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A cherry tree waiting for you

REVIEW charming fairy tale has not staged, the mysterious curtain has not yet opened.I still feel the imagination, there is still time wandering wander, wander in endless piece of a long road, watching the world before the miracle.  (A) From now on, no longer think about those unhappy, those clouds, above the confused mind empty, painful […]

[Bowl spring song prose] autumn Wrote

“Li autumn and the morning chill at night.”I felt so good early autumn. This year’s V particularly hot period, it is intolerable heat of pinched fingers counting the day of the beginning of autumn, like a longing, like one kind of look forward to, fall is finally here. “Early autumn feel older, breezy heavy desolate.Zhai […]

Gentle reading your book ( “The Window product book” essay draft)

Libraries in Shaanxi Province, is located in the provincial capital of Xi’an, one after another beautiful high-rise building.I heard that there are three library units dispersed in the Xi’an area.  Library Shaanxi Province is a place I feel longing.Can sit in the bright and spacious reading room, reading Chinese characters, scour it out foreigners mood, consciousness […]

Quiet mind people like plum

This world, there is a person, the heart like plum, quiet Apprehension, to uphold fragrance.Look at his “crosswise Shu-mei map”, and a large cross painted grass stems, cool and smooth, without losing the testimonies, again fine pens dyed, see sincere atmosphere, unrestrained in the see rigorous, can be close to release, the plum the subtle […]

Countryside idea to go back

Village firewood cloud the breeze, chirping little rooster, pig jumping high Gao; Chapman loud cry, crying, crying, laughing village sing it a “thought flowers are open,” firewood Loop donkey and mule tinkling clatter whining and firewood from butterflies cool sunny day blue sky foundation of agriculture, manure incense smoke, but also a large barbecue Village. […]

MSCI Najia welcome foreign investment to speed up the "snatch" new high positions "north" break 6000 one hundred million

Click to view foreign investment in a share is accelerating。  21st Century Business Herald reporter found that according to statistics, as of May 8 through Hong Kong and Shanghai and north of Shenzhen and Hong Kong under the market value of holdings of general term has total exceeded 6,000 billion, while net monthly purchase amount this […]

June 19 evening market impact of major policy audio Courier (attached to old things simulcast highlights)

PBOC Governor Yi Gang said in an interview on the stock market, financial market volatility affected by many factors, stock market volatility today, mainly influenced by emotional factors, surrounding the stock market also have a certain degree of decline。Since it is a market, there will be up and down, investors should remain calm, rational view。Yi […]

I can not see your tears

Love, very familiar, familiar, but unpredictable。I never owned a lover, but my heart never forget her。    I was single, she is, has been, like today, Monday, Tuesday, tomorrow is as obvious。Her single day, we are together, heartless, that may not be happy, but she really likes to laugh, sweet smile, who will read infections, mood。    I'm obsessed […]

Goldman Sachs CEO: Goldman Sachs will increase investment in China

Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lao Erde – Lloyd Blankfein, said in Beijing on the 10th, Goldman Sachs is the internationalization of RMB beneficiaries, the future will continue to increase investment in China。  Blankfein said in an Tsinghua University attended the event, said, "Twenty-first century will be the century of China, Goldman Sachs have long-term commitment […]

For the purposes of the US ZTE TUBE China for US sorghum preliminary anti-dumping

Sino-US trade started a new round of game cards。  US Department of Commerce on April 16 issued a statement saying, because the ZTE violation of the settlement agreement reached by the US government last year, will perform a seven-year export ban by the company, which means seven years US companies can not provide products to ZTE。  This […]