New regulations for white-collar health and beauty products

New regulations for white-collar health and beauty products

The reporter saw in the supermarket that there were a large number of consumers lining up at the counter of the specialty store of grains and cereals. Coarse grains such as barley, oats, and black rice, and grains such as ginkgo, almonds, walnuts, and red dates were placed in small grids.There is a running mill inside the counter. Consumers can choose materials according to personal preferences and grind them on site.

  It is understood that more than 20 different combinations of materials make coarse grain flour with more than a dozen different effects.

For example, the powder of lotus seeds, osmanthus, jujube, poria, and black sesame has the effect of soothing sleep; pumpkin seeds, walnuts, black sesame, red dates, black rice, and Ejiao can help pregnant women eat more.

  Personalized collocation and boiling water are also suitable for fast-paced modern life.

  The price and nutritional value are directly proportional to the medicinal supplement. In terms of price, depending on the ingredients, the on-site milled cereal powder ranges from 15 to 80 yuan per catty, which is much more expensive than flour.

Carrefour promotion staff said that the amount of miscellaneous grains is small and the nutritional value is high, so the price will be higher than conventional grain crops such as wheat and rice.

Expectant mother Ms. Han said that the purchase of grains and cereals is mainly because the medicine is not as good as food therapy. Anemia and blood during pregnancy can also be nourished by the combination of miscellaneous grains, and there is no need to worry.

  In addition, the reporter found that many white-collar workers do not simply purchase according to the miscellaneous cereals provided by the merchants, and then automatically grind the grains according to the dietary rules of grains mentioned in the recently-sold Chinese health books.

  The chemical-free, edible facial mask reporter saw in the supermarket that almost all brands of on-site milled cereals have launched food “masks” series, adding yogurt, milk, egg whites, purified water, honey, red wine, etc. in different milling powders., Can achieve freckle whitening, detoxification and acne and other different effects.

  The staff at the Wuliang Cereal Powder Store introduced that there are many books about homemade facial masks on the market. In fact, the most ideal skin-care products can be found in daily life. Naturally, there are no chemical additives.

  Consumption reminds that the recent haze has not disappeared, and the humidity has risen, which makes people more easily burned out and eczema problems.

You can use Poria, Coix Seed, Lotus Seed Milling Powder to wash away heat and dampness to help remove moisture from the body.

Women who love beauty can use Huaishan, red beans, oats, coarse rice, buckwheat, mung beans, black sesame powder for breakfast and dinner, which can detoxify laxatives and lose weight.

Do you have social phobia?

Do you have social phobia?

Do you have social phobia?
You can test whether you have social phobia, which must be determined by a psychiatrist or psychiatrist.

You can test it through the following test table, you can roughly understand whether you have phobia and the degree of fear: 1. I am afraid to speak in front of important people.

  2. Blushing in front of people makes me uncomfortable.

  3. The party and some social activities scared me.

  4. I often avoid talking to people I don’t know.

  5. Letting others talk is something I don’t want.

  6. I avoid anything that is centered on me.

  7. I am afraid to speak in public.

  8. I can’t do things under the attention of others.

  9. When I see a stranger, I can’t help shaking and panic.

  10. I dreamed of an ugly assumption when talking to others.

   A, scoring method: There are 4 answers to choose from each question, they represent: 1, never or rarely so; 2, sometimes so; 3, often so; 4, always so.

Circle the corresponding answer in the table above according to your situation. This number is also the score you get for each question.

Adding up the scores is your last bloom.

   B, Answer: (1-0 points) You are not suffering from social phobia.

   (11-24 points) You have mild social phobia.

   (25-35 points) If you have moderate social phobia, be sure to go to the hospital for help with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

   (36-40 points) You are already severe social phobia. Go to the hospital as soon as possible to ask a psychiatrist or psychiatrist.

    It must be pointed out that the above test is for reference only and cannot be used as a diagnosis. The diagnosis must be made by the doctor and the patient after face-to-face consultation and examination.

Methods for preventing and treating pertussis in infants

Methods for preventing and treating “pertussis” in infants

Pertussis is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by Bacillus pertussis. The main manifestation is cough, which can last up to 100 days.
The disease is transmitted through droplets and can occur all year round, but it is more common in spring.
It mainly occurs in infants and young children under the age of two. Newborns may also develop the disease, because they cannot obtain the corresponding antibodies from the mother.
However, due to the widespread implementation of vaccination, the disease has been significantly reduced, and it can no longer be affected for a lifetime.
Your child develops symptoms after 1-2 weeks of infection.
Early onset children have symptoms such as tears, runny nose, cough, and low fever, which are difficult to distinguish from the common cold.
After 3-4 days, the cough will gradually increase, and after about 1-2 weeks, the cough will gradually increase and enter the period of spasm. At this time, typical severe spasm cough appears.
Each attack requires a dozen or even dozens of coughs. The child often coughs and has red ears, tears, tears, tongues out, and a lot of mucus, and he growls like a chicken because of inhaling vigorously.There are several episodes of daily or even 30-40 episodes, especially at night, the younger the age, the more severe the illness.
Babies at 3 months often show paroxysmal breaths, bruising, and suffocation, while no older infants have the typical severe spastic cough, and some even have generalized spasms, loss of consciousness and even death.
The spasmodic cough usually lasts 5-6 weeks, and some as long as 3 months.
Since then, the child’s cough has gradually eased into the recovery period, which takes about 2-4 weeks.
However, some children still have convulsive spasms in the first six months or even a year.
Because the baby suffers from pertussis and it is easy to cause complications such as pneumonia.
Therefore, the child’s whooping cough should not only be consulted by a doctor in time, be treated under the guidance of the doctor, but also the care should be strengthened, such as eating less frequent meals, not eating spicy and other irritating foods, keeping the indoor air fresh andA certain temperature (about 20 ℃) and humidity (60%) to avoid cough caused by smoke and dust.
Pertussis is a highly contagious, stubborn, and serious disease that requires effective measures to prevent it.
Isolating children is an important part of preventing the pertussis epidemic, and the isolation period is 6 weeks from the date of onset.
For children who have been born for 3 months, they must be vaccinated against the triple vaccine.
For frail infants who have not been vaccinated, children with pertussis can be injected with gamma globulin to enhance the body’s defense function.
For children who have received vaccination before, another pertussis vaccine can be injected to promote the production of antibodies and strengthen their immunity.

Different heart protection methods at different ages

Different heart protection methods at different ages

Heart disease is the number one killer of human health, and how to stay away from it has been the focus of attention.

Recently, an article in the American “Men’s Health” magazine stated that heart protection should follow the age, and people should understand the characteristics of their age groups before taking preventive measures.

  At the age of 20, Dr. Eric Topol, a California cardiologist who exercised five times a week, said that this age was a great time to develop healthy eating and exercise habits that are good for the heart.

The specific should be done: 1.

Exercise 5 times a week for 30 minutes each.


Check up once a year.


Blood lipid level: LDL is less than 3.

86 mmol / L with at least 1 HDL.

03 mmol / L with triglycerides below 1.

69 mmol / L.


Blood pressure: below 119/79 mm Hg.

  In addition to the above 4 items to maintain a healthy weight at the age of 30, if you often perform weightlifting, wrestling, playing football or other explosive sports, it is best to do an echocardiogram.

After 35 years of age, an electrocardiogram should be checked every 5 years to detect whether atherosclerosis occurs in the heart blood vessels, and the brakes should be treated in time.

Also, starting at this age, maintaining a healthy weight is critical to heart health.

  Checking for C-reactive protein at the age of 40 After the age of 40, doctors began to understand the degree of inflammation of blood vessels in patients by C-reactive protein (CRP) test.

This protein indicator may lead to increased mortality, which is the risk of cardiovascular disease.

A normal C-reactive protein value should be less than 1 mg / L.

Regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight are key to maintaining healthy C-reactive protein levels.

  At the age of 50, experts doing exercise flat test said that after the age of 50 is the age of high incidence of coronary heart disease.

In addition to doing all of the above, you should also perform a treadmill test (also called a treadmill test) under the guidance of a doctor.

Specifically, when walking or stepping on a treadmill, heart activity and blood pressure are monitored simultaneously.

This test measures heart function and predicts the occurrence of coronary heart disease.

However, if there is no family history of heart disease, this test is usually not necessary before the age of 50.

  All ages: As long as you experience chest tightness or shortness of breath after hypertensive activity, you should go to the hospital immediately.

Because chest tightness and shortness of breath are the two main symptoms of heart disease, don’t take it lightly.

Other main symptoms of heart disease include dizziness and palpitations.

Maternity Yoga Breathing-Victory Breathing

Maternity Yoga Breathing-Victory Breathing

Triumphant breathing is used in almost all yoga postures.

Although you may find this breathing style strange at first, you must practice it relentlessly.

This breathing method is the basis for practicing all postures of yoga, allowing people to move and breath slowly and in a controlled manner.

  The easiest position to practice triumphant breathing techniques is to lie on your back, as you would practice a correct breathing posture (see page 21). All exhales and inhalations are closed only through the holes and lips.

  The main feature of the victory breathing method is to partially close the glottis’ trachea, which lies in the back of the throat.

In the victory-style breathing, you should tighten the muscles near the clavicle at the root of the throat. When you close the glottis, it closes the gates that control the flow of air and torsion.And then to the lungs.

  When inhaling, let the air fill the bottom of the lungs, the area under the breasts, and the clavicle. This process can be likened to filling the cup with water: the bottom of the cup is full, then the middle, and finally the top of the cup.

There is a slight hissing sound as the air moves towards the back of the throat.

  Exhale slowly through the nose, keeping the glottis partially closed.

Throughout the exercise, pay attention to the back of the throat rather than the nostrils.

If you find it difficult to master the trick, sigh as if you are breathing into the glass, and then pay attention to the feeling of air flowing in the back of your throat.

Now that your lips are closed, note that the focus of breathing is on the throat, not the nose (remember that the expiration time is slightly longer than the inhalation time, which causes dizziness due to storage of too much oxygen).

  Repeat the triumphant breathing 10 times, then return to normal breathing, and then do another 10 exercises later.

Beautician teaches you to eat beautiful skin


Beautician teaches you to eat beautiful skin

Regular and balanced diet can promote beautiful and healthy skin.

The nutrients include animal and plant proteins, as well as vitamins B, E, and C.

In particular, vitamin B, which is known as “cosmetic vitamin”, can be cited in the treatment of skin diseases.

These vitamins B, C, and E connect the capillaries and keep replenishing the skin with the necessary nutrients to promote healthy and supple skin growth.

  Vitamin B is mostly contained in foods such as liver, lean meat, eel, milk and eggs; vitamin E is stored in liver and cream; vitamin C is abundant in fruits such as grapefruit and orange.

  For breakfast, an orange and a glass of green vegetable juice can not only moisturize the skin, but also prevent constipation.

  Even though the liver food is mostly absorbed by women, the quantitative intake on average every week or 10 days really helps the beauty.

  Lack of vitamin A accelerates skin aging. Titanium sulfate is a highly viscous multi-class substance, which requires a large amount of vitamin A to participate in its synthesis.

Vitamin A deficiency naturally leads to a decrease in chondroitin sulfate synthesis, which can affect the health of the skin.

  In fact, skin aging caused by vitamin A deficiency or skin aging in normal physiological progression is related to the weakening of the ability to synthesize cellulose sulfate. Therefore, vitamin A deficiency can accelerate skin aging.

  Vitamin A is also a nutrient component of thalamic, pituitary and other important endocrine hormones.

When it is insufficient, it cannot make the ovaries issue normal hormone secretion instructions, resulting in low ovarian function, relatively increased male hormones, prone to acne on the skin, and affecting the appearance of the skin.

  Colored vegetables have a high rate of carotene conversion to vitamin A, so people can get a lot of vitamin A from vegetables.

  Of course, animal food is inadequate, and carotene does not convert well into vitamin A.

Therefore, if you want to stay young and beautiful, you should eat as many animal foods as high in vitamin A, such as liver, lean meat, egg yolk and so on.

  Vitamin B2 deficiency also seriously affects the appearance of the skin. The rice, noodles, and oils we eat can all be transformed into human aunts in the body.

When it exceeds the human body’s requirements, adults will excrete the skin surface from the sebaceous glands of the skin or store them in the pores.

Aunts in the pores are often the place where parasites and pyogenic bacteria multiply, so they are more prone to acne, folliculitis, and rosacea.

  Vitamin B2 deficiency can cause the above-mentioned diseases to occur.

Because auntie needs a lot of vitamin B2 when “burning”, auntie lacking B2 will be stored in pores, increase skin secretion, and develop acne.

  Your aunt’s “burn” requires not only vitamin B2, but also methionine.

Proteases are found in very small amounts in grains and vegetables and are found in large amounts in animal foods such as meat, liver, fish, and eggs.

Meat, liver, fish, and eggs are also rich in vitamin B. To keep your skin beautiful, you should eat more of these foods.

In addition, eating more potatoes, apples, whole grains and other foods to ensure smooth stool will also save a lot of vitamin B2 methionine.

  The ability of sugar to transform into aunt is three times that of starch. Eating more sugar will promote the growth of acne like the aunt. In order to maintain skin beauty, the intake of aunt and sugar should be controlled.

  Vitamin C deficiency leads to enlarged pores. Many experts have found that vitamin C deficiency causes skin pores to become larger and harder like thorns after multiple vitamin deficiency tests and observational studies of vitamin cases. Microscopic observations of pores with horns like pores can be observed with a microscope.layer.

Hair cannot be crystallized, the diameter is within the pores, the blood vessels around the pores are enlarged, congestion is caused, and acne is more serious, and it is difficult to heal when there is a wound.

  Vitamin C also enhances white blood cells and swallows pyogenic bacteria.

Vegetables contain baicalein and vitamin C. If they are too much, the pyogenic bacteria will stop secreting enzymes. Therefore, people who eat a lot of vegetables will not easily develop folliculitis on the skin, and the skin will be shiny and beautiful.

  Baicalein is a yellow substance dissolved in vegetable juice, and rutin is its representative.

  It can be seen that skin beauty is closely related to vitamins A, B, C and methionine.

If it is said that these ensure the beauty of the skin is not excessive.

Except for vitamin C, these nutrients are abundantly found in animal foods such as lean meat, liver, fish, and eggs.

Vitamin C is found in fresh yellow-green vegetables.

Therefore, we properly design recipes properly to help get enough nutrients from food and ensure youthfulness.

Five nutritional options for anti-aging health

Five nutritional options for anti-aging health

Aging is a one-way street that cannot be reversed, but you can choose to slow down and extend the time to reach the end.

To delay aging, scientific diet is very important.

The anti-aging diet principle is to reduce the intake of foods that produce free radicals and to take more foods containing antioxidants.

  1, nutrition should be balanced, adhere to the diet “rounding the law” four rounds: 姨, cholesterol, salt and wine.

  Five in: fiber diet (whole grains, vegetables and fruits); vegetable protein (soy protein); foods rich in carotene, vitamin C, E; foods containing calcium (milk); 6 to 8 cups of water per day.
  2, more intake of antioxidants containing fruits and vegetables vitamin C, E, beta carotene, lycopene, polyphenols (such as grapes, red wine, tea) and other foods have antioxidant effects, can protect collagen unlimited freedomBase attack and get hurt.

The antioxidants in various fruits and vegetables are also the most abundant.

  Tips: (1) Try to eat 3 different colors (red, orange, yellow, green, purple, etc.) of fresh vegetables and 2 different fruits every day.

The more diverse the colors, the more different types of antioxidants are eaten.

  (2) Vitamin C vegetables include broccoli, tomato, radish, cabbage, green pepper, etc. The fruit has orange, persimmon, guava, kiwi, strawberry, lemon, fresh jujube, hawthorn and so on.

  (3) Vitamin E foods include walnuts, cashews, sesame and other nut foods.

  (4) Drink 1 per day?
2 cups of tea, tea (especially green tea) are rich in antioxidants.

  3, to avoid high-fat and fried foods high conversion, high fat, especially fried foods are prone to free radicals, accelerate aging.

If you can reduce the intake of food, it is equivalent to reducing the body’s chance of being damaged by free radicals, as well as skin black spots, wrinkles, cancer, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and other diseases.

  Tips: (1) Do not eat Western-style fast food.

  (2) The diet is mainly light, and the cooking is mostly steamed or boiled.

  (3) Radiation absorption is 10% less than when it is thirty.

  4, eat more food fiber rich in cellulose can strengthen the body’s detoxification function, but also strengthen the alkaline peristalsis, causing constipation.

Vegetables with high fiber content include vegetables, coarse rice, corn, oats, whole wheat flour, mung beans, edamame, black beans, almonds, sesame seeds, raisins, etc., all of which are good “helpers” for anti-aging.

  5, eat more viscous gelatinous foods such as pig skin, pig feet, chicken feet, sea cucumber and other foods, help the skin to maintain elasticity.

  6, traditionally effective tonic, some food-related foods are also important anti-aging helper bee milk, pollen, medlar, red dates can moisturize the skin, to achieve cosmetic effects; hawthorn, polygonatum, mulberry can prevent minor accumulation and arteriosclerosis; walnutShouwu, black beans can be white hair; enoki mushroom, black fungus, mushrooms can soften blood vessels and prevent cancer.

Music meditation relieves email anxiety

Music meditation relieves “email anxiety”

Ms. Yali, she has been working in the company for about three years. Basically, the first thing after getting up every morning is to turn on the computer and brush her teeth and wash her face as the machine starts.
Then sit in front of the computer to browse news and send and receive emails.
Hold the mouse in one hand and grab something like a cookie in your other hand and fill it in your mouth.
After entering the office, the frequency of checking emails by Yali was basically controlled about every half an hour.
  At first, Ya Li didn’t care, and gradually began to worry about her OCD-like symptoms.
She consulted with friends and colleagues around her and found out that this is a more common phenomenon among urban white-collar workers. Some white-collar workers still cherish emails even during non-working hours.
Colleague Mr. Lin claimed: “I basically can’t sleep at night, the main reason is email.
In order to avoid ignoring emails in the company, I set up email sounds. If a new email comes in, a sound will sound.
And at home, the computer is not turned off and always feels that there is new mail; it is especially easy to wake up when you sleep, and you will go unconsciously to see if there is new mail.
Even when the computer is turned off, auditory hallucinations occur at night. I always hear the sound of ‘ding dong’ in the office, and I know very well that there is no such sound in the home.
This kind of “midnight fierce bell” later tortured Mr. Lin more and more, making him have to seek help from a psychological counseling center.
  Yali and Mr. Lin went to a psychological consultation center together, and Dr. Sun, who received them, said that because of job uncertainty and uncontrollable tension and stress, more and more white-collar workers are suffering from email anxiety.
Most people with “email anxiety” have high education and work pressure, which makes them think they must keep up-to-date with the latest information and digest it.
From a professional perspective, journalists, advertisers, and network workers are in high-income groups for a long time, and the proportion of women is much higher than that of men.There is a big relationship between income and position.
Dr. Sun advised them to try a mental therapy like music meditation, to relax properly and maintain a balance of body and mind.
  Now, every day before going to bed, Yali immerses herself in the yoga meditation music for about an hour. The quiet, soothing, and gentle melody makes her thoughts light and agile. The anxiety of daytime life gradually calms down and calms down.Attention has begun to turn to the conversation with the years and the inner self, no longer care about the seemingly important information outside, and the frequency of receiving emails has gradually returned to normal.
She said: “Quiet life is so precious, why should you let me email?

Demystifying the medicine makeup _1

Demystifying the “medicine makeup”

The term “cosmetics” originated from the French brand Speaking of “cosmetics”, people will immediately understand that they have medicinal cosmetics. In fact, the term “cosmetics” originated from Vichy in France.
  In 1998, Vichy Cosmetics of France entered China, and its eye-catching slogan “cosmetics sold only in pharmacies worldwide” for the first time let us know that cosmetics can also be sold in pharmacies.
  After that, the concept of “medicine makeup” became very enthusiastic, and all major pharmacies opened “cosmetics counters”. Cosmetics promoting various functions such as whitening, acne removal, wrinkle removal, and wrinkle removal started to fill up.
  An agent who provided cosmetics to a chain pharmacy said that many cosmetics with special effects such as whitening, acne, and freckle removal are expected to be sold in pharmacies because pharmacies can give consumers a sense of security and trust.The level of trust is obviously higher than that of ordinary malls and supermarkets.
Moreover, there are not many similar products sold in pharmacies. It is easier for pharmacies to sell products to impress consumers with product brands.
  Are all “cosmetics” in the pharmacy?
  The average person thinks that the cosmetics sold in a pharmacy must have a certain therapeutic effect.
After understanding, go to the pharmacy to buy “cosmetics”, different pharmacies will have different recommendations.
  In some pharmacies attached to residential communities, there is generally no cosmetics in the general sense, and sales staff often recommend some OTC skin creams that have curative effects such as acne and spot reduction as “cosmetics”.
  In some high-end office buildings, pharmacies will have a “pharmacy shop” sign and spend a lot of energy to sell some fashionable cosmetics.
This is the case of a pharmacy in Kuntai Building, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The cosmetics sold on the first floor are not exclusively sold by pharmacies. They just borrow the place where pharmacies sell ordinary cosmetics.
  Other pharmacy cosmetics are well-known brands, such as Vichy, La Roche-Posay, Yiquan, and Avene.
This is the case for the Golden Elephant Pharmacy in Beijing, the “Love Zhonglian Pharmacy” at the entrance of the Wal-Mart supermarket in Xuanwu District, Beijing, and the “Everyday Pharmacy” near Baizhifang Bridge.
  How big is the role of “cosmetics”?
  Zhang Xiaomei, deputy director of China Fragrances & Fragrances Cosmetics Association, said that in the United States, the most essential difference between cosmeceuticals and ordinary cosmetics is that cosmeceuticals are manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards. It is a market segment for cosmetics and its products are more targetedSexual problems, such as acne, allergies, stains, excessive aging and other skin problems.
  The formula of cosmetics sold exclusively by foreign pharmacies must be fully disclosed. All active ingredients and safety must be proved by medical literature and clinical tests in dermatology, and they do not contain recognized allergens.
The biggest difference from ordinary cosmetics is that the formula is always as simple as possible, without pigments, fragrances, preservatives and even surfactants, and the content of active ingredients is high, targeted and effective.
  Zhang Xiaomei said that at present, the “cosmetics” sold in China cannot achieve a truly public formula, but because “cosmetics” are produced in accordance with pharmaceutical standards, their safety will be higher.
But it is not suitable for everyone, it still needs to be selected according to individual skin conditions.
  It is understood that when Vichy entered China, it claims to produce all products in accordance with strict pharmaceutical principles and standards to ensure that most people with sensitive skin can use it safely and securely.
  This kind of security is often the content that “medicine makeup” strongly renders.
Some “cosmetics” suitable for public use actually borrow the concept of high safety and effectiveness of medicines, but after all, it is not a medicine. It can really bring any amazing changes to the skin.
  “药妆品”管理应该加强  化妆品走进药店销售,并无不妥,而最让人担心的是,搭乘药店“顺风车”的那些打擦边球的药用化妆品,也常常被人理解为“药妆品 “.
  It is believed that choosing to buy skincare products in pharmacies will not only get free health skincare consultation from pharmacists with a medical background, but also enjoy free testing and professional skincare advice from professional skin testers.
  In fact, this is not the case. According to the China Sankei News, relevant dermatologists pointed out that the skin diseases caused by the misuse of “cosmetics” have accounted for 5% -10% of dermatological clinic patients.
An expert studying molecular biology at the General Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army said that relevant departments must further strengthen the management of “cosmetics”.
  Compared with the pharmaceutical industry, the profit of beauty products is much higher than that of medicines. Therefore, “cosmetics”, which is rich in profits, low investment risk, and low in technical requirements, has become a rising industry.
“Cosmeceutical products” still belong to cosmetics. Due to the blurring of the boundaries, some “cosmeceutical products” will find their way out and take the opportunity to exaggerate the effect of publicity.
  In addition, the staff of the drug regulatory department said that the ability to distribute cosmetics is not within the scope of the drug regulatory bureau, and currently there are no related laws prohibiting cosmetics from entering drug stores.
Pharmacies can distribute cosmetics as long as they have a health license to distribute cosmetics.
  Wang Chen, director of the dermatology department at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, said that there is no clear boundary between dermatology and beauty. Many skin medications are a kind of skin care products. The most important thing is to be symptomatic and not buy blindly.
Only symptomatic, whether it is cosmetics or medicine, can bring beauty and skin care effects, otherwise it will only have adverse effects.
  Compared with the cosmetics counters in ordinary stores, pharmacies pay more attention to the word “medicine”.
Before purchasing, customers need to undergo a skin diagnosis by a trained physician to understand which cosmetics are best for them and learn how to use them properly.
  Experts believe that only by incorporating “cosmetics” into independent management and avoiding blind purchases by consumers can we really play the role of “cosmetics”.
  When buying, consumers should be extra vigilant about some products that are too new and do not have the national health makeup, health makeup special, and health makeup products.
  Relevant knowledge points: “Cosmetics”-the concept of cosmeceutical originally originated from Europe and the United States.
In the United States, experts point out that the so-called cosmeceutical is actually a marketing-specific word, and the academic community believes that cosmetics that are considered by the FDA (the United States Federal Food and Drug Administration) to contain pharmaceutical ingredients rather than cosmetic ingredients are cosmeceutical products.These products are neither medicines nor general cosmetic products.

How can you avoid acne?

How can you avoid acne?

Acne, also known as acne or acne, is a common skin disease during adolescence.

Acne is an eternal topic for girls after their meals. They are obviously very jealous and pay attention to regular life. But why are they still shiny and full of acne?

Those who love acne should not eat those things?

How do you avoid acne?

  The causes of acne are various. Improper diet, excessive consumption of fatty foods and spicy foods, etc., cause abnormal secretion of sebaceous glands, which are also the main causes of the disease.

Therefore, dietary treatment of acne is very important.

First of all, change your bad eating habits. Eat more vegetables and fruits that can promote the blood in your body to become alkaline. Eat less high-fat, high-sugar, and irritating foods.

And the following five types of food should remember the taboo!

  One taboo spicy food is light, vegetarian.

That is, eat less or not eat spicy and thick flavors, including avoiding irritating foods such as raw onions, raw garlic, and peppers, as well as strong sprinkles, strong tea and coffee.

The reason is that spicy food can stimulate the increase of androgen secretion, too much androgen can stimulate the sebaceous glands to increase sebum secretion, and the increase of sebum secretion is the main factor for the occurrence or exacerbation of acne.

  Second, avoid greasy foods such as cream, fatty pork and other complications and fried foods.

Because greasy food can increase the secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands, making the greasy skin more oily.

  Three avoid high-sugar foods with high sugar content, such as chocolate and various candies, because too much sugar in the body can be converted into aunt, aunt can increase sebum secretion.

  Four bogey hair products eat less sea fish hair products, like fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish.

It is also inappropriate to eat more warm foods such as chives, cattle, sheep, dog meat and so on.

  Five taboo supplements Some parents are afraid of inadequate nutrition during development, so they desperately tonic, in fact this is a wrong idea.

Because tonics are mostly hot products, the internal heat becomes worse after the tonic, and acne is more likely to be induced.

  Experts say that having acne all over the body has a lot to do with your daily diet, so you who love acne should pay attention to your diet in daily life.