5 tricks to teach you so he can’t help but want to be near you

5 tricks to teach you so he can’t help but want to be near you

The first trick: When he is a fan of confidante.

The spiritual communication is more important. Listen to his talk, give affirmation and support at any time, and let him feel that you are the best friend to know him.

When he talks to you, you should not only listen, but also pay attention to expressing your personal opinions, indicating that you are willing to listen to his thoughts.

  Second trick: Make the other person think you are a rare woman.

Actually, though, don’t try to show how many men are pursuing you, but let him have a sense of crisis and make him think how good you are. It would be a big mistake if you don’t cherish you.

Don’t make him feel that you are obsessed with him easily, otherwise, he will think of you with contempt because it is too easy.

  The third trick: If you want to escape, you can maintain your passion.

Because the other party can’t clearly grasp your emotions, to him, you are like a fog, and he will never leave easily until he gets the answer.

Keep the attitude of being indifferent from moment to moment, let your smile become the beautiful image of his dreams.

  The fourth trick: Showing unique charm and self-confidence are always the best cosmetics. If you want to make a deep impression on the other party, then you must have your own unique style, and your taste determines what you are attracted toMan’s level.

Therefore, by determining your personal style, you can attract men with similar tastes.

  Fifth trick: maintain a sense of mystery, no matter how you call him, do not be too impatient, let him always be curious about you, is the way to maintain a normal temperature of love.

Whether you only know him for 10 minutes or 10 years, keeping some small secrets properly will make your life full of unexpected surprises.

How yoga practitioners drink milk to be healthier

How yoga practitioners drink milk to be healthier

The human body is a complex machine, and the lifestyle is the code that helps the machine function well.

The more you know about some health knowledge, the more you will get some capital for good communication with your body.

The so-called health common sense, a large part depends on the advancement of medical research, another part needs to experience from life, sum up, observe your body more, think about a way that is more suitable for you is necessary.

Some of the following alternatives to milk are scientifically analyzed and some are summarized from life and accepted by the general public. I hope they can be helpful to everyone.

  The right temperature for hot milk Friends who like to drink hot milk must not boil the milk, otherwise it will break the nutritional content in the milk and reduce the nutrition effect.

You can choose to use a microwave oven. The basic principle is: 50 grams of milk can be heated in the microwave oven for 1 minute.

  Adding coffee to milk can avoid liver damage. Sitting in front of a floor-to-ceiling window in the afternoon, drinking a cup of fragrant milk coffee is a way for many people to exchange and enjoy life.Primary and secondary, causing harm to health, because this mix will produce a less stable and difficult to digest emulsion, which will easily damage the liver.

  The clever Frenchman has found a trick to solve this problem: pour coffee into milk instead of milk, and preferably use skim milk.

This will prevent milk from spoiling in your stomach.

  As a result, many people have taken the following way to drink milk: pour skim milk in the cup.

Then drink 1/5 and fill it with coffee.

In this way, 25% of vitamin D and 30% of calcium required by the human body every day can be protected by the body.

  Milk, banana and honey can treat dysmenorrhea This is a plan proposed by an American obstetrician and gynecologist: those who have dysmenorrhea drink a cup of hot milk with a spoonful of honey before going to bed, and eat a banana to relieve pain.

The principle is simple: bananas are rich in potassium, and honey is the “rich mineral” of magnesium.

Potassium is extremely important for the intervention of nerve impulses, the blood coagulation process and the function of all cells in the human body. It can relieve emotions, suppress pain, prevent infection, and reduce blood loss during menstruation. Magnesium can help produce nerve impulses in the brain and has nerves.Hormonal active substances are maintained at normal levels.

In the later period of menstruation, magnesium can also reduce the role of psychological adjustment, help the body relax, eliminate tension and reduce stress.

Milk can supplement the excess calcium and sleep peacefully. The three can fulfill their respective duties and cooperate with each other.

  Orange juice, mandarin orange, and chocolate, which cannot be matched with milk, any of them can easily form non-digestible substances when they are referenced with milk, which affects the digestion and absorption of milk and increases the burden.

  It is not advisable to drink milk within one hour before and after taking the medicine, because it is easy to form a covering film on the surface of the medicine, so that calcium, magnesium and other minerals in the milk chemically react with the medicine to form non-content substances, which affect the release and absorption of the efficacy.

  Do not add sugar to the hot milk, you should wait until the milk has become warm or cooled before adding sugar, otherwise it is easy to form harmful substances.

It ‘s “God” or “Ghost”.

It ‘s “God” or “Ghost”.

There must be a boss in the workplace. Should the boss be a “god” or a “ghost”?
In fact, the boss only hopes that you can treat him / her as a “person” . I will do the rules for the boss, but he will not teach, the father will pass by;
Many bosses’ bad tempers are used by employees.
  When I met a hotel’s public relations manager, she looked very bad lately, even if she applied blush, she just had a fever.
It turns out that these days, there are constant exhibitions and conferences, and many big names have moved into the presidential suite.
She was busy at 12 o’clock on the weekday and ran over early in the weekend, holding flowers and wearing high heels standing at the door as a welcome lady.
But the same thing happened to the public relations manager of another hotel, but was treated completely differently.
When she learned that the Prime Minister of a certain country was staying at the hotel on Saturday, she arranged for a man to greet her, and she was restless and rested.
“If there are VIPs staying, the 3 colleagues in the public relations department can greet together on weekdays. If you encounter a weekend, the one on duty can be greeted.
This is the rule I make for my boss.
“The rules are made by people.
Beyond rigid rules and regulations, there is a large range of flexibility in whether to do or not to do, and how to do it.
  The boss of a company’s headquarters is coming to inspect the Chinese branch.
The schedule conveyed in the e-mail is to arrive in Shanghai on Saturday morning.
The owner of the China area immediately ordered the company to work overtime on weekends and waited.
Suddenly people were full of resentment.
At this time, his disobedient secretary promptly reminded: Should he reply to the letter and ask if he came to Shanghai on Saturday for a personal purpose?
Should we help him find a place to accompany him?
A word reminded the Chinese CEO.
I received a response from the headquarters soon: other projects will be handled on Saturday and Sunday, and the company will meet on Monday morning.
  One email saved nearly a hundred people on weekends.
  Many things are so strange.
Sometimes one thing you do unconsciously, it becomes a rule imposed on your head.
At a meeting, Xiao Li, a marketing staff member, gave everyone a glass of water out of kindness.
Who knows since then, the boss habitually asked Xiaoli with a smile: “Can you bother you with a glass of water?
“Step by step, step by step.
  A secretary would handle such trivial matters.
She never pours coffee for her boss.
Somehow, the boss actually called her to the conference room and let her pour a cup of coffee in the eyes.
She thought about it, brought in a cup of coffee, and quickly went out with her head raised.
I saw the boss sip a bite, and immediately looked bitter.
It turns out that this is a cup of clear coffee at 4 times the concentration, which is even more bitter than traditional Chinese medicine.
Afterwards, the secretary said innocently to the boss: “I really can’t make coffee, and I’m not your life secretary.
“Since then, the errand was completely eliminated.
  But the people in the world are so different, things are so different.
There are also such secretaries, not to mention that she usually pours coffee. Even the boss’s children are responsible for the pick-up and delivery, and she is also a secretary, nanny, and decoration worker of the boss’s house.
It is difficult for her to create such rules.
With such a good secretary, her boss probably laughed in his sleep.  Taking care of the boss in the company, he is in a position of “upper, lower, and younger”, and is particularly touched by this topic.

To put it bluntly, it’s not that I’m managing my boss (s), but it’s also being managed by my child as a boss.

Let me talk to you here.

  Thousands of words are actually just one sentence-compare heart to heart.

Based on my many years of workplace experience, the boss is also a human being. He also has passions (of course, be professional is important, but professional does not mean that he has no feelings), and he is often in the same position as you.Think about it, your manager has to report to the director, and the director has to report to the COO. The COO is big enough. There is a CEO on top. The CEO has a chairman on the top.There is an entire board of directors on top of it . In short, there is no such thing as an official, but only the size.

Therefore, as a subordinate, the pressure, challenge and “qi” that your boss has suffered, and is also suffering (believe me, the pressure on your boss is definitely much greater than yours).

Therefore, my unique policy is to treat the boss as a “person” rather than a “god”. Think about him or her who also needs care and care, and sometimes requires your comfort and understanding. I believe that only fromInner understanding is the starting point of all good relationships.

  Some people say that a companion like a tiger is best kept at a distance from the boss.

This is also true.

The boss is superior, the Chinese tradition is to respect the old and love the young, and think the boss is a virtue-you respect the boss from the heart, and the boss will naturally love (!


But respect is not the same as catering. I believe that any boss with a good mind can accept subordinates to raise objections within a reasonable range. However, all this must be based on respect.

For example, in a meeting two days ago, my boss and I obviously did not agree-the opinions I put forward have actually been discussed internally with the company’s different teams and reached consensus, and the boss did not understand because of a business trip some time agoThe details of the whole plan were more or less off track.

At this time, if it was a gimmick, it might hit the boss on the spot, but I chose to secretly send a text message to tell my boss-the reason is very simple. At that time, about 20 people were on the entire team, and there werePartners outside the company were present.

The boss understood the matter very well, read my text message, immediately understood my thoughts and corrected the reason behind my thoughts, immediately transferred his opinions and began to move closer to the “right” direction.

Afterwards, the boss also thanked me very much for letting her know the important information at a critical moment and making a correct judgment in a timely manner. I believe that this is a good way to make the relationship between subordinates more harmonious and trustworthy.

  Please don’t challenge me to say that I cater too much to the boss. In fact, I think this is a kind of mutual protection-the boss sometimes needs your protection.

Yes, just yesterday, I was once protected by my subordinates.

The process is not detailed-but I really thank him from the heart.

Friend, don’t think that the boss is a rock that is pressed on your head, he is also flesh and blood.

Big fish and big meat may not be the most nutritious


Big fish and big meat may not be the most nutritious

Zhao Tang will almost always show the performance of each patient: don’t eat a lot of meat, big fish and big meat is not good for the body, and eating more staple food can enhance physical fitness.

銆€銆€Diet and meat are not necessarily healthy Chinese medicine believes that fish, meat is a raw material.

鐥?is a harmful waste of the human body, it will split blood vessels; it will stagnate in the meridians, making the meridians unreasonable; it can form agglomerated tumors, thrombotic plaques; it can be deposited in the internal organs, so that the internal organs can not work normally; can reduce human immunityForce, people suffering from colds, inflammation, fever, allergies and other diseases.

銆€銆€Overnutrition leads to disease, and our ancient physicians have long observed and guided.

Yan Kangyun: “I am sick and sick, and I am greedy for a small illness.
With the land in Guanzhong, the customs are good, the kitchen is shy, but the sauce is only good, and the people are sick and live.

Jiangnan Ling table, where it is full of spares, sea and earth algae are all unprepared, the common customs, and people prematurely.

The North Shizi swims to the other side, encounters its richness, thinks that Fuxin is awkward, and respects the young and the young, the mouth is full of food, the night is full of drunkenness, the four bodies are hot and stuffy, the red dew sleeps, the food and accommodation does not disappear, not overdueDay, the size is sick.

Or suffering from cholera athlete’s foot fullness, or cold and heat abuse, nucleosis, or stagnation of liver stagnation, or stagnation of the wind, I do not know medical treatment, and even die.

Everything is like this, but the cloud does not understand the soil and water, and does not know the cause of the disease.

Quietly thinking, it can be said that too much.

“Year old means the year of harvest.”

This paragraph mainly means that people with light diets are often sick and long-lived; while those who are greasy with fish and fish appear to have various types of patients, pointing out that overnutrition can lead to illness, which affects people’s health and longevity.

銆€銆€Of course, meat can’t be eaten, or you need to pay attention to a certain proportion of meat.

Zhao Tang said that the correct ratio of meat should be 4:28, that is, 4 parts, 28 parts.

銆€銆€Don’t let your diet and living habits kill your health. A girl in her twenties will accompany her mother to see Zhao Tangzhu.

After the mother’s diagnosis is completed, the little girl also joins in the fun.

Zhao Tang sees the girl’s eye circles blue, her face is green and yellow, her lips are light, she judges that the girl is malnourished, liver blood is insufficient, kidney essence is caused by deficiency, easy to dizziness, headache, powerlessness, dreams, sleep is not good, vacationNot normal symptoms.

When I asked the girl, it was.

銆€銆€The situation of this girl is a case, but it reflects the physical problems that are common to young people.

Nowadays, many young people do not eat in the morning. They eat a little hot and sour powder outside at noon. Even if the snacks such as mala Tang deal with a meal, they will always deal with the big fish in the evening.

A chaotic diet, coupled with frequent staying up late, will seriously affect your health.

銆€銆€Eating breakfast can stimulate the gallbladder contraction and contraction to discharge bile. If you do not eat breakfast, the gallbladder accumulates overnight and the bile is easy to form cholecystitis and gallstones.

In addition, from 11:00 to 1 am, it is the main season of the gallbladder. From 1 am to 3 am, it is the time of the liver. It is not sleeping during this time, and the liver and gallbladder can not get rest.

銆€銆€Food should eat more grains, the most nutritious “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” has a cloud “night lying blood to the liver”, modern research shows that people return to the liver when sleeping, the blood is more than 5 times more than during the day, this is the “liver blood”;Decompose and detoxify the wastes metabolized by the human body one day, and synthesize various nutrients in the night. This is the “hepatic blood.”

銆€銆€The function of liver detoxification is poor, the eye circles will be blue, and the face will be green and yellow; the liver will have poor blood function, and the blood will be insufficient, and the girl will not be normal.

In the long-term diet, I can’t drink a porridge in a month. How can I not use the grain?

How can you turn to the gas without eating the grain?

Do not eat grains, five internal organs are undernourished, and the kidney is collected from the five internal organs and can be hidden. How can the kidney be infertile?

In the long run, how can the body be healthy and how can it not get sick?

銆€銆€In fact, rice, wheat, beans and other food grains only raise people.

Chinese medicine talks about “grain raising five internal organs”, mainly to nourish the liver, spleen and kidney, mung bean as the valley of the liver, millet as the valley of the spleen, and black bean as the valley of the kidney.

In particular, millet porridge should be eaten regularly to raise the day after tomorrow.

And often eat millet porridge, very “foster” for people with stomach problems, insist on eating and even raise stomach problems.

Seven strokes, let the old mind stay young


Seven strokes, let the old mind stay young

Keep your brain alive.

Middle-aged and older people should use more brains, such as reading newspapers, reading, playing chess, and training a variety of hobbies.

Studies have shown that 65-year-olds who often use their brains are no worse than 35-year-olds who don’t like brains.

銆€銆€Live refers to the active finger.

Frequent activities of the fingers, doing two hands alternating exercise and turning the fitness ball can stimulate the two hemispheres of the brain, have brain and brain puzzle, and delay the function of brain aging.

銆€銆€Turn to convert sports of different natures.

Such as reading, writing, should be converted in time to other activities of different nature, so that the brain nerves are relaxed without excessive fatigue, so that the brain power to maintain the best state.

銆€銆€Participate in social activities and sports activities.

Make new friends, to accept the infection of youthful vitality, often maintain a happy mood, and get rid of the lonely living environment.

銆€銆€Sleep well and sleep well, to ensure adequate sleep.

Middle-aged and elderly people should learn to live normally, arrange their work schedules reasonably, and ensure that they have eight hours of sleep per day.

銆€銆€Adjust the diet.

Make coarse and fine grain size, mix with meat, eat less animal waste and sugary foods.

Listen and listen to beautiful songs.

Beautiful melodies can adjust the function of the central nervous system, giving people a feeling of joy and joy.

1 minute, let her reach the peak of sexual blessing

1 minute, let her reach the peak of “sexual blessing”

Men and women reach a climax together, sometimes they are less satisfied.
銆€銆€Usually both parties plan to let each other’s climax come together.
However, in fact, such a plan will make each other even more unsatisfied, because when a woman is about to reach a climax, she will be confused and unable to concentrate.
Therefore, it is best to let the woman freely discover the time of the arrival of the climax, rather than deliberately adjust or control it.
After a woman reaches a climax, a man can immediately reach a climax or wait a little longer.
銆€銆€Men and women reach a climax together, although they will concentrate on a strong pleasure, but the excitement of men will disappear immediately, and the intimacy between them will suddenly disappear.
銆€銆€This minute women are still enjoying the full excitement of men.
But it will disappear in the next minute.
Similarly, when a man is enjoying his thrill of excitement, he also loses the opportunity to experience all the pleasures of a woman.
Before the men’s climax, he can still feel the excitement of the woman’s slowly intensifying. When his climax comes, he is too focused on his own intensity, so that he can’t feel the excitement of the woman and her right.His love.


Recommend mung bean soup to eat new ways to cool off

Summer is hot and there is no appetite?
Recommend mung bean soup to eat new ways to cool off

The benefits of eating mung beans in the summer are cool and mute, so sweet, and more green mung bean soup in the summer is good for summer heat.

If you want to use mung bean soup to prevent heat stroke, you can directly cook mung bean water, or cook with honeysuckle, and drink a proper amount every day to solve the effect of a heatstroke.

The detoxified mung bean is rich in protein, and the raw green mung bean protein is so high that it can protect the inhaled mucosa.

Mung bean protein, sulphide and flavonoids can be combined with organophosphorus pesticides, mercury, arsenic and lead compounds to form precipitates that reduce or lose toxicity and are not easily absorbed by the inhalation channel.

Many bioactive substances in mung beans have antioxidant effects.

Promoting appetite is caused by a hot climate. In summer, it is easy to have loss of appetite. Mung beans are rich in protein, and phospholipids can not only supplement the nutrients needed by the body, but also play an exciting role.To promote appetite.

The kidney specialist believes that trypsin in mung bean is a kind of protein that can help reduce the decomposition of protein and reduce the damage caused by protein decomposition. Therefore, it can play a role in protecting the health of the kidney. In fact, the kidney is the innate nature of the human body.To a protective role, nature can also reduce the invasion of many diseases.

Mung bean new way to eat lily green bean soup material: fresh lily 100 grams, 250 grams of green beans, sugar amount.

Practice: Mung beans are washed away with impurities, and the lily is peeled off and washed.

Put the mung beans in the pot, add water to boil, turn to low heat and cook until the mung bean blossoms, add the lily, continue to cook, go to the mung bean, when the lily is cooked, put the sugar, wait for the mash to open, and put it into the soup bowl.

Efficacy: This soup has the effect of replenishing vital energy, detoxification and protecting the liver.

Mung bean cabbage soup material: 100 grams of green beans, 3 cabbage hearts.

Wash the mung beans, add the washed cabbage heart when cooked to a quick cook, cook for 20 minutes on low heat, and drink the soup.

Efficacy: This soup has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, reducing swelling and relieving pain.

Mung bean licorice soup material: 150 grams of green beans, 60 grams of licorice.

Mung beans, licorice washed, put 500 ml of water in the pot, boil over low heat and cook for 15 minutes, drink soup.

Efficacy: This soup has the effect of detoxification, especially because some fruits and vegetables remain in the body to accumulate toxins, you can often drink this soup to detoxify.