the fragrance soothing first.

  Foundation: Sometimes after using the foundation, the eyes may overlap with lumps-this is most likely related to the application of the foundation.

Because the pores open downward when vertical, the top-down approach causes the foundation to better cover the pores, and also plays a protective role.

First, squeeze the foundation on the back of the hand outside the base of the thumb to let the temperature change emulsify and the brakes to absorb evenly.

Then use your fingers to place the foundation on your chin, under your cheekbones, forehead and nose.

Without the help of a professional makeup artist, a dedicated sponge is the best choice.

The foundation on the forehead and nose is smoothed from top to bottom; the foundation under the cheekbones is spread to the two jaws diffusely (this keeps the thickest part of the foundation under the cheekbones): the chin is also top to bottomApply evenly.

Chinese medicine treatment of infertility after abortion is effective

Chinese medicine treatment of infertility after abortion is effective

There are many causes of secondary infertility in women. Traditional Chinese medicine has different treatments for infertility caused by various reasons.

  Yaner is 32 years old and still has no freshmen.

In fact, Yaner was pregnant with a child 4 years ago, but due to her unstable work, she talked with her husband and went on to have a flow of people.

After a year, she wanted a child, but she couldn’t be pregnant.

Yaner would like to know if there is a good treatment for Chinese medicine.

  Both spouses have normal sexual life, have had a pregnancy, and have not had contraception, and have not been conceived for more than 2 years in a row. TCM calls this “broken thread.”

  There are many causes of secondary infertility in women. Traditional Chinese medicine has different treatments for infertility caused by various reasons.
  Infertility caused by ovulation disorders and corpus luteum insufficiency is often secondary to repeated abortions.

The clinical symptoms are mostly kidney deficiency, rare menstruation, amenorrhea, shortened menstrual cycle and other irregular menstruation.

  To proceed, traditional Chinese medicine artificial cycle therapy can be used.

At present, the principles of traditional Chinese medicine artificial cycle therapy and drug selection principles are not the same in various hospitals, but they are often combined with the conversion of yin and yang in different periods of the menstrual cycle (late menstrual period, intermenstrual period, premenstrual period, menstrual period).The principle of nourishing kidney and nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, and nourishing kidney.

The specific applications are as follows: ◇ The late menstrual period is the follicular phase, about 5-12 days of the menstrual cycle. Follicle-stimulating soup can be selected: cooked land, white peony, angelica, wolfberry, purple river carp, Polygonum multiflorum, Ejiao 10 grams each, Chuanxiong 6Grams, Cuscuta chinensis, Raspberry, Schisandra chinensis 15 grams each, decocted, taken orally twice a day, 1 dose daily to nourish the kidney and nourish blood, and promote follicular development.

  ◇ The menstrual period is the ovulation period, about the 12-16 days of the menstrual cycle. Ovulation-promoting soup can be selected: cooked ground, white peony, angelica, pangolin, incense, and 10 grams each, and 6 grams chuanxiong., Wang Buluoxing 20 grams each, salvia miltiorrhiza, Achyranthes bidentata, 15 grams each of Cuscuta chinensis, decoction, oral 2 times, 1 dose per day, to promote blood circulation, warming the meridian, promoting the occurrence of ovulation.

  ◇ The pre-menstrual period is the luteal phase, about the 17th to 28th days of the menstrual cycle, and you can choose luteinizing soup: cooked ground, dodder, antlers cream, epimedium, amethyst, parasitic 15 grams each, angelica, angelica, cinnamon, continuedBroken, Artemisia spp., Morinda officinalis L. each being 10 grams, Chuanxiong 6 grams, decoction, taken orally twice a day, 1 dose per day to warm the kidneys and help Yang, and promote corpus luteum function.

  ◇ The menstrual period is supplemented by peach red Siwu decoction: cooked ground, white peony, chuanxiong, angelica, peach kernel, safflower, incense stick, coriander shell, 10 grams each of black medicine, salvia miltiorrhiza, achyranthes bidentata 15 grams, Polygonum multiflorum, chicken blood rattan each20 grams, motherwort 30 grams, decoction, orally divided into two doses, 1 dose per day, to regulate menstruation with blood circulation, so that the menstrual flow is smooth, qi and blood circulation.

  In addition, if the person is obese, under the guidance of a doctor, you should also add dry and phlegm-reducing products, such as bile Nanxing, Chenpi, Pinellia ternata, silkworm sand, and atractylodes each 10 grams, added to the above prescriptions, togetheruse.

  Infertility caused by tubal tuberculosis is mostly secondary to pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, and pelvic surgery. The clinical manifestations are abdominal pain, excessive leucorrhea, and dysmenorrhea. Before treatment, uterine tubal iodine oil imaging should be performed.Surgery to understand the uterus, fallopian tube morphology, and fallopian tube reduction position and extent.

  For this situation, traditional Chinese medicine mostly adopts comprehensive therapy, taking Guizhi Fuling capsules, Xuefu Zhuyu capsules, and Chinese medicine enema (honeysuckle vine, sage grass, coix seed 30 grams each, red rattan, chicken blood vine, Sichuan achyranthes15 grams each, Wang Lu left the line, Lulutong, 20 grams each of soap sticks, angelica, red peony, Puhuang 10 grams each), iontophoresis, intrauterine injection and other methods, generally need to treat 3-6 menstrual cycles.
  Immune infertility such as menstrual cycle, ovulation, corpus luteum function, fallopian tube examination are normal, the man’s semen routine is normal, and still cannot conceive, need to consider whether there are immune factors.

Initially, traditional Chinese medicine was the mainstay, and research on the treatment of immune infertility gradually increased. The main method was to treat the symptoms based on syndromes and tonify the kidney and promote blood circulation, tonify kidney and dampness, and to eliminate dampness and detoxification.

Within six months, condoms should be used in the same room.

  In addition to the above treatments, a reasonable examination and correct diagnosis are the key to treating secondary infertility. Infertile couples should go to the medical institutions in the distance, and do not superstitize the so-called “prescriptions” and “tourist doctors” to avoid being deceivedWaste of money and time, missed the opportunity of treatment, causing life-long regret.

Health common sense for female white-collar workers

Health common sense for female white-collar workers

Women who eat eggs every day are short-lived. In many people’s daily lives, eggs are an indispensable food.

However, more than a decade of research by Japanese experts found that for too many women, eating eggs every day is harmful to health and may even cause fatal hidden dangers.

Because of the high cholesterol content in egg yolks, which is bad for your health, women who eat more than one egg a day may have a shorter life than women who eat one or two eggs a week.

  Women with late-born newborns who have older children will have muscles, bones, or nervous systems.

These women have even delayed the onset of menopause, reducing their chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and complication.

Of course, there are also redundant doctors who believe that there is indeed a lot of risk in the delivery of older women.

  Women are more likely to have headaches. Women are more likely to have headaches than men.

  In the past 9 years, a research team from King’s College London investigated 253 common cases and found that 6.

4% of cases are headaches in women, compared to 2 in men.

5%, which means that women are about three times more likely to have headaches than men.

Often, the causes of headaches include stress, incorrect posture, dazzling sunlight, and diets such as cheese and wine.

  Eating too much dairy products may induce ovarian cancer. Women eating too many dairy products may cause ovarian cancer.

Researchers have found a clear link between women with ovarian cancer and high intakes of whole milk products, low-fat milk, and lactose.

They believe that the findings “to some extent” support the idea that excessive repetitive dairy products can cause ovarian cancer.

  Women drinking milk may give birth to too many acne. Young girls are worried about their growing pimples. A new study found that the risk of acne is related to how much milk they drink daily.

  Researchers say that women who drink more than two cups of skim milk a day are 44% more likely to have acne than normal people.

If you do not take skimmed milk, as long as you drink more than three cups a day, the risk of acne may increase by 22%.

  Exercise for 30 minutes a day during pregnancy. Most women are less active because they are afraid of having a flat breath.

However, the latest research from European and American countries shows that proper exercise for 30 minutes a day during pregnancy can help women maintain their body after birth.

In addition, certain exercises during pregnancy can also help women avoid some diseases.

8 Chinese Medicine Diet Recipes with Gray Hair

8 Chinese Medicine Diet Recipes with Gray Hair

Click to buy. It is normal for people to be gray. It is normal, but many people now have white hair at a young age. Gray hair is related to psychology, sleep, disease, etc. You can choose to make white hair abnormal.Therapeutic methods, today I will introduce several Chinese medicine diet remedies for treating white hair.

  1. Wash the black beans and steam them repeatedly. After drying, store them in a porcelain bottle, and eat them 2 times a day, 6 grams each time, and then send the salt water to the mouth.

At the same time, eat 1 egg and 2 big walnut kernels every day. If you continue to take it, it will be effective.

  2. Soy fry, use rice vinegar, soybeans, cook beans with rice vinegar until rotten, boil the beans and thicken, apply hair, except for black beard, and make white hair black.

  3, smash 250 grams of black sesame and fresh mulberry, add honey to mix and mix and place in a bottle, 1 tablespoon each time, serve with boiled water 3 times a day.

  4, 250 grams of black beans, 30 ginkgo, ground and fried, 100 grams of black sesame, 150 grams of Polygonum multiflorum cooked, put the four flavors into the bottle, take 30 grams after breakfast every day.

  5. Take 1000 grams of walnut kernels, soak in cold water for 3 days, remove the tip of the skin, and then put an appropriate amount of sugar into the pot. After melting, pour into the peach kernels and stir well.

Eat 2 times a day.

10 grams each time.

  6. The glutinous rice glutinous rice is fermented and scrubbed. The glutinous rice from the glutinous rice is filtered, and the basal layer is drained and left for 3 days. After the fermentation becomes acidic, wipe the hair with it, and then clean it once a day.

After long-term use, it can promote the blackening of white hair, and has the effect of moisturizing and making the hair black instead of bright.

  7, take 12 large walnuts, remove the shell and the meat coat film, fry the walnut meat and chopped for later use, and take the Chinese wolfberry, Polygonum multiflorum 60 grams each, 240 grams of small beans or black soybeans.

  First fry wolfberry and Polygonum multiflorum with appropriate amount of water, filter the residue after the juice is thick, then mix the fried and chopped walnut meat with black beans, and then fry until the walnut meat is thin. The juice is absorbed by the black beans asdegree.

Finally, take it out to dry or low temperature.

Take 2 times a day, 6 times each time?
9 grams, take at any time on an empty stomach or in the newborn.

  8. Wash 1000 grams of fresh mulberry (or 500 grams of dried product), cook with an appropriate amount of water, take the decoction once every 30 minutes, then add water and cook again, and take the decoction twice.

After combining the decoction, decoction with low heat and concentrate. When a large amount of sticky, add 300 grams of honey to boil and cease the fire.

1 tablespoon at a time, mixed with boiling water, 2 times a day.

  The above introduces the Chinese medicine diet remedies for treating white hair. In addition, those with white hair should pay attention to rest to ensure sleep time and relieve stress.

Exercise anytime, anywhere

Exercise anytime, anywhere

Exercise can be easy. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Exercise can increase physical strength and improve your own resistance.

  Jogging in place: (1) Jogging in place, when the feet are off the ground, the height does not exceed the waist.

  (2) Continue to run for two minutes.

  (3) After five minutes of relaxation, start other exercises.

  Side bending motion: (1) Open your feet with slender feet, and put your hands on the side.

  (2) Slide your left hand down to the lower thigh, and tilt your right hand in the same direction to the top of your head and pause.

  (3) Then return to the correct position and perform the same action to the other side.

  (4) Both sides perform the action alternately 20 times.

  Chest expansion exercise: (1) Stand upright with arms crossed at the chest and fists in both hands.

  (2) Keep both arms bent, fracture the elbow to the back of the body, and pause.

  (3) Then return to the starting position.

  (4) Repeat the action 20 times.

  Touching your fingers: (1) Open your feet forward and raise your hands.

  (2) Bend over and touch your left foot with your right hand to pause.

  (3) Then get up and touch your right foot with your left hand.

  (4) Repeat each action 20 times.

  Half-squat movement: (1) With both feet spread out shoulder-width apart, feet facing outward, hands on hips.

  (2) Hold your head straight and look straight ahead, half squat, pause.

  (3) Then return to the starting position.

  (4) Repeat the action 20 times.

  Arm swing motion: (1) With both feet spread out to be shoulder width, hold hands tightly and stretch forward and forward.

  (2) Swing your arm to the left and back, then come back and change to the right.

  (3) Repeat left and right 20 times.

  Arm lifting exercise: (1) Stand upright, with both arms placed sideways, palms down, and height around waist.

  (2) Raise your arm until the top of your palm is above your head and pause.

  (3) Then go back to the starting position.

  (4) Repeat the action 15 times.

  Abdominal exercise: (1) With both feet spread out to be shoulder-width, with your hands behind your head.

  (2) Raise your left knee, lower your right elbow, lean to your left knee, and pause.

  (3) Then return to the starting position and perform the same action in the opposite direction.

  (4) Perform 20 alternating actions completely.

Is it love or friendship between us?

Is it love or friendship between us?

What is the difference between love and friendship?

What is the difference between love and obsession?

What is the difference between love and like?

The answer lies in the 9 unique feelings of love.

  The first beautiful feeling is the saying that lover’s eyes are out of Shih Tzu, so when there is love, you will definitely feel that the other person looks the best, even if there are other opposite sexes that look better than the person you love, but for you, he (She) is the most beautiful one in your heart, and it is impossible for others to list.

  The second kind of dear feeling When you fall in love with a person, you will have a very kind feeling, with him (her), you will feel very comfortable and harmonious.

You can trust and rely on him or her.

He (she) is like a close family member. It can even be said that he is closer than a family member, and in this closeness, you experience a warmer feeling-this is the dear feeling.

In this country of love, he or she is willing to tolerate all your shortcomings.

  The third feeling of envy and respect is a healthy love relationship.

Appropriately feel proud of the other party, you will appreciate all the other party’s everything, including internal and external conditions and advantages, and the other party also makes you feel that he (she) is proud of you everywhere.

If this feeling exists, it is not his or her success or failure in doing this, you will appreciate his or her talent, not just pay attention to the results.

  The first major feeling When you are in love, do you like to compliment each other, and you are totally admiring, or perfunctory, you will like to notice other people’s (her) when he (she) is awayOK, even if I help you make a bowl of instant noodles.

The important thing is that you feel extremely happy from complimenting each other’s enthusiasm.

  The fifth respected self-esteem love relationship can improve a person’s self-esteem and make you feel that life is fairer, because love can make you discover that in fact you have unparalleled uniqueness. Although you have advantages and disadvantages,Your uniqueness makes you extremely respected, and life is easier.

  The sixth kind of possessive love is absolutely exclusive and cannot share its intimate male and female relationship with others. Therefore, when love changes from uncertainty to stability, marriage needs to continue for the future, so we meet each other when we get married.Xu.

In a true love life, it is necessary to promise each other loyalty.

  The seventh type of freedom of action If a person has a valid reason, his or her freedom of movement must be respected, so as not to destroy the love relationship between the two.

Although the person who loves to follow the feelings is very worrying or angry, for those who love to live with sex, restrictions or restrictions are of no use.

Might as well give him (her) freedom, space.

He (she) always comes back.

  The eighth feeling of compassion. People often feel compassion for the person they love, and often consider for each other. If the other person is frustrated, we will be very willing to share the pain and creases for him or her.The suffering is the same as that of our own suffering, or better than our own suffering, because in love, we are willing to sacrifice our own interests for each other.

  The ninth physiological sexual impulse When we are interested in a different sex or fall in love with a certain opposite sex, we all want to have physical contact with each other.

In true love life, this desire is always there.

Sexual impulses are not just behaviors. They also include many other intimate physical contacts, such as holding hands, hugging, etc. This kind of emotion will always exist in the lover’s heart.

  If you find yourself doing the same, then you are in love now: 1.

When you are having a party with a friend, you like to walk away from the noise with the other person.


When you are together you will pretend to overlap each other, but when the other party is not around you, you will look around and look anxiously.


Although other people always make you laugh, your eyes and attention are only on one person.


Although the other party should have called to tell you that he or she is safe at home, your phone is silent all the time. Then, you clearly allow you to be in the waiting panic.


Because you can work, you have to hang up, but you can’t.

Because you are talking to him or her.


When you read this article, if someone appears in your heart, then you must have fallen in love with him or her.
  There is a saying: When a woman is dying, she will only think of her first man.

A super sharp distinction between men and women

A super sharp distinction between men and women

Tian Li is a man and a woman is a good man.

  Men-30% are also difficult; Women-70% are also nice!

  Seven paintings are “male”, three paintings are “female”, and “seven” plus “three” are perfect.

Therefore, men take away seven points of rights, and women have only three points of resistance!

  Physically the man is seven and the woman is three.

But the endurance is seven for women and three for men.

So in the face of love rivals, men are usually connected by short arms and solved by force; women prefer the tug-of-war in open fights!

  Men talk about seven points about ideals and three points about women; women talk about men about points and three points about ideals.

Thus, men conquer the world and win women; women conquer men and win the world.

  Man’s vow, seven points are false and three points are true.

Therefore, men are not bad, women do not love; the appearance of a woman depends on her appearance, and her clothing depends on her appearance. Therefore, men are daring to go to business, and women are daring without makeup.

  Women have seven points of confidence and three points of uncertainty, so women always ask men, “Do I look good in this dress?

“Men are seven points of impatience and three points of perfunctory.

  The woman gave her seven points to the family, and the remaining three points to the parents; the man’s seven points to career, wife, children, parents, and lover gave the remaining three points . So, when the divorce, the woman can get seven points of property, But men get very free.

  In the colorful outer world, women occupy seven points of color, leaving only three points for men, so there is a “flower girl”; in the same gorgeous inner world, men spend seven points to admire other women, and only leave lovers threePoints loyalty.

So there was “Playboy”.

  Men want women to be charming with three points, and slim to seven points; women want men to have three black veils and seven gold bars.

Therefore, men often admire: “” She is so beautiful!

“Women often feel ::” He is really rich!

“Men have three-point love and seven-point sex, but women have the opposite!

Therefore, three points are men, and seven points are livestock!

  Men can be seven points for men and three points for women; women cannot be seven points for women and three points for men.

  Men don’t like seven-pointed smart women, just like women don’t like seven-pointed honest men!

  In a man’s life, seven minutes are used for thinking, three minutes are used for expression, and women are the opposite!

Therefore, some men do n’t say anything when they think about it, and women do n’t want to say it!

  Seven points of a woman’s skin are born, and three points are maintained.

So men are afraid that women will tan them and hide them behind them!

  Men love math and love literature.

So, men use three points of romance to conquer women, and seven points of reason to master her.

  In fact, the sweetest love is three points and seven points longing; the most stable marriage is seven points and three points longing.

Therefore, marriage is not sweet because women give men too much!

To sum up, seven points are truth, and three points are children’s play.

Please look forward to it!

Eat more Tremella fuciformis lungs recommended 7 Tremella Yangfei soup

Eat more Tremella fuciformis lungs recommended 7 Tremella Yangfei soup

Introduction: Tremella is known as “the bird’s nest of the poor”. It is not only rich in nutrition and cheap, it can also beautify the skin and clear the lungs.

How is Tremella soup rich in nutrition?

What are the effects of different Tremella soup?

Xiao Bian brings you 7 types of Tremella Lung Soup for you to drink healthy body.

  Tremella is called “the bird’s nest of the poor”. Although the bird’s nest is supplemented, it is expensive, and the Tremella is similar to the bird’s nest in terms of color, taste, and efficacy, and the price is cheap.

Tremella has the effects of strengthening essence, nourishing kidney, intestines, nourishing stomach, nourishing qi, and blood, strengthening heart, strengthening body, nourishing brain, refreshing, beauty, skin rejuvenation, and prolonging life.

  7 types of Tremella Lung Soup ① are recommended. Yin Bai Qiu Pear Soup Material: 10 grams of Tremella, 10 grams of lily, 1 autumn pear, moderate sugar.

  Method: Wash and remove the autumn pear, cut into small pieces, add water fungus and lily, rock sugar, put it in a bowl and steam for 1 hour, eat pear and drink soup.

  Efficacy: It has the effects of nourishing yin, moistening dryness, relieving cough and reducing phlegm.

  ② Ingredients of Tremella fuciformis soup: 10 grams of Tremella fuciformis, 5 grams of Lily, 5 grams of North American ginseng, moderate amount of sugar: Fry the herbs twice, form two bowls of water each, and fry for about 40 minutes.Heat when serving, add a small amount of rock sugar, and take it in the morning, at night and night. The effect: nourishing yin, nourishing the lungs, relieving cough and reducing phlegm.

  ③, Tremella syrup cream material: 10 grams of tremella, 1 syrup, 15 grams of rock sugar Method: Pear pitted slices, add an appropriate amount of water, cook with water tremella fuciformis until the soup is thick, and add rock sugar to dissolve.

Eat pear ear soup 2 times a day.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and clearing heat, nourishing lungs and relieving cough.

  ④, Jasmine Tremella 羹 material: 3 grams of jasmine, 25 grams of white fungus, moderate sugar.

  Method: Remove the white fungus hair, stew it with water, mix with rock sugar, jasmine, and boil.

  Efficacy: It can nourish the yin and nourish the lungs, apply to the lungs, cough, phlegm, faint chest pain, dizziness, dry eyes, etc.

  ⑤, Tremella lotus seed soup ingredients: Tremella, lotus seeds, red dates, rock sugar.

  Method: 1. Soak Tremella in cold water for 15 minutes. After the hair is removed, remove the thick pedicles and cut into small pieces for later use. 2. Add water to the pot and let the lotus seeds burn for 10 minutes. 3. Wash the red dates.Add the processed Tremella to the pot and cook on high heat for 5 minutes; 4, then turn to low heat and cook for about 1 hour. Then restart it from time to time, otherwise Tremella may stick to the pan, and finally add rock sugar to taste.

  ⑥ Ingredients for Tremella Pumpkin Porridge: Pumpkin, Tremella, and Rice.

  Method: 1. Peel and peel pumpkin, cut into pieces; 2. Tremella, rinse well with water, and wash; 3, cook the rice first. When the rice is cooked, add pumpkin white fungus to cook together, pumpkin rice is softAt that time, come out of the pan.

  Ingredients of Tremella fuciformis: Tremella, rock sugar, fragrant pear.

  Ingredients: red dates, lotus seeds, wolfberry.

  Method: 1. Wash and shred the tremella fungus, peel the pears and cut into small pieces, soak the wolfberry lotus seeds in cold water for half an hour; 2. Add water to the casserole, add various ingredients, and simmer for about an hour until the tremella fungus is hangingJust fine.

Internet addiction prevention has tricks

Internet addiction prevention has tricks

With the development of network information technology, the problem of Internet addiction has increasingly attracted the attention of the whole society. According to different domestic studies, the “incidence rate” of Internet addiction is 6%?
14%, and it is increasing year by year.

Internet addiction not only harms the physical and mental health and social functions of adolescents, but also affects family happiness and social stability.

Preventing the disease before it happens; treating the disease without curing the disease, the prevention of Internet addiction is particularly critical.

The following aspects talk about the prevention of Internet addiction: First, in the information age of network knowledge education, people’s work, study and life are increasingly dependent on the Internet.

  The Internet is an all-round open mass media that integrates the advantages and disadvantages of traditional media, and at the same time is a huge resource library.

Therefore, skilled operation of computers and reasonable use of network resources can greatly broaden horizons, enrich knowledge, and enable people to adapt to this rapidly changing world.

Appropriate games are a relaxation of intense learning, and modest chatting can also exercise people’s language skills.

However, water can carry a boat and it can overturn a boat.

There are two sides to everything. Today, after the Internet has been widely used for almost a decade, its harm has gradually been recognized and paid attention to.

Strengthen the education of network knowledge so that young people can understand the nature of the network: the network is not just a toy, it should be a tool to develop a scientific network lifestyle.

Outstanding training of children’s awareness of safety precautions such as fire, electricity, etc., the awareness of harm to the network should also be cultivated from an early age.

Develop “Healthy Internet Guides” for teenagers of different ages, regulate Internet use behaviors, and provide explicit regulations on Internet content and time, organize students to learn and train about network knowledge, and improve their correct collection, analysis, and use of informationAbility to provide technical support to prevent Internet addiction.

For example, telling young people how to make online friends will reduce their ability to communicate in real life, especially for people who are relatively introverted and tend to form a dependence on the Internet.

  Second, develop the skills to use the Internet correctly.

  For example, teach them time management techniques, make online time reminder cards or use alarm clocks to get off the Internet at the specified time; list the dangers of the Internet on the card and place it next to the monitor to remind yourself at any time; develop learning and entertainmentPlanning arrangements are arranged as expected and supervised by family or teachers.

If you can’t control the time of surfing the Internet by yourself, you can ask the parents to remind you or set a password on the computer.

  Third, the overall department’s strengthening of the promotion of healthy Internet access has aroused the attention of the entire society on Internet addiction and let everyone work together to deal with this problem.

  By holding exhibitions and public lectures, designing leaflets, incorporating health care tips and other methods, braking and their parents to understand the symptoms of Internet addiction and make a simple self-assessment, to obtain methods to deal with Internet addiction, and to encourage theYouth seek help from counsellors.

At the same time, some small slogans on the Internet about health online can be used on campus or in the community to keep people alert.

Beauty King beauty first exfoliating_1

Beauty King Exfoliate First

No matter how bad your growth or appearance is, in fact, as long as you rely on maintenance, many foundations can be changed again. For example, a person with dark skin can turn white after treatment and maintenance. Like a king, I originally had a black skin.People, but I work very hard to make myself as white as toilet paper.

  No matter how bad your growth or appearance is, in fact, as long as you rely on maintenance, many foundations can be changed again. For example, a person with dark skin can turn white after treatment and maintenance. Like a king, I had a black skinPeople, but I work very hard to make myself as white as toilet paper, and as a result, I am now really white like toilet paper!

In addition, I have lost all my eyelashes, so I have no eyelashes at all for a while, but I just have a way to make them all grow back with my efforts!

I would like to remind everyone once again that there are no ugly women in the world. As long as you work hard, you will have a good harvest!

  Since no matter how ugly a girl can be turned into a beauty by maintenance, what is the most appropriate age to start maintenance?

The king feels that when you start using cosmetics, it is right to start beauty care from that time!

  Ordinary young female students do not make up at all on weekdays. If you do n’t particularly damage your skin, why bother applying some to your face, just pay attention to cleaning and do n’t need special care products.What skin care products are better than youth?

  Like my sister, who never puts on make-up, she just needs to pay attention to cleanliness. In addition, she only needs to deal with the condition of the skin at the time, such as sudden acne or exfoliation.

  The beauty king teaches warfare norms-exfoliating to make the skin bright and bright. Exfoliation is a beauty method I have known for a long time. I think it is true that boys and girls must exfoliate.

Thick keratin is piled up on the upper floors, dirt can’t come out, skin care products can’t get in, and the skin certainly doesn’t look radiant!

  In particular, there is a kind of person who must exfoliate, that is, people who make up every day.

If you remove your makeup and wash your face, you find that your face looks uneven, and there are particles like acne or goose bumps, which means that your cuticle is really too thick, be sure to exfoliate!

No matter how bad your growth or appearance is, in fact, as long as you rely on maintenance, many foundations can be changed again. For example, a person with dark skin can turn white after treatment and maintenance. Like a king, I originally had a black skin.People, but I work very hard to make myself as white as toilet paper.
  Exfoliating secrets ◎ Exfoliating secrets 1: Scrub has a strong effect If your cuticle is very thick and your pores are very thick, exfoliating is naturally better with exfoliating.

However, to exfoliate with a certain product, it is best to decide on the condition of the skin.

I recommend DHC scrub. It has no foam and no detergent. It is just a scrub.

  ◎ Exfoliating Cheats II: Gel and enzyme have mild effect, but if your skin is sensitive and easy to peel, it means that your skin is thinner. Using scrub-type exfoliating products will easily lead to anti-effect and easy accumulation of melanin. It is recommendedEnzymatic mask gel to apply to the face, gently exfoliating.

  ◎ Exfoliating Cheats III: Gently remove the corners of the mouth. Some people ‘s nose is horny. The corners of the mouth tend to accumulate melanin, which means that these areas on your skin are actually very sensitive.

If you rub it desperately because it is dark, it will become darker.

The best way to get rid of the cuticles in these areas is to apply your face!

  ◎ Exfoliating Cheats 4: Fruit acid products Be careful with exfoliating products with a lot of fruit acid components on the market, but the effect of fruit acid components is strong. It is probably more suitable for boys riding motorcycles. The cuticles on them are really thick.

Ordinary girls, especially those who often wash their faces, may be over-stimulated if they do not use the acid product properly.

So, for fruit acid products, unless you have a really thick cuticle before using it, you should really use it carefully.

  (BOX) To sum up the experience of the beauty king, there may be some kind of darkening your complexion. One is the replacement of menstrual tablets or contraceptives. The second is that your stratum corneum is too thick. The third is that you are bornRace is yellow.

  These are effective with whitening.

I especially recommend the red wine mask of Life Beauty Center, which can activate the blood circulation of the skin and make the skin look shiny!