Do babies have to take a bath every day?

Do babies have to take a bath every day?

If the child is not too dirty, do not need to wash it every day, depending on the situation every other day or two, the bath liquid can be used once a week.

If you need to take a bath every day when it’s hot, just rinse with water.

  Keep your baby warm and safe.

Clear water is best for bathing. Do not take more than 10 minutes at a time.

  Babies’ skin is different from adults. Their skin is thinner and more delicate. Bathing every day can indeed make the child clean, but it can also cause dry skin.

Especially for children whose skin is relatively dry, soaking in water every day may dehydrate the skin, make it drier, and even peel.

If you give your child a bath for too long, it will even make the outermost stratum corneum absorb water and soften, reducing the skin’s resistance.

  In addition, it is not necessary to bathe the child with a bath lotion every time, just wash with water.

  There is a layer of oil on your child’s skin, which is important for keeping the skin moisturized, reducing external irritation and keeping warm.

Too much bath fluid is alkaline, it will destroy this layer of oil, easily make the skin dry and rough, rub the body repeatedly with the bath fluid, severe cases may also form sensitive skin.

  Therefore, if the child is not too dirty, you do not need to wash it every day, depending on the situation, every other day or two can be used, the bath liquid can be used once a week.

If you need to take a bath every day when it’s hot, just rinse with water.

Improper consumption of fruits can cause illness

Improper consumption of fruits can cause illness

It is generally believed that fruit consumption is definitely good for the body, and more is better, but it is not.

Some fruits are harmful or even dangerous to some people at some time. If they are not handled properly, they will cause diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to master the correct way to eat fruits.

  Fruit attributes: Fruits can be divided into cold, warm, and flat.


hzh{display:none;}  寒凉类水果有柑、橘、菱、荸荠、香蕉、雪梨、柿子、西瓜等,体质虚寒的人慎食。Warm fruits include dates, chestnuts, peaches, apricots, longan, litchi, grapes, cherries, pomegranates, pineapples, etc. People with a hot constitution should eat them in moderation.

Ganping fruits include plum, plum, coconut, coriander, hawthorn, apple, etc. These fruits are suitable for people of various systems.

  Fruit Constraints Acidic fruits should not eat more acidic fruits such as bayberry, plums, plums, etc., the acidic substances contained in it are not easy to be oxidized and decomposed, which may lead to acidity in the body, and it is generally not recommended to eat more; acidic fruits contain tannic acid, andSeafood with the same food will coagulate with protein, settle in the inside, cause vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and indigestion; and the acidity in fruits will irritate the gastric mucosa with gastric acid, and patients with ulcers should not eat acidic fruits; at the same time, people with constipation should be lessEat acid fruits to avoid worsening constipation.

  Longan, lychee should be moderately longan, lychee is warm in nature, and too much food will cause heat to get angry. Therefore, people who are hot and yin deficiency should not eat more. Eating more can cause gums, swelling, bleeding, and epistaxis.

Severely suffer from the so-called “litchi disease” that people commonly see.

  Pears and grapefruit are not everyone can eat their cold, too much food can hurt yang, body yang deficiency, cold chills limbs, weak spleen and stomach, pregnant women should not eat more or better not eat.

  You cannot eat fruit tomatoes, persimmons, oranges, hawthorn, bananas, almonds, etc. on an empty stomach.

Because tomatoes contain pectin, hangar phenol, and astringent astringent, if eaten on an empty stomach, they will combine with gastric acid to increase the pressure in the stomach and cause swelling and pain; the substance contained in persimmon and the gastric acid coagulate to form”Persimmon stone”, patients with cholesterol gallstones, kidney stones should also be careful to eat persimmons, so as not to cause deterioration of the condition; oranges contain a lot of sugar and organic acids, fasting food is prone to bloating, eh sour; hawthorn flavorAcid, fasting will produce noisy or obese stomach or even pain in the stomach; bananas have higher potassium and magnesium content, and eating bananas on an empty stomach will increase the amount of magnesium in the blood and inhibit cardiovascular effects.

  Apricots cannot be eaten on an empty stomach, nor after eating meat and starchy foods, which may cause dysfunction in the body.

  Common fruit reviews Watermelon Watermelon is a good summer summer product, but people with diabetes and people who are prone to bloating don’t eat watermelon.

Watermelons and many sugar-rich fruits are digested in the intestine rather than the stomach.

Therefore, when watermelon is eaten with foods that need to be digested with saliva and stomach, watermelon will be quickly broken down in the stomach, and then it will start to ferment and form gas, making people feel uncomfortable.

Due to the above reasons, it is appropriate to eat watermelon separately from other foods, and eat them on an empty stomach or after eating other foods for two hours.

  Banana chills and weak stomachs are not suitable for eating bananas.

Because bananas digest slowly in the stomach and intestines, they are not good for the gallbladder.

  Grapes Grapes are best eaten two days after picking because freshly picked grapes produce a lot of gas in the small intestine.

The inner membrane of grape skin is rich in nutrients, but it is better not to eat the skin and core. They are difficult to digest and swell.

  Tangerines Tangerine tastes sour and cool.

It has the effects of regulating qi and moisturizing the lungs, sobering and stopping diarrhea.

Oranges can dampen phlegm, detoxify and cough, and treat lumbago and lumbago.

But “yin is often inadequate, and yang is often more than enough” people should eat less, so as not to “get burned.”

“Coconut has a sweet flavor, which has beneficial effects on gas and insects.

Coconut juice and pulp are both edible. When ripe coconuts are shaken slightly, you will hear the impact of the juice.

  Apples are beautiful in color, sweet and crisp. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that apples are flat and have the effects of replenishing the heart and lungs, replenishing and detoxifying, nourishing qi and stomach, and sobering and flattening the liver.

However, due to the dissolution of fructose and fruit acid, it has a corrosive effect on the teeth. It is best to rinse and brush your teeth in time after eating.

  Pomegranate pomegranate flesh is bright and shiny, and is sour.

Chinese medicine believes that pomegranate is warm and astringent, moisturizing and astringent, and treats throat thirst, quenches thirst, refreshes astringent, stops diarrhea, and astringent kidneys.

But eating more easily hurt teeth and sputum.

  Pineapple is sweet and sour, has a good level of effect, and is effective for nephritis, edema, hypertension, and bronchitis.

However, it is clinically found that some people can cause allergies after eating pineapple, commonly known as “pineapple disease” or “pineapple poisoning”. Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and allergic symptoms, headaches occur at 15 minutes to 1 hour after consumption.Dizziness, flushing of the skin, purpleness of the whole body, numbness of the limbs and tongue; severe fainting, and even shock and other symptoms, so those with a history of pineapple allergies should not eat.

  Litchi lychee can supplement brain fitness and make the whole body puzzle.

There is a poem: “Three hundred litchis of sun-dried litchi, long-term lingnan people.

“In fact, you ca n’t eat more litchi at a time. Eating more food can lead to anger, cause glucose metabolism disorders in the body, and cause” litchi disease “(that is, low blood sugar).Those who are mild are nausea, sweating, thirsty, weak, and dizziness, coma, etc.

Therefore, do not eat more litchi, especially children should not eat a lot.

  Mango Mango flesh is golden, sweet and juicy.

Peel can cure eczema and dermatitis.

But do not eat with spicy things, eat more harmful to human kidneys.

  Yuzu Yuzu contains insulin, vitamins, nicotinic acid, sugars, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and lipids.

Sweet and sour, cold.

It can breathe down, reduce inflammation, refresh food and sober, has unique hypoglycemic effect, and can also beautify long hair.

  Plums Plums are delicious and juicy, clearing the liver and warming the blood, promoting blood circulation, and have the magical effect of beauty and hair.

Plums eat more sputum, damage teeth, and patients with weak constitution should eat less.

According to previous experience, plums that are bitter or floating in water are toxic and should not be eaten.

Aerobics that can make your behavior elegant

Aerobics that can make your behavior elegant

What can I do to make my head, neck, and hips fit? Sitting, standing, and graceful?

How can I endure the stress and health threat, stretch my body, and make my body full of energy?

Let’s practice a full range of health exercises together, all imaginations can be realized!

  Low back exercise is a tense and fast-paced working lifestyle that keeps the low back in the “hub area” from issuing “alarms”. How to deal with these problems accompanying the shadow, come and exercise with me!

  1. Waist contraction exercise Hold your hands high, cross your fingers, separate your feet, and shoulder width, and then slowly bend to the side, bend to the limit, stand still for 10 seconds, and then change direction.

Repeat 5 times.

  2. The back movement is a natural sitting posture, with the elbows bent, the sides lifted sideways, both hands fists, the fist heart facing down, the chest, the head down.

Then, look up, straighten your chest, and do chest expansion exercises.

Repeat 10 times.

  Knee exercises keep on exercising knee joint function, which can avoid severe pain caused by stiff knee joints.

  1. Sit naturally on the ground, straighten your legs, and support your hands on the ground.

The left leg flexed and turned internally, contracted and grounded, the body’s center of gravity shifted backward, and remained stationary for 20 seconds.

  2. Stand at the table, put your hands on the table, raise your hind legs, rest for 5 seconds, then lower them slowly, and repeat the legs alternately 5 times.

  3. Hold the back of the chair with your left hand, and reset your left foot with the right hand holding the slowly curved inward leg.

Stretch as much as possible.

After 5 seconds of rest, the posture is restored, and the legs are changed 5 times each.

How do people who stay up late often care?

How do people who stay up late often care?

In modern society, the work of rhythm and stress is recognized. If you don’t get there, you must be especially lucky.

The normal rhythm of the body during day and night is disturbed, affecting vision, stomach and sleep.

So, how do people who stay up late often care about themselves?

  Most of the people staying up late are people who do text work or use computers frequently. It is easy to make eye muscles fatigue and vision loss in the dim light.

Vitamin A and vitamin B have certain effects on preventing vision loss. Vitamin A can regulate the synthesis of retinal photoreceptors, which can enhance the adaptability of day and night workers to dim light and prevent visual fatigue.

Therefore, you should eat more carrots, leeks, squid and other foods rich in vitamin A, as well as vitamin B lean meat, fish, pig liver and other animal foods.

In addition, it should be supplemented appropriately, eat some fruits, vegetables and protein foods such as meat, eggs, etc. to supplement physical exertion, but do not eat big fish and meat.

  Eat some peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts and other dried fruit foods, which are rich in protein, vitamin B, vitamin E, calcium and iron minerals and vegetable oils, and the content is very low, which has special effects on restoring physical fitness.
  In addition to working hard in the diet, the day and night to prove that there is also physical exercise.

If you feel lack of energy or want to sleep during the night, you should do gymnastics or go outdoors.

Since staying up late will take up the time of normal sleep, it does not hinder the act of acting on sleep.

When you go home in the following class, you can close your eyes and keep a refreshing moment in the car, or arrange a nap for yourself during the lunch break of the unit. You can restore your strength and refresh your spirit.

Aphrodisiac Cordyceps Mutton Soup

Aphrodisiac Cordyceps Mutton Soup

Materials: 750 grams of lamb, 20 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, 30 grams of Chinese yam, 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 4 slices of ginger, and 4 dates

  Practice 1.

Wash the lamb, cut into pieces, and remove the odor with boiling water.


Cordyceps sinensis, Huai yam, Chinese wolfberry, washed with mutton, ginger, jujube into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boiled with huohuo, simmer for 3 hours, season for use.

  Efficacy Wen Bugan kidney, Yijing impotence.

Liver and kidney deficiency, or insufficient kidney yang, symptoms of impotence, slippery waist, soft feet, nocturia, frequent infertility, infertility, or women brought under the cold and infertile.

Recently used in women with uterine dysplasia or male semen scarcity.

  Indicating that the kidney is the innate foundation, the two organs of water and fire, if congenital deficiency or excessive room labor, the kidney essence is deficient, and impotence, coldness, apathy, infertility and other symptoms appear.Aphrodisiac.
This soup uses the precious Chinese herb Cordyceps sinensis as its main ingredient, which can benefit kidney and yang, nourish yin and nourish essence, and is a good product of yin and yang.Life-saving gate.

“With warm lamb and liver mutton, the effects complement each other.

Lycium barbarum nourishes liver and kidneys and is good at replenishing essence and qi.

Huaishan medicine strengthens the spleen, solidifies the kidney and astringent essence, not only tonify the spleen and kidney, but also nocturnal emission. It is used with wolfberry to supplement but not dry.

Ginger and stomach are cut off, candied dates are sweetened, and camps are dried.

Combined into soup, tonifying liver and kidney, aphrodisiac and refining essence, it is a tonic for rejuvenation of middle-aged and elderly people.

  Note that the external sense of fever, damp and hot inside should not use this soup.

Five questions to self-examine your relationships

Five questions to self-examine your relationships

First, do you count others?

  Anyone will hate the calculations behind others. Calculating others is also one of the most dangerous behaviors in the workplace. The consequences of such behaviors will be cast aside by colleagues, and lose their jobs or even lose their reputation.

If you often have the idea of putting your career at the top as “enemy” or “enemy”, and do everything you can to defeat the other party, then it is necessary for you to replace it. As the boss, he absolutely does not want his ownThe bosses are entangled with each other. The boss hopes that each employee can give play to their strengths and bring more benefits to themselves, and each other will only increase internal friction and damage their own business. The colleagues around them are also those who like to move around.People who use dark arrows and dark arrows because everyone wants a harmonious and relaxed working environment and work with people who share their interests.

  Second, do you often compromise with others?

  Of course, there will be competing elements in dealing with colleagues, so it is important to use the attitude of acceptance and rejection correctly.

A person who can only refuse others will invite everyone’s participation, while a person who will only compromise with others will not only be aggrieved by himself, but also be regarded as a good old man with low ability, unbearable capacity, and easy to be used.

Therefore, we must pay attention to adhering to certain principles in our work, and we will inevitably get involved in such incidents that endanger the interests of the company, help gangs, and harm others.

In such cases, pay attention to maintaining neutrality and avoid being used by others.

  Third, do you like to ask others about their privacy?

  In a civilized environment, everyone should respect the possibilities of others.

If you find that you have a strong interest in the private ownership of others, you should reflect on it.

Peering into the privacy of others has always been a matter of low personal quality and no cultivation.

Maybe there are many situations that happen unintentionally. Sometimes, you occasionally find the strange secret behavior of a good friend, and you tell others by accident, which will cause harm to your friends and even lose your friendship.

Occasional faults may be compensated by explanations, but if such incidents occur several times, then you have to psychologically replace your problems.

In addition, in addition to learning to respect others, you must maintain a proper distance in your interactions with colleagues, and be careful not to intrude into the “territory” of others, so as to avoid being ignored by bored people.

  Fourth, do you often work with emotions?

  If you are often affected by unpleasant events at work and make you emotionally out of control, then you have made a taboo.

If you see something that you do n’t like and it is obvious, it will only cause your colleagues to hate you.

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, and should try to learn to be tolerant or silent about someone or something they don’t like.

Your own likes and dislikes are not necessarily in line with other people’s opinions. If you often and easily comment on others, you will also cause other people’s disgust.

  Five, do you often borrow money from colleagues?

  It is important to manage the economic relationship between colleagues.

Because you usually party and play together, there may be more economic exchanges. The best way is the AA system.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with borrowing money from colleagues in special circumstances, but remember to return it as soon as possible.

If you often borrow money from others, you will be considered an unplanned person, and others believe that you have mistrust in your dealings with others.

Remember not to owe anyone a dollar, and take this as a principle.

Of course, do n’t stick to the rules, do n’t insist on refusing when your colleagues are pleased to entertain, and remember to say more congratulations.

  The above five areas are very sensitive areas in workplace interpersonal relationships. If you find that your behavior has changed with these rules during the self-examination, don’t be stubborn. Be sure to adjust your mindset and try to correct it.

  There are many rules in the workplace that need to be followed. Everyone in the workplace should maintain the good habits of self-examination and self-examination. Some of them should be changed as soon as possible and appropriately compensated. Otherwise, it takes time to warn and adjust the psychology and behavior with a positive attitude.

Only in this way can our interpersonal relationships in the workplace be harmonious, and we can enjoy that kind of warmth in work and life.

Mooncake health: red and white lotus seed can nourish blood and qi

Mooncake health: red and white lotus seed can nourish blood and qi

The lotus seed is the main raw material of the lotus and lotus mooncake filling. The lotus seed is divided into red lotus seed and white lotus seed. Therefore, the lotus seed is also divided into red and white lotus seed.

The lotus seed is the seed of the lotus family lotus. When the autumn fruit matures, the lotus room is cut, the fruit is removed, and the peel is removed. After drying, it is the red lotus seed. After processing and peeling, the red lotus seed becomes white lotus seed.

From the nutritional point of view, red and white lotus seeds are almost the same. They all need protein, starch and calcium, phosphorus, iron, and multivitamins and other nutrient elements, which are suitable for young and old. From a medicinal point of view,Lotus seed has the functions of tonifying qi, nourishing heart and kidney, sedating and soothe the nerves, strengthening the spleen and stomach, etc. It can be used for weak constitution or weak postpartum spleen and stomach, upset and irritability, insomnia and dreams, loss of appetite, and women’s blood deficiency, backache, leucorrheaIncreased, complications such as nocturnal emission of men with kidney qi deficiency, red lotus seeds are more used to nourish blood and beauty, while white lotus seeds are slightly better at tonic; white lotus seeds are soft and glutinous when cooked, and have a delicious fragrance, and red lotus seeds are not easy to cookRotten, hard and slightly astringent.

  Although lotus seeds have a good nourishing effect, after adding the filling, the added sugar and oil are added to turn into high-faeces, high-sugar foods. Eating more will not only affect blood sugar, blood lipids, but also is not conducive to perfusion health. Therefore,Whether or not the monthly cake can only be tasted, it is best to eat only one quarter each time, too much secretion and oil in the diet.

Mooncakes are best brewed with a cup of hot tea or a cup of boiling water, which can help to remove oiliness. At the same time, because of the low content of tea, coffee and other drinks are more suitable than cola.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that moon cakes are sweet and greasy. When they are hot, they “melt” (digestion) and when they are cold, they “coagulate” (stagnation), which can easily lead to nausea, anorexia, abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal symptoms.

In addition, vinegar drinks are also a good match for moon cakes. Among them, acetic acid can soften blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, and eliminate the effects of digestion and accumulation. It can promote the dissolution of calcium, phosphorus, and iron in food, which is beneficial to the body’s absorption of nutrients.Better spleen and stomach and digestive effect.

Eat Eucommia to make men yin and aphrodisiac

Eat Eucommia to make men yin and aphrodisiac

Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the innate foundation, which mainly grows, develops, and reproduces.

If the kidneys fail, a series of signs of aging will appear.

Eucommia mainly has liver and kidney replenishment. The role of strengthening bones and bones is recorded in the book “Medical Herbal Medicine”: “Eucommia ulmoides, replenishes the kidney and enters the liver, and is warm in nature, can eliminate itching, decapsulation, and soft necessities of palsy. It must be used for athlete’s foot pain., The dream of the tire slippery is about to be.

Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that Eucommia has a long-lasting antihypertensive effect, can improve symptoms such as dizziness, insomnia, and diuretic effects, and there is no “rapid tolerance” phenomenon.

The effect of eucommia ulmoides for men is to nourish yin and yang 1, to nourish yin and yang, and to nourish the liver and kidney.

The effect is much better than Huiren Shenbao.

2, strong muscles and bones, eliminate fatigue.

The elongation rate of anti-fatigue effect is 100%.

3. Improve immunity and delay aging.

Taking ve keeps you youthful and beautiful, and the anti-aging effect of Eucommia is more than 4 times that of VE.

4, two-way regulation of blood pressure.

The so-called two-way regulation of blood pressure is that the hypertension can be lowered and the low blood pressure can be increased. Eucommia is the only plant in the world that has two-way regulation of blood pressure without any side effects.

The reason is that terpineol diglucose carbohydrate content is extremely high.

5. Prevent flu and fight against hepatitis B virus.

Rich in chlorogenic acid, it is the active ingredient of nearly 60 antiviral drugs.

6, fat-free beauty, thin body waist.

Eating pigskin and chicken feet to maintain skin is because pigskin and chicken feet are rich in collagen, which can make the skin smooth and elastic, while Eucommia contains 77 times the collagen.

Eucommia can also allow adults to fully burn, but it does not produce births and it is easy to lose weight.

Eucommia is suitable for people: suitable for patients with hypertension, women with habitual abortion, patients with sequelae of polio, and those with insufficient kidney gas.

Yin Huowang who take caution.

(The kidney deficiency and fire are not suitable for use, that is, when used with Huangbai, Zhimu.

) Eucommia guide: it can be used to make tea, make wine, or be added to dishes as an adjunct when cooking.

Those with insufficient liver and kidney, sore waist and knees, or weak feet and knees, can be compatible with psoralen, walnut kernel, etc .; This product is often used for unsteady fetal movement or habitual fetal movement caused by instability.

May use boiled jujube alone as a pill; or compatible with continuous cut off, mulberry parasitization, cooked rehmannia glutinosa, etc. to enhance the effect of kidney and fetal solidarity; for pregnant women, it can be combined with ginseng, Ejiao, angelica and so on.

It ‘s “God” or “Ghost”.

It ‘s “God” or “Ghost”.

There must be a boss in the workplace. Should the boss be a “god” or a “ghost”?
In fact, the boss only hopes that you can treat him / her as a “person” . I will do the rules for the boss, but he will not teach, the father will pass by;
Many bosses’ bad tempers are used by employees.
  When I met a hotel’s public relations manager, she looked very bad lately, even if she applied blush, she just had a fever.
It turns out that these days, there are constant exhibitions and conferences, and many big names have moved into the presidential suite.
She was busy at 12 o’clock on the weekday and ran over early in the weekend, holding flowers and wearing high heels standing at the door as a welcome lady.
But the same thing happened to the public relations manager of another hotel, but was treated completely differently.
When she learned that the Prime Minister of a certain country was staying at the hotel on Saturday, she arranged for a man to greet her, and she was restless and rested.
“If there are VIPs staying, the 3 colleagues in the public relations department can greet together on weekdays. If you encounter a weekend, the one on duty can be greeted.
This is the rule I make for my boss.
“The rules are made by people.
Beyond rigid rules and regulations, there is a large range of flexibility in whether to do or not to do, and how to do it.
  The boss of a company’s headquarters is coming to inspect the Chinese branch.
The schedule conveyed in the e-mail is to arrive in Shanghai on Saturday morning.
The owner of the China area immediately ordered the company to work overtime on weekends and waited.
Suddenly people were full of resentment.
At this time, his disobedient secretary promptly reminded: Should he reply to the letter and ask if he came to Shanghai on Saturday for a personal purpose?
Should we help him find a place to accompany him?
A word reminded the Chinese CEO.
I received a response from the headquarters soon: other projects will be handled on Saturday and Sunday, and the company will meet on Monday morning.
  One email saved nearly a hundred people on weekends.
  Many things are so strange.
Sometimes one thing you do unconsciously, it becomes a rule imposed on your head.
At a meeting, Xiao Li, a marketing staff member, gave everyone a glass of water out of kindness.
Who knows since then, the boss habitually asked Xiaoli with a smile: “Can you bother you with a glass of water?
“Step by step, step by step.
  A secretary would handle such trivial matters.
She never pours coffee for her boss.
Somehow, the boss actually called her to the conference room and let her pour a cup of coffee in the eyes.
She thought about it, brought in a cup of coffee, and quickly went out with her head raised.
I saw the boss sip a bite, and immediately looked bitter.
It turns out that this is a cup of clear coffee at 4 times the concentration, which is even more bitter than traditional Chinese medicine.
Afterwards, the secretary said innocently to the boss: “I really can’t make coffee, and I’m not your life secretary.
“Since then, the errand was completely eliminated.
  But the people in the world are so different, things are so different.
There are also such secretaries, not to mention that she usually pours coffee. Even the boss’s children are responsible for the pick-up and delivery, and she is also a secretary, nanny, and decoration worker of the boss’s house.
It is difficult for her to create such rules.
With such a good secretary, her boss probably laughed in his sleep.  Taking care of the boss in the company, he is in a position of “upper, lower, and younger”, and is particularly touched by this topic.

To put it bluntly, it’s not that I’m managing my boss (s), but it’s also being managed by my child as a boss.

Let me talk to you here.

  Thousands of words are actually just one sentence-compare heart to heart.

Based on my many years of workplace experience, the boss is also a human being. He also has passions (of course, be professional is important, but professional does not mean that he has no feelings), and he is often in the same position as you.Think about it, your manager has to report to the director, and the director has to report to the COO. The COO is big enough. There is a CEO on top. The CEO has a chairman on the top.There is an entire board of directors on top of it . In short, there is no such thing as an official, but only the size.

Therefore, as a subordinate, the pressure, challenge and “qi” that your boss has suffered, and is also suffering (believe me, the pressure on your boss is definitely much greater than yours).

Therefore, my unique policy is to treat the boss as a “person” rather than a “god”. Think about him or her who also needs care and care, and sometimes requires your comfort and understanding. I believe that only fromInner understanding is the starting point of all good relationships.

  Some people say that a companion like a tiger is best kept at a distance from the boss.

This is also true.

The boss is superior, the Chinese tradition is to respect the old and love the young, and think the boss is a virtue-you respect the boss from the heart, and the boss will naturally love (!


But respect is not the same as catering. I believe that any boss with a good mind can accept subordinates to raise objections within a reasonable range. However, all this must be based on respect.

For example, in a meeting two days ago, my boss and I obviously did not agree-the opinions I put forward have actually been discussed internally with the company’s different teams and reached consensus, and the boss did not understand because of a business trip some time agoThe details of the whole plan were more or less off track.

At this time, if it was a gimmick, it might hit the boss on the spot, but I chose to secretly send a text message to tell my boss-the reason is very simple. At that time, about 20 people were on the entire team, and there werePartners outside the company were present.

The boss understood the matter very well, read my text message, immediately understood my thoughts and corrected the reason behind my thoughts, immediately transferred his opinions and began to move closer to the “right” direction.

Afterwards, the boss also thanked me very much for letting her know the important information at a critical moment and making a correct judgment in a timely manner. I believe that this is a good way to make the relationship between subordinates more harmonious and trustworthy.

  Please don’t challenge me to say that I cater too much to the boss. In fact, I think this is a kind of mutual protection-the boss sometimes needs your protection.

Yes, just yesterday, I was once protected by my subordinates.

The process is not detailed-but I really thank him from the heart.

Friend, don’t think that the boss is a rock that is pressed on your head, he is also flesh and blood.

Autumn travel must pay attention to health standards

Autumn travel must pay attention to health standards

Spring and autumn travel, these two seasons are the best time to go out and visit within a year, not to mention that the autumn wind is refreshing when the National Day double festival.

In the good season, what are you hesitating, it is better to take your big bag on your back while you go on vacation and go out chicly.

  In autumn, the sky is high and the clouds are pale and the red leaves are spotty.

In the autumn, apart from carefully choosing travel agencies, long-term contracts, and purchasing insurance, what else should you pay attention to?

  Pay attention to safety Autumn is a good time to climb the mountains and enjoy the autumn leaves. Be sure to pay attention to safety when enjoying the beautiful scenery.

When traveling in natural scenic areas, try not to go to inaccessible or undeveloped areas by yourself to prevent getting lost and causing accidents.

When climbing mountains and mountains, do not wear leather shoes or high heels to avoid sprains or falls.

Don’t climb climbing stones, trees, houses or wading in order to enjoy some “out of reach” scenery.

Do not enter the deep grass casually to prevent being bitten by wild rats, poisonous snakes or other animals.

Do not eat wild fruits or fungi of unknown species to prevent poisoning.

  Pay attention to what you can do In autumn travel, especially when climbing, you must do what you can, with ease, and climb in a relaxed state of mind.

If necessary, prepare a walking stick, which will help you when walking down the mountain.

Mountain climbing consumes a lot of energy, which makes people more likely to feel obese and tired. Therefore, bringing enough snacks, such as chocolate and peeled peanuts, can help replenish your energy.

Remember to bring water, but don’t need too much, it is best to quench your thirst and not constitute a travel burden.

  Attention to “Meteorological Allergies” Autumn long-distance travel must pay attention to: “Meteorological allergies” may occur under different weather conditions.

The main symptoms are headache, nausea, insomnia, and irritability. Individuals may have diarrhea, fever, and joint pain.

Preventive methods: First, pay attention to listening to the weather before going out, and add and remove clothing reasonably according to weather changes to prevent sudden changes in weather; Second, the elderly and people with weak constitutions should not go to places where they live with climate changeTravel, people with cardiovascular disease should not go to the plateau, rheumatism patients should not go to the forest attractions, in order to prevent the disease from getting worse; Third, prepare some commonly used medicines before travel, in case of urgent needs.

  Pay attention to disease prevention In the cool autumn, camping with friends in scenic locations is particularly comfortable, but beware of the “invasion” of wild pathogens.

At the top, the wild is the habitat for rodents and glands, while rodents and glands are the main source of infection for diseases such as “hemorrhagic fever”.

Therefore, when picnicking or camping in the autumn, tourists must know a little about the environment around the venue.

In addition, when camping, tourists should live in tents, do not hit the floor, or at least 1 meter above the ground, do not lean against the wall.

To prevent rodents from contaminating food and tableware, leftovers and leftovers must be eaten after heating or cooking.

In case of skin trauma, iodine should be applied in time for disinfection.

  Shoes: You must choose a pair of hiking shoes when going out.

The ideal opening for hiking shoes requires enough space to make it easy to put on and take off even in perspective or snow.

The tongue of the boot needs to be waterproof.

The incident distance needs to be narrow to avoid water intrusion.

2 toes and heels?
3 layers of leather or protected.

The tip of the toe is stiff and will not cause injury to the toes by squeezing or stepping on hard ice and snow due to wearing a crampon buckle.

The heel is harder to increase the stability of the foot during the journey, so that you can step out of the foothold on a downhill slope.

  Essential medical supplies for autumn travel You can choose several vials for injection cylinders, and what medicines are in the bottles according to your needs.

The medicine should be packed in a sealed airtight vial, and the remaining space should be stuffed with cotton wool to prevent it from making a sound when it shakes.

It is best to bring analgesics, which can alleviate pain and relieve pain.

Codeine phosphate is ideal for toothache, earache and headache.

Dosage: 1 tablet every 6 hours as needed.

Anonymity is because it can cause constipation, so it can also help treat diarrhea.

It should be noted that children, patients with hypertension or people with irregular lives are not allowed to take it.