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“Salt-free” Queen Zhongli spring

Zhongli spring, after the Warring States Period, King Xuan, Hebei County salt-free, salt-free person, is one of the famous four ugly history of China.According to legend, she never married forty, very ugly unique and talented, knowledgeable.After introduce ourselves to King Xuan, the courtesy, called after.She gave a blow King Xuan, the King Xuan Zheng Zheng […]

“Search Dog” Ms. Yu: innovation never forced to the road

Outside the straits, it is paradise.Facing the Ocean, Spring and Blossom.Signed, Sogou split, Ali injection, reap what you melon, sown so we shall continue to strive to do the standard-bearer of Internet innovation!This is the night of August 8, 2010, Sogou CEO Ms. Yu Polytechnic man on a personal micro-blog wrote emotionally rich passage.On this […]

“Workers” Canning

Canning Fok, Hong Kong.1952 Annual Health.He graduated from the University of Hong Kong, the United States to study, acquire professional qualifications accountant.In the United States in mid-1979 after students returned, the Li Ka-shing of Cheung Kong reverted to the Group, as Accounting Officer.Later, he also managed to get CPA Australia qualification.1984 was promoted to executive […]

“I” is difficult, but the “I” very brave

The road is long Come, happiness and earth.A true portrayal of thousands of years ago sages of the word, it has become the living condition of many postgraduate students.December, many people say PubMed line between life on sight.Year after year, how many people realize over, many people had to leave, many people became new members […]

“unintelligent package” refers to these constellations

Some people are hot-tempered and only get angry when things happen. Some people only avoid responsibility and hide when things happen. Although it does not seem to be a very honorable thing to say, to some extent, sometimes being a “counselling package” is also a way to protect themselves.. So who is the “unintelligent” in […]

“Little Poplar” murder

Blurred with murder, between two men and two women quietly.Office romance Ninglei work did not take long to fall in an office romance.She fell in love with someone who is not, but her boss Zhang Xiangjiang.Ninglei worked for this enterprise, is the home to do plumbing equipment of private enterprises, only a dozen people.Zhang Xiangjiang […]

“Thief” stole my first love

It was the weekend, I was lying in bed ready to sleep a return of sleep, the phone rang.Drowsily open the phone and immediately felt the anxiety and tension that Ding Lili: Pan Wei, you, you come over here, my home last night stole people.Ding Lili is my colleague, and I was face to face […]

“Sky Lanterns King” Pengfei: After a 80 grass-roots legendary wealth

After a poor family of 80 came, only five years, from just over 50,000 yuan debt magnificent turn as a billionaire.This is not fiction, but in the body of the true story Pengfei.Jiang Pengfei was born in Xining are a peasant family, with two sisters and a brother, a family of six living in a […]

“School for Girls book” Poet Xue Tao and Yuan Zhen of some unfinished love

Xue Tao Tang Dynasty Music prostitutes abundant talented, beautiful and moving, carrying on her introductory 🙁 Xue Tao) flood of words, the Chang’an good and decent woman, father official all, living Xiu on “Full Tang”, then into music nationality.Debate Hui poetry, there are wind-induced forest.Xue Tao Dali was born about five years (AD 770), and […]

“Genius,” Einstein taught story

Face outstanding achievements of so many people, you might feel ashamed to say: I’m so stupid, how could it taught?I too ordinary, is not expected to become a great great man!Now I’ll give you about a teacher, principal thinks he’s taught the story of stupid people.This person is Albert Einstein.This year is considered the principal […]