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Happy birthday, dusty memories of seven years

I can only use slow and slow time to find a group of people and use slow and slow time to identify a matter. Compared with the impetuous things in real life, what is more meaningful to me is a distant rock agreement, with constant wind, rain and frost, there must be some persistence, and […]

Get rid of sorrow

In life, there are always things to see, things to hear, things to think about and things to be told. When you see everything, you will think of something, think about something, review something and regret something. After that? Will bring some sorrow.   Once a person is often in a worried and sad state in […]


Sometimes, the world sees life as a dream, only to realize that everything has become a thing of the past, and then regrets that it did not cherish its failure to really do a good job in itself. Others regard it as a game, and when the game is over, they lament that they are […]

Earth book

[ Original Text ]To watch and return, to extrapolate ideas. I don’t know who invented the method of the earth book. It’s really a unique skill.. Earth books are an artistic enjoyment for both writers and appreciators. The writer leaned down and moved his steps, his eyes reached his hand, but he did not move […]

Do you go home for the New Year

Home is a piece of auspicious cloud that haunts my mind. When I think about it, I will have a fluttering mood in my heart, making me unable to do it myself.. At the end of the year, the family was always mentioned, always remembered, and the words of coming home passed quickly through the […]

Crossing – rocking

[ Editor’s Note ]Come on! Rock. Buckle up the headset and the soul is screaming. Reality is colliding. Wail – metal realistic bones and muscles, flexible and round dream of declaring war. Wonderful. Walk. Swamp. Aquatic plants. Free sailors, let you take control of all this. Groan. Sigh. Touch. My hands are already rippling with […]

Children, please be tolerant of yourself

[ Editor’s Note ]The flowers in the Botanical Garden are beautiful. No matter from which perspective, they are a pair of poems and paintings that let people stop staring at. I walked into its circle but couldn’t walk into its world. I looked through its beauty but still couldn’t understand its mind..   When I came […]

Bow a handful of ink fragrance, printing and dyeing know each other fragrant

The autumn wind came slowly, the shadows of the trees fluttered, butterflies fluttered past and drew a beautiful color.. The sky in late autumn is suffused with faint chrysanthemum fragrance, while the weeping willows in the north are dancing languidly in the autumn wind. Chenhui decorated the northern country into a poetic palace, and literati […]

Be a person who knows how to cherish you

Before I met you, I had shelved my pen and my mind, and I didn’t want to read or write. Because there is no one in my heart who thinks and has no thoughts, there is no source of inspiration. I live a dull life every day, or do things foolishly happily and foolishly. Although […]

At that moment, fixed for eternity

‘ Where the fallen leaves will go with the wind, leaving only a beautiful scene in the sky. The voice that once danced like the wings of an angel flashed across my happy past.” Whenever this familiar music sounded, my mind was mechanically reminded of that beautiful winter afternoon, the weather was cold and humid, […]