Don’t want to breathe in winter and eat less heavy food

Don’t want to breathe in winter and eat less heavy food

In winter, I don’t want to breathe badly. The main point is to pay attention to balanced diet. Don’t eat too much greasy and spicy food. In order to keep warm, exercise is actually more effective than high-fat and high-energy diet to lose weight.

  In winter, pay attention to drink more water, which is less rain and dry, heating and air conditioning, it is easier to dry mouth, and insufficient saliva in the mouth is also a major cause of breath problems.

If you have a problem with your breath, you can drink more tea, as the tea will improve and the aroma will improve.

You can also massage the salivary glands and insert your fingers into the subauricular, subauricular, and sublingual glands to promote saliva secretion.

  To eliminate breath, you should pay attention to daily diet in the morning and evening. Always brush your teeth, rinse your mouth after meals, and brush your teeth properly. After brushing your teeth, you should also brush the inner wall of your mouth to understand the correct use of dental floss and mouthwash.

In addition, bad mood can affect oral hygiene, so pay attention to maintaining a stable mood.

  The most important thing is to establish good eating habits.

Eating less sour, spicy, hot, cold, spices and other irritating diets is not good for your breath, but will damage the oral mucosa and cause ulcers. However, don’t choose to be partial to picky eaters and try to balance.

The following foods can be eaten in moderation: Eat millet healthy cereals Millet can reduce oral bacteria growth.

Adding celery and fennel to the millet diet has a better effect on preventing bad breath.

  Watercress Watercress is rich in chlorophyll, which has the effect of cleaning the mouth and stomach, and promoting digestion.

  Alfalfa sprouts are the main ingredients of alfalfa sprouts salad, which helps to clean teeth and refresh your breath.

  If the medicine is not suitable for celery, it will not prevent chewing celery after meals, which can effectively remove oral odor.

  Fruits are best eaten alone, not with other foods.

  Eating raw food and drinking fruit juice, eating certain foods and drinking fruit juice will help reduce digestive system toxins, and boots will relieve bad breath.

  Low sugars and refined carbohydrates Foods such as these originally caused not only dental caries, but also a large increase in metabolic yeast and harmful microorganisms.

  Taking digestive enzymes Digestive enzymes and enzyme inhibitor capsules are all good for fresh breath. Ingesting digestive enzymes during meals can promote the digestion and decomposition of food and prevent the production of unpleasant gases.

Bread is more important than love in the office

Bread is more important than love in the office

Do n’t be impressed by the new handsome guy, even if his big eyes and curly hair make you distracted, do n’t rub the CD lipstick and spray Envy perfume for him, and teach others to print the phone, stick the saliva,In less than two weeks you found out that he was a playboy and regretted it, but found that the entire company has already learned that you are a super big fanatic, so that even if the heavens and the flowers are reborn, please retain a little OL whatsoeverThe elegance and stubbornness of life, otherwise, the good impression of gentleness and restraint over the years would be ruined once and worthless.

  Do n’t love your boss. He is handsome, gentle, soft, magnetic, and sexy again. Please do n’t look in your eyes and love, especially if you know that the goods will not be returned, and the wife is happy.

Do n’t love him, do n’t miss him, do n’t give him a lot of concern for his considerate care, he ca n’t give you results, you ca n’t give him promises, love to love, to go for free, hurt, does not affect the future ‘s good work, limited rumors in the industry circleYou can’t avoid it, you just have to change your career and start with the intern.-The supreme treasure in the Westward Journey will say: What is it?

Why bother?

  Also don’t love your subordinates. The young boy who graduated from college has not yet consumed his youthful blood in the university, so he can consume it, but you?

You can easily be promoted to be a good department manager within five years of graduation. I don’t know how many people are embarrassingly delaying you. How can you slap yourself in his childish eyes?

How can you ignore the apartment building and the POLO car you just bought?

No, don’t fall in love with him, don’t overestimate the energy of the old heart in your chest, don’t end up hitting your teeth and blood swallow, just watch him go away, the newcomer approaches, and replace you with a smile.

  About your colleague, Robert Zhang who sent Qiubo secretly, Tony Wang who sent flowers and sugar, if you are interested, you can push half or half to go out to eat and sing with them. If you are not interested, please tell others earlier. Thank you. A love happened in the same companyThe most successful ending by convention is that one of them has to change places to develop himself, unless you fight with him guerilla and fight underground, unless you and him do n’t really want to find an arm and arms warm to each other,But in fact, this kind of fast food love is the longest, but the flowers on your desk are not thrown into the trash early in the afternoon and a half?

  You do n’t have to be impassioned to say these words too pessimistic, you do n’t have to pick your own scalp, moths flirt with fire, and love and count again. Please look at it first. Workplace and love scene are basically two concepts and two concepts.Injuries and injuries are completely destroyed from feelings to futures, and then look back, it is too late, how many fresh people have already cultivated adult spirits waiting for you.

  The office doesn’t believe in love. Don’t blindly love others. Please, love yourself first, consider yourself first, make clear of your responsibilities and tasks, and then make full use of the time outside 8 hours.

Love is a war, or you can give your heart to your body, but please keep your work to the end.

Calisthenics where you want to lose weight

Calisthenics where you want to lose weight

Exercise is the inedible part of weight loss.

To lose weight in a healthy way, you should choose your favorite exercise and persist in it.

The following editors introduce you to aerobics with skinny legs, thin waists, abdomen and hips, and exercise for the parts you want to improve.


Slim legs sit on the ground, legs straight forward, and hands on the ground behind them to support the weight of the body.

Place a reel under the top, slowly roll the reel from your alignment to the foot offset, and then roll it to the alignment, 2.

Sit behind the legs, sit on the scroll with your left leg, bend your right leg, put your hands on the ground behind you, and support your body a.

Roll the reel so that it rolls from the main shaft to the top position, b.

Change legs.


With the quadriceps face down, place the scrolls at the left and right positions a.

The body leans towards the left leg, using the left leg as a support, b.

Let the scroll roll between contraction and hip, as shown in Figure (c).

Change legs.

Sit close to the ground, with the scroll behind you, your hands interlaced behind your head, your upper body leaning back, and lying on the scroll a.

Contract the abdomen and chest, and slowly roll the scroll 5.

Lying on the ground on the outside of the leg, the scroll is placed under the left of the buttocks a.

Tighten the abdomen and tibia, keep the body balanced, and slowly roll the scroll from the hip to the alignment b.

Repeat on the other side.


Lying on the left, front and side, with the scroll under the arm socket a.

Tighten the abdomen and tibia, keep the body balanced, and slowly let the scroll from the underside of the ribs under the arm b.

Repeat on the other side.

Sit on the scroll with your left leg on your right knee, your body weight on your left hip, and your hands on the floor to support your weight.

Slowly let the scroll roll forward.

Practice on the other side.

Aphrodisiac Cordyceps Mutton Soup

Aphrodisiac Cordyceps Mutton Soup

Materials: 750 grams of lamb, 20 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, 30 grams of Chinese yam, 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 4 slices of ginger, and 4 dates

  Practice 1.

Wash the lamb, cut into pieces, and remove the odor with boiling water.


Cordyceps sinensis, Huai yam, Chinese wolfberry, washed with mutton, ginger, jujube into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boiled with huohuo, simmer for 3 hours, season for use.

  Efficacy Wen Bugan kidney, Yijing impotence.

Liver and kidney deficiency, or insufficient kidney yang, symptoms of impotence, slippery waist, soft feet, nocturia, frequent infertility, infertility, or women brought under the cold and infertile.

Recently used in women with uterine dysplasia or male semen scarcity.

  Indicating that the kidney is the innate foundation, the two organs of water and fire, if congenital deficiency or excessive room labor, the kidney essence is deficient, and impotence, coldness, apathy, infertility and other symptoms appear.Aphrodisiac.
This soup uses the precious Chinese herb Cordyceps sinensis as its main ingredient, which can benefit kidney and yang, nourish yin and nourish essence, and is a good product of yin and yang.Life-saving gate.

“With warm lamb and liver mutton, the effects complement each other.

Lycium barbarum nourishes liver and kidneys and is good at replenishing essence and qi.

Huaishan medicine strengthens the spleen, solidifies the kidney and astringent essence, not only tonify the spleen and kidney, but also nocturnal emission. It is used with wolfberry to supplement but not dry.

Ginger and stomach are cut off, candied dates are sweetened, and camps are dried.

Combined into soup, tonifying liver and kidney, aphrodisiac and refining essence, it is a tonic for rejuvenation of middle-aged and elderly people.

  Note that the external sense of fever, damp and hot inside should not use this soup.

7 anti-aging events started after 25 years old


7 anti-aging events started after 25 years old

Guide: Always say anti-aging, but will 20-year-old anti-aging be too early?

Will 30 years old be too late?

When does a woman start anti-aging and start to be ideal?

And there are many ways to resist aging. Do we try every one of them?

No need to!

Remember that Xiaobian tells you 7 big things, starting your anti-aging plan at the age of 25, enough!

銆€銆€”The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: The woman was 7 years old, the kidneys were flourishing, the milk teeth were replaced, and the hair began to flourish.

At the age of 14, the scorpio was born, the pulse was smooth, the pulse was too strong, and the menstruation was on time, becoming the ability of a generation of children.

At the age of 21, the kidneys are full, the real teeth are born, and the teeth are all grown.

At the age of 28, the bones are strong and strong, and the growth of the hair reaches the most lush stage. At this time, the body is the strongest.

Since then, the body has begun to age slowly. If you start to resist from the age of 28, it will be late. The following 7 major events, it is best to start from the age of 25!

銆€銆€1, calcium supplement China live in the daily intake standard (DRI) based on elemental calcium, 800?
1200 mg.

Experts have confirmed that after 28 years of age, the calcium in the body is 0 per year.


The speed of 5% is reduced.

Chinese people’s foods contain low levels of calcium, so the daily calcium intake is not enough.

In this way, you should also add 600 mg of calcium to the elements, and you will be able to get the calcium you need every day.

銆€銆€Calcium-containing foods: daily intake of milk, kelp and dried shrimps, soy products, animal bones, vegetables, calcium supplements.

銆€銆€Experts suggest: take extra calcium supplements to meet the daily needs of the body’s calcium, measured by the elemental calcium content.

Among the several common calcium sources in the present world, the calcium content of calcium carbonate is the highest, up to 40%, which greatly exceeds calcium citrate, calcium lactate, calcium gluconate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, calcium phosphate and the like.

銆€銆€2, the supplement of cellulose in this period women often have constipation, too much trouble.

Cellulose can save women from worries, it is effective in laxative, detoxification, blood fat reduction, and excessive complications.

銆€銆€The cellulose content of common foods is as follows: vegetables: the highest content of bamboo shoots, the cellulose content of dried bamboo shoots reaches 30-40%, and the pepper content exceeds 40%.

銆€銆€Fungi (dry): The highest content of cellulose, nearly 50% of pine mushrooms, more than 30% of the arrangement according to the most to the least: hair, mushrooms, white fungus, fungus.

銆€銆€Fruit: The dried red fruit has the highest content, close to 50%, followed by mulberry, cherry, jujube, black dates, jujube, jujube, pomegranate, apple, and pear.

銆€銆€3, morning is very important for health and anti-decay. 1) Eating breakfast blood vessels every day can effectively promote metabolism and keep blood vessels and immune system young. It preferably includes cereals, fruits and dairy products.

銆€銆€The best choice for a beautiful woman’s breakfast is recommended: a cup of soy milk (yogurt) + two slices of whole wheat bread + eggs + carrots (other fruits).

This is just an example, it is not absolute, it can be added according to your own needs, but it is best to keep the daily breakfast: 1 serving of beans (milk) +1 grains of cereals +1 eggs +1 serving of vegetables and fruits.

銆€銆€b) Do not rush to get up in the morning, wake up, stretch and let the spine also have “wake up” time, which can avoid low back pain and maintain a good posture.

銆€銆€4, sleep every night on time, the best sleep is to sleep regularly 7?
8 hours.

銆€銆€Usually, sleep usually has 3 postures, supine, side and prone.

For women, the best sleeping position is to lie to the right.

銆€銆€5, before the age of 28, the stable weight of your body is best to maintain a healthy weight state, if you want to lose weight, it is best to complete before the age of 28.

In addition, after experiencing growth, your weight can no longer be compared with the index in your 20s. At this time, if you lose weight, you need long-lasting patience and can’t lose weight quickly.

銆€銆€6, taking vitamin C and vitamin e daily supplementation of more than 1200 mg of vitamin C, 400 IU of vitamin E.

These are the two most important antioxidants that can reduce harmful deposits on the walls of blood vessels.
銆€銆€7, to build a quality life-class age-added agent, it can relieve stress and relax.

Increased safe life between husband and wife to 116 will make your true age younger.
6 years old.

Easy to use white vinegar whitening method to teach you how to do


Easy to use white vinegar whitening method to teach you how to do

White vinegar fast whitening method 1: white vinegar wash white vinegar can not only make food more delicious, but also can be used as skin whitening; white vinegar whitening is a very economical and practical method, today teach you several ways to whiten with white vinegar.

White vinegar fast whitening method 2: white vinegar + salt water wiping method The simplest is to count the white vinegar wash method.

When washing your face every morning, put a small bowl of water, then add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar inside, soak your face for a few minutes, and start the normal cleansing procedure.

Every day, using white vinegar to wash your face can whiten the skin, dilute the pigmentation, and at the same time make it easier for the skin to tighten and reduce wrinkles.

White vinegar fast whitening method 3: white vinegar + melon juice face This is an upgraded version of white vinegar wash method, it is also quite simple, white vinegar, salt and water are mixed together, white vinegar, salt and water ratio is about 9:3:1, after adjusting, put a clean towel into the soak, and then rub on the face, once in the morning and evening.

For whitening and freckle, delicate skin has the same effect.

White vinegar fast whitening method 4: rice vinegar and soy bean diet to make the winter melon smashed juice, add one or two tablespoons of white vinegar, mix thoroughly and apply it on the face, it can be washed off in about 10 minutes.

Apply 2-3 times a day with white vinegar melon juice, and use it for half a month to help remove spots.

Although this is not a white vinegar, it is also a very good whitening method; that is the rice vinegar + soy whitening method.

Practice: first wash the soybeans, add the glass bottle, then add the rice vinegar equivalent to 3 times the amount of soybeans, soak the soybeans completely, then seal the bottle mouth, seal for a week, you can eat.

Sticking to 10-20 grains of vinegar and soy beans every day can achieve a rapid whitening effect. After 100 days, the skin will be very white and the color spots will be almost gone. If you keep eating, then you don’t have to worry about sunscreen whitening.

How to regulate seven kinds of medicated diet, soothe the nerves and meditate


How to regulate seven kinds of medicated diet, soothe the nerves and meditate

Suanzaoren soup: Suanzaoren three money mashed, decoction, taken one hour before going to bed every night.

Suanzaoren can inhibit the central nervous system and has a relatively constant sedative effect.

It is effective for the upset or uneasiness caused by blood deficiency.

Jingxin Soup: Longan meat, Sichuan Danshen each three money, fried in two bowls of water into a half bowl, taken 30 minutes before going to bed.

It can achieve the effect of calming, especially for insomniacs with debilitating heart and blood.

Anshen Soup: Steam the raw lily five times, add an egg yolk, stir well with 200 ml of water, add to the rock sugar, boil and mix well with 50 ml of cold water, one hour before going to bed.

Sanwei Anmian Decoction: Suanzaoren three money, Ophiopogon japonicus, Yuanzhi each money, fried into 50 ml with 500 ml of water, taken at bedtime.

All of the above three herbs have the effect of calming, soothe the nerves, calming, mixing hypnotic effects.

Longan lotus seed soup: Take longan, lotus seeds each boiled into soup, with the effect of nourishing the heart, Ningshen, spleen, kidney, most suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, long-term insomnia.

Yangxin porridge: Take 35 grams of Codonopsis pilosula, 10 pieces of nuclear jujube, 10 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, and 10 grams of scorpion god. Decoction into 500 ml with 2000 ml of water. After slag, it is cooked with washed rice and water.After adding brown sugar, take it.

For the heartbeat to speed up, forgetfulness, insomnia, and more dreamers have obvious curative effect.

Returning to zero soup: It is difficult to fall asleep, dreams are easy to wake up, can not fall asleep again after waking up, and accompanied by heart palpitations, forgetfulness, pale complexion, less fatigue, dizziness, limbs, bloating, uncomfortable stool, thin tongue and white skinInsomnia patients can take “gui spleen soup” for treatment.