2nd NBA Live Streaming: Rockets vs Warriors Online Video Watch Address_1

2nd NBA Live Streaming: Rockets vs Warriors Online Video Watching Address
At 11:30 am Beijing time on December 2, the Rockets will challenge the Warriors away.As the current league’s first team, the Warriors have won 12 consecutive victories, Houston wants to make a difference on the road, it is very difficult.Click to watch: Rockets vs. Warriors online video live Golden State Warriors (16 wins and 2 losses) is the most judged team in the league, they have won 12 consecutive victories.On the 2nd, the Warriors will take home the Houston Rockets (11 wins and 7 losses).Curry, Durant and Thompson must maintain their three muskets, Green needs to use all-round performance to help the team, and the Warriors have won 13 straight at home.The Rockets have just suffered a defeat. They haven’t experienced a losing streak this season. Harden needs the support of his teammates. They strive for an upset away game.  When visiting the Jazz, the Rockets’ performance on offense and defense was unsatisfactory. They encountered a fiasco and the team missed a three-game winning streak on the road trip.When visiting the Warriors, the Rockets want to break through and rebound, and they strive to overturn the league’s best record team.The Rockets have not suffered a losing streak this season, and they hope to continue this momentum, then the team will go to win in Oakland.  I think every game is very important to us, this is a correct ruler, Harden novel, we are trying to do something.I haven’t watched their games. Their record is quite good. I focus on making progress with my teammates and coaches.  Harden averaged 28 per game this season.7 points, 11.9 assists and 7.With 2 rebounds, he brought great help to the team during offense. He is also the team’s offensive engine.When confronting the Warriors, Harden wanted to create better opportunities for his teammates while maintaining his personal aggression.Anderson, Gordon, Ariza and others have become Harden’s powerful helpers. They constitute the team’s main three-point attack point. The Rockets have made at least 10 three-pointers in 17 consecutive games, which has created a new alliance.Record, they want to continue the good performance of three-pointers.  Beverly has to play a role in defense, he has to work hard to put pressure on Curry, Ariza has to cause trouble for Durant, Capella has to work hard to bring an impact to the Warriors.On the bench, Brewer, Gordon, Nene, Dekel and others need to work hard to help, the Rockets need the bench to perform better.  The Warriors have won 12 straight games. They are the league’s most legally hot team. The offensive combinations of Curry, Thompson and Durant are getting better and better. They are the guarantee for the team to win.Green’s role in the team cannot be ignored. His two crucial moments when he defeated the Hawks directly helped the team lock in the victory.When the main scene is against the Rockets, the Warriors have to maintain a good state, they have to hit 13 consecutive victories.  Both teams have strong offensive firepower, and the Warriors are averaging 117 per game.6 points, the Rockets reached 109.3 points, I don’t know which of them can have a better offense on the court.Curry and Durant as team leaders, they want to lead the team in the offense, they must bring reliable offense support to the team.Thompson has to work hard to find the outside shooting touch, the team needs him to give Curry and Durant more support.Green is still the core of the team’s organization and the key to defense. He wants to create opportunities for several teammates. He is also a defensive guarantee for the team’s inside.The Warriors lost 104 per game this season.9 points, their defense needs to improve.When meeting with the Rockets, the depth of the Warriors is also facing a test. Iguodala, Livingston and others on the bench must work hard to make contributions.  Last season, the Warriors swept the Rockets 3-0. They have defeated the Rockets 8 times in a row. The last time the Rockets defeated the Warriors, this was December 14, 2013, precisely at the Warriors’ home court.Against the Rockets at home, the Warriors have won four straight.  Both teams are expected to start the first-tier Rockets: Beverly, Harden, Ariza, Anderson, Capella Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Durant, Green, Pachulia

Barbosa and his pregnant wife have recovered from new coronary pneumonia

Barbosa and his pregnant wife have recovered from new coronary pneumonia
Barbosa and his wife have recovered and their daughter is also very healthy.Picture / Social Media On April 28, according to US media reports, the former NBA player, Brazilian men ‘s basketball star Barbosa and pregnant wife were diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, and his wife must give birth in advance. At present, the Barbosa couple has recoveredThe daughter who was born in advance is also very healthy and not infected with the new coronavirus.Barbosa currently plays for the Brazilian Minas team. On March 14, in the empty field, he played the last game on behalf of the Brazilian Minas team. On March 17, he was training with his teammates.During this period, a new symptom of pneumonia appeared. “It was the worst night of my life. I had a fever, my head was very painful, my nose was completely airtight, and the blockage was also painful.On March 21, Barbosa confirmed that he was infected with new coronary pneumonia and had to be isolated and treated in Belo Horizonte.At this time, Roca, Mrs. Barbosa, who was far away in S?o Paulo, was 38 weeks pregnant and was about to give birth soon. Because the doctor was worried that Roca had been infected with the new coronavirus, for the safety of the baby, she decided to induce Roca immediately.However, Barbosa was banned from hospital discharge, and even unable to travel across the city. On March 22, Barbosa ‘s mother was accompanied by his daughter-in-law Roca. Barbosa must witness her daughter Isabella ‘s by video callBorn.In the end, Barbosa ‘s wife was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, but the newly born daughter was very healthy and not infected.Worried about the health of his wife and newly born daughter, Barbosa then drove to S?o Paulo for 6 hours and was quarantined for two weeks in accordance with local regulations.At present, Barbosa and his wife Roca have recovered from the new coronary pneumonia. Not long ago, the couple also celebrated the full moon for their daughter Isabella.In the 14 seasons of the NBA, Barbosa became famous in the sun. In the era of running and running created by Nash, as the best sixth man in the league, Barbosa is an indispensable part of the team, averaging 18 per game during the peak season.1 point, 4 assists, followed the Warriors at the end of his career to achieve the championship dream.After leaving the NBA, Barbosa is still active in the domestic league and national team.In 2019, he led the Brazilian men’s basketball team to China to participate in the Basketball World Cup, and eventually led the team to 13th place.Talking about the experience of being infected with the new coronavirus in an interview, Barbosa bluntly said that he was very hit once, but after the whole family recovered, he was still full of confidence in the Olympics at the age of 37.Barbosa hopes to continue to maintain the competitive state, leading the Brazilian men’s basketball team to compete in next year’s Olympic defeat, and strive to participate in the previous Tokyo Olympics.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Han Shuangming proofread Wang Xin

Brand-new good physical dividend citation letter: presenting masks and other products to every shareholder

Brand-new good “physical dividend” citation letter: presenting masks and other products to every shareholder
On March 12, the brand-new good cause presented each shareholder with second-generation sterilized tissues, and a civilian disposable protective mask received a letter of concern.The Concern Letter stated that on March 11, 2020, your company disclosed the “Announcement of Free Replacement of Sterilized Paper Towels and Civil Disposable Masks to the Company’s Shareholders”, showing that your company decided to terminate the market on March 20, 2020 free of charge.Every shareholder of your company’s shares registered with China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch gives your company subsidiary Zero Degree Health Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zero Degree Health”) second-generation sterilization.A tissue-related product and a civilian disposable protective mask commissioned for production, this free gift activity budget is not more than 1 million yuan, this fee will be your company’s non-operating expenditures this year.Your company disclosed on February 3 “Announcement on Surviving Materials from Wuhan and Other Places for the Prevention and Control of New Coronary Pneumonia”. Your company intends to donate to Wuhan Red Cross and Shenzhen Charity Association and other organizations within the next two months.20 tons of sterilized paper towels and 1 million masks for sterilization; February 26, your company disclosed the “Announcement on the Step-by-step Contract for Purchasing Mask Production Equipment from a wholly-owned subsidiary and Huizhou Longhe Technology Co., Ltd.”Health and Huizhou Longhe Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Longhe Technology”) changed the “sales contract”, Zero Health purchased 3 mask manufacturing machines from Longhe Technology, and the equipment delivery time was 20-25 days.The full prepayment of the payment received will be calculated from the day after the account; On March 5, your company disclosed “About the wholly-owned subsidiary Zero Degree Health Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Yeqin Clothing Co., Ltd.

DC’s new drama Star Girl Blake Basinger gathers young heroes to start an adventure

DC’s new drama “Star Girl” Blake Basinger gathers young heroes to start an adventure
DC Super Heroine’s new drama “The Star Girl” releases a new poster, and “Bary Star Girl” by Courtney Whiteman, played by Blake Basinger, will be launched on the DC streaming platform “DC Universe” on May 18th, May 19th, landed on CW cable TV network.”The Star Girl” is produced by Jeff Jones, the former chief creative officer of DC. The first season contains 13 episodes.In the play, the sophomore girl played by Blake Basinger (“Rock School” and “The Goodburgs”) from the Disney child star, “Star Girl” by Courtney Whiteman assembled a group of young heroes and openedIn his own adventure.According to the comic book setting, the belt of “Star Girl” gives her mysterious super powers. She can fly freely, has the ability to cope with the cosmic force field, and has the ability of telepathic telepathy. It is a unique super heroine.Jeff Jones once said that there is a strong and positive energy temperament in Blick Basinger, which is very consistent with the character setting of “star-by-star”.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Tong Na proofreading Wang Xin

Century Wars Mayweather fought 12 rounds to win, Pacquiao refused to accept, lose opponents, run opponents_1

Century Wars Mayweather fought 12 rounds to win, Pacquiao refused to accept the defeat, the opponent just ran
On May 3, Beijing time, Mayweather and Pacquiao’s century war ended, Mayweather won the final victory, and in an interview with the two after the game, Pacquiao expressed strong dissatisfaction with the result.Think of yourself as the winner.  Mayweather and Pacquiao fought for 12 rounds. Despite Pacquiao’s full attack, the referee still awarded Mayweather with points. 118-110, 116-112 and 116-112, Pacquiao lostBoxing century war.  Although Mayweather won the World War II, he ushered in the audience’s boos, and with the boos, Mayweather was interviewed.This winner who laughed until the end of the century war: Pacquiao is a real champion, it is very difficult to deal with, and today we have all hit the highest level.  I will retire after playing the game in September. This will be my last battle. I am almost 40 years old. I am 19 years old in the boxing world. I have been a world champion for 18 years. Thank you for your support, thank Gods help.  Although the referee determined that Mayweather won, Pacquiao expressed dissatisfaction with the result. In my opinion, I won. I hit Mayweather more often, and he didn’t hit hard from start to finish.Me, this score makes me feel incredible.  Pacquiao hasn’t said yet: Mayweather actually has nothing to do. He has been running. I clearly saw me hit him. I have a reason to win the game. You know, when the opponent runs, I canIt’s hard to punch so many punches, it’s not as big as Margarito or Cotto.

IW赛解签:小威退赛带来大洗牌 种子选手危险重重_1

IW赛解签:小威退赛带来大洗牌 种子选手危险重重
­  科贝尔重返世界第一 ­  WTA Insider撰稿人:Courtney Nguye | 随着小威廉姆斯宣布退出本届比赛的争夺,我们是否可以期待一届大洗牌的BNP巴黎银行公开赛?­  美国,加利福利尼亚州,印第安维尔斯 – 本周,作为2017赛季的第一个强制顶级赛,BNP巴黎银行公开赛即将揭开战幕。女单资格赛已经结束,正赛将于当地时间周三开始。­  以下是一些关于本届BNP巴黎银行公开赛的信息:­  TOP8种子球员:科贝尔、卡洛琳娜·普利斯科娃、哈勒普、齐布尔科娃、阿格涅什卡·拉德万斯卡、穆古卢扎、库兹涅佐娃和凯斯。­  请注意:世界第一小威廉姆斯已经宣布退出了本站比赛。­  上半区:卡·普利斯科娃、齐布尔科娃、穆古卢扎、库兹涅佐娃­  下半区:科贝尔、哈勒普、凯斯、拉德万斯卡­  八强阵容预测:卡·普利斯科娃vs穆古卢扎、齐布尔科娃vs库兹涅佐娃、凯斯vs哈勒普、拉德万斯卡vs科贝尔­  去年决赛:阿扎伦卡 d 小威廉姆斯 6-4, 6-4­  科贝尔将在印第安维尔斯站比赛结束后夺回世界第一的称号­  本届印第安维尔斯站比赛中原本就关系到科贝尔和小威的世界第一之争,小威必须要至少打进半决赛才可能保住世界第一的位置。可是随着美国人退赛决定的公布,世界第一之争已经提前揭晓答案了。­  小威退赛后,种子排位将发生变化­  根据WTA关于在女单正赛正式开始前有种子选手退赛其他种子排位如何变化的相关规则,本届印第安维尔斯站的种子球员排位将发生以下变化:­  3号种子卡·普利斯科娃将取代小威的位置移到第一行(将对阵普伊格或是柯林斯)­  5号种子齐布尔科娃将取代卡·普利斯科娃的位置移到第33行(将对阵奥斯塔彭科或是科维尼奇)­  9号种子凯斯将取代齐布尔科娃的位置移到第65行(将对阵一位资格赛选手)­  13号种子沃兹尼亚奇将取代凯斯的位置移到第80行(将对阵汤森德或是幸运落败者)­  17号种子斯特里索娃将取代沃兹尼亚奇的位置移到第48行(将对阵埃拉尼或是一位资格赛球员)­  25号种子巴博斯将取代斯特里索娃的位置移到第120行(将对阵舍维多娃或是一位资格赛球员)­  卡萨特吉娜将成为第33号种子,她将取代巴博斯的位置移到第40行(将对阵马泰克-桑兹或是克里斯蒂娜·普利斯科娃)­  卡萨特吉娜的位置将由一位幸运落败者取代,这位幸运落败者将在第一轮对阵汤森德­  卡·普利斯科娃、斯维托丽娜和穆古卢扎将会引燃第一1/4区的争夺­  目前巡回赛中状态最热的两位球员被分在了第一1/4区,而且她们很有可能会在1/4决赛中狭路相逢。随着卡·普利斯科娃取代了小威在签表中的位置,第一1/4区中就出现了两位二月赛事中的最大赢家——卡·普利斯科娃和斯维托丽娜,她们俩今年到目前为止的获胜场次是最多的。­  世界排名首次跻身TOP10的10号种子斯维托丽娜目前保持着13连胜的战绩,不过此前她在印第安维尔斯站的最好成绩是打到16强。斯维托丽娜本赛 季状态非常出色,在澳网后她还没有输过,赢得了台北和迪拜两站比赛的冠军。普利斯科娃本赛季的状态也相当火热,到目前为止只输了两场比赛,赢了两个冠军。 第一个1/4区还有一位不容忽视的对手是7号种子穆古卢扎,她有可能会在16强轮次遭遇斯维图丽娜。­  种子球员危险重重­  比赛嘛,永远都是充满各种可能性的。再加上印第安维尔斯处在沙漠位置,天气变化莫测,所以印第安维尔斯站的前几轮比赛对于TOP32种子球员们来说 总是充满了各种不确定因素的。而且由于本站比赛TOP32种子球员们首轮轮空直接进入第二轮,而她们的第二轮对手们又都是至少已经打完一场比赛了,所以相 对来说能更快地进入比赛状态。从今年签表的对阵形势看,第二轮将不乏一些非常精彩激烈的对抗,所以这就要求TOP32种子球员们在比赛开始阶段就要拿出自 己的最佳状态。­  以下是一些第二轮可能出现的精彩对决:­  No.2 科贝尔vs 佩特科维奇­  No.3 卡洛琳娜·普利斯科娃vs 普伊格­  No.4 哈勒普vs 里斯克­  No.5 齐布尔科娃vs 奥斯特朋科­  No.6 A·拉德万斯卡vs 马卡洛娃­  No.7 穆古卢扎vs 贝丽斯­  No.8 库兹涅佐娃vs 吉奥尔吉­  No.11 孔塔vs 沃森 ­  No.12 大威vs 扬科维奇­  No.13 沃兹尼亚奇vs 汤森德­  No.14 维斯妮娜vs 罗杰斯­  No.16 斯托瑟vs 格尔格斯­  No.18 博腾斯vs 本西奇或是皮隆科娃­  No.20 范德维vs 萨法洛娃­  No.21 加西亚vs 麦克海尔­  No.23 纳瓦罗vs 斯尼亚科娃­  No.24 加芙里洛娃vs 西格蒙德或是维克梅耶尔­  No.28 穆拉德诺维奇vs 布沙尔­  No.30 张帅vs 大阪直美­  No.31 康纽vs 特苏伦科­  下半区看点:拉德万斯卡和大威­  6号种子拉德万斯卡和12号种子大威是她们所在1/4区种子排位最高的球员,她们俩很可能会在16强轮次遇上。不过在这几前她们二人的晋级之路也并 不轻松,拉德万斯卡可能会遭遇来自马卡洛娃(在交手记录中拉德万斯卡6胜2负占优)的挑战,如果能顺利晋级之后可能遇上之前在美网战胜过波兰人自己的康纽 或是刚刚在阿卡普尔科站夺冠的特苏伦科。大威则是可能会遭遇强敌扬科维奇(在交手记录中扬科维奇7胜6负占优),之后可能会迎来今年在澳网半决赛的老对手 范德维(不过范德维首场比赛就将是一场硬仗,她得先挺过来自萨法洛娃的挑战才行)。­  哈勒普、凯斯和孔塔伤愈归来­  小威退赛签表洗牌后,9号种子凯斯可以是最大的获益者。这站比赛是美国人在接受了手腕关节手术康复后参加的第一站比赛。原本她要在第一场比赛中迎战卡萨特吉娜或是汤森德,不过现在她的对手变成了一位资格赛球员。­  自从退出了圣彼得堡站比赛后,为了让自己的膝盖尽快康复,4号种子哈勒普之后也缺席了中东赛季的比赛。这是罗马尼亚人这段时间以来亮相的首站比赛。同样情况的还有孔塔,澳网后英国人因为左脚受伤退出了迪拜站比赛,这也是孔塔澳网后参加的第一站比赛。­  值得关注的首轮比赛:­  本西奇vs 皮隆科娃­  尼库莱斯库vs 科斯蒂亚­  赛格蒙德vs 维克梅耶尔­  贝丽斯vs 菲利普肯斯­  马泰克-桑兹vs 克里斯蒂娜·普利斯科娃­  沃森vs 吉布斯­  罗杰斯vs 布拉迪­  布沙尔vs 贝克­  多丁vs 帕蒙蒂尔­  佩特科维奇vs 金久慈

CBA All-Star Jeremy Lin shouts See you in Guangzhou

CBA All-Star Jeremy Lin shouts “See you in Guangzhou”
Yao Ming will sing to add luster to the CBA All-Stars, Jeremy Lin and Marbury will also lead their respective teams to release. Photo / Osports The 2020 CBA All-Star Weekend was unveiled in Guangzhou today. Because of Jeremy Lin, this big show has added star flavor.At the same time, the most popular players of the two Beijing teams, the coaches involved, let the Beijing element become a highlight.CBA2.In the era of zero, the All-Star weekend is also trying more innovations and injecting more entertainment elements.    Zhou Qi reassured Brother Hao that Jeremy Lin has added attention and topics to this season’s CBA. He was selected as the All-Star starter as the North District ticket king.He is not the only NBA star to land in the CBA this season, but the rush of Bijou and the “Orc”, Stephenson’s ups and downs when he combined with the team, Jeremy Lin is undoubtedly the most popular foreign aid, and Shougang is well-deserved core.  On the day when the starting list was released, Jeremy Lin called up his teammates on the social media. “According to my current hairstyle, Guo Ailun is a little taller than you, so you can play the point guard, but you have to call me more tactics.Zhou Qi, I need you to create a lot of great cover for me, as well as to open up space for me to play low singles.Zhai Xiaochuan, don’t think about pitching, just pass it to me, hahaha.The teammates responded positively, and Zhai Xiaochuan stated that he would listen to Brother Hao.Zhou Qi also replied: “Brother Hao is assured that the space will be opened for you.However, the Shougang men’s basketball team encountered an insider shortage in the regular season and was forced to use the “Twin Towers” from the 23rd round to make Jeremy Lin take a break.The outside once violated or even questioned his qualification for the All-Star competition, but both Shougang and CBA officials confirmed that they would not be affected.  Jeremy Lin has been actively training to maintain his state during the holiday, and agreed with the fans to “see you in Guangzhou”.Some fans are expecting Jeremy Lin to hit the All-Star MVP.  Beikong’s apprentice changed his opponent Beikong became the biggest dark horse of CBA this season.In this year’s All-Star Game, Sun Yue was selected to the North District bench. Head coach Marbury headed the CBA Xingrui team, but Wang Shaojie, the “Zhuang Yuan Lang”, was going to support his opponent.  This year’s Xing Rui Challenge is still played by CBA Xing Rui players against college students’ alliance, and continues the tradition of rookie college students returning to campus last year.Wang Shaojie, Liu Yuchen and He Siyu, three college student players from last year’s draft and Jia Mingru, the core of China Civil Aviation University who signed directly to Guangzhou, will continue to fight for the college student team.  The College League won the Xing Rui Challenge for the first time last year, and Wang Shaojie won the MVP.He joined Beikong as the No. 1 pick this season. He was valued by Marbury and entered the fixed starting list, averaging nearly 25 minutes of playing time per game.After 26 CBA games, Wang Shaojie averaged 8.3 points, 4.5 rebounds and 1.3 blocks.Therefore, his voice for winning the MVP of StarCraft is very high.  However, if Wang Shaojie wants to achieve his goal, he must first pass the Marbury level.At that time, Lao Ma as the coach of the Northern Star Rui team in 2012, led the then Shougang teammates Zhai Xiaochuan, Zhu Yanxi, and Guo Ailun, Ding Yan Yuhang, 105-88 victory over the Southern Star Rui team led by Wang Zhizhi.  This year, the Marbury team has the 2017 and 2018 champions Chen Yingjun, Jiang Yuxing, and both of them have grown into the local main force of their respective teams. As a rookie in the coach, Lao Ma has proved his strength with his record.I don’t know if he will face the love general Wang Shaojie in the Star Race, will he be merciless.  Yao Ming and her actress sang a rehearsal process for an All-Star race this week. The biggest attraction is Yao Ming and female artist Lou Yixiao singing “Me and My Motherland”.Yao Ming has participated in performing arts activities many times, but his personal artistic cells have been hidden in a low-key manner.  Finally, he left his first public voice to the CBA league.Regardless of his singing skills, Yao Ming has been able to personally participate in this all-star entertainment show, and he has already received praise.  At the press conference of the new season last year, Yao Ming said that the performance of the Chinese men’s basketball team in the World Cup was unsatisfactory. The league needs to bear more responsibilities and obligations, and it is necessary to make the CBA into “the most popular professional basketball event in the country.”Since serving as the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, he has been pushing for league reforms. The All-Star weekend has new highlights every year. On the basis of the previously existing entertainment, it also provides a stage for campus basketball and private talents.  Outside the stadium, Yao Ming realized that the positive energy of the CBA league was passed through public welfare activities, reflecting his responsibility to society.The environmental protection theme of the All-Star public welfare event this year is in the moment. Players will turn to children to participate in the environmental protection activities of the safari park, personally demonstrate garbage classification, and promote environmental protection concepts.  ”Yunnan Glider” is concerned because of a back injury. Zhou Qi will miss the All-Star Skill Challenge. His place will be replaced by Wu Guanxi.The NBA All-Star Skills game has long ceased to be the territory of small guards, and CBA has also tried to break through this year.  Both Hu Jinqiu and Wu Guanxi are insiders who are good at sports ability. Whether Zhao Rui, Zhao Jiwei and Wu Qian are surrounded by defenders with national names can make an upset.Unfortunately, Guo Ailun, who was recently ill, withdrew from the skill game.  College students and grassroots players were invited to participate in this year’s All-Star single event.In the past two years, the champion of the slam dunk contest has been taken away by college student player Zhang Jianhao. CBA players may still miss the slam dunk this year.Among the six finalists, Yi Jinhong, known as “Yunnan Glider”, received much attention, and his height was 1.The 78-meter grassroots dunk will stage a free-throw line dunk.In addition, height 1.The 76-meter Xinjiang team’s foreign aid Feld also has amazing bouncing ability, and has played a good show in the game.  There will be a veteran Zhang Qingpeng in the three-point contest, no surprise, this will be his last All-Star.  Du Feng and Ari “1V1” all-stars added “1V1” conversion this year.According to the voting results, Yi Jianlian played against Zhou Qi and Zhao Rui singled out Jeremy Lin.This period will take place between the first and second quarters and the third and fourth quarters, and the score doubles to the total score of the player’s team and the player’s individual game.  However, due to Zhou Qi’s injury, it is still unknown whether he can play in the main game. His “1V1” with the United Arab Emirates has also been replaced by Han Dejun.What makes the fans look forward to the “1V1” of Guangdong team coach Du Feng and the team member Zeng Fanri.In the air force’s on-line documentary, Du Feng’s deep “heartbeat” on the disciple’s magical spirit, and the call for a “showdown” between the two was very high.In the video released earlier, Zeng Fanri has been preparing for the talk, pretending to have an age advantage, and said in front of the coach that if he loses, he will do 1000 push-ups, and if Du Feng loses, he will learn to cheerleader dance.  The initial result was the most favorite of all stars, the answer is self-evident.So, “Ari, you can’t be hard!”CBA All-Star Starter List South Star Team Yi Jianlian (Guangdong) Wang Zhelin (Fujian) Shen Zijie (Shenzhen) Zhao Rui (Guangdong) Hu Mingxuan (Guangdong) VS North Star Team Zhou Qi (Xinjiang) Han Dejun (Liaoning) Zhai XiaochuanBeijing)) Jeremy Lin (Beijing) Guo Ailun (Liaoning) Collection / Sauna, Ye Chen Liu Chen

Nets Raptors unveiled in NBA 2014 playoffs first game schedule

Nets Raptors unveiled in NBA 2014 playoffs first game schedule
On April 17, Beijing time, the 2013-14 regular season all ended.The first round of the playoffs was also officially released. The specific schedule for the first game is as follows: Western-Mavericks VS Spurs San Antonio April 21st 01:00 Grizzlies VS Thunder Oklahoma April 20th 09:30    WarriorsVS Clippers Los Angeles April 20 03:30 Trail Blazers VS Rockets Houston April 21 09:30 East-Eagles VS Pacers Indiana April 20 07:00 Bobcats VS Heat Miami April 21 03:30    NetsVS Raptors Toronto April 20th 00:30 Wizards VS Bull Chicago April 21st 07:00 In the United States, ABC TV will become the first game of the national live defending champion Heat against the Bobcats, and TNT will become the head of the national live regular seasonThe Spurs’ game against the Mavericks.  In addition, TNT will broadcast the Rockets against the Trail Blazers on April 21, the Raptors against the Nets and the Pacers against the Eagles will be broadcast by ESPN.  This year’s playoff system has changed, each round of the game is “2-2-1-1-1”, abolish the previous home and away battle order of the finals “2-3-2”, the home advantagePlayed to the maximum.

Liu Jian Contract Dispute Case Tracking Football Association issued a ticket: Zhongneng deducted 7 points and fined 400,000

“Liu Jian Contract Dispute Case” Tracking Football Association issued a ticket: Zhongneng deducted 7 points and fined 400,000
Minnan.com August 15th: The Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Football Association issued a fine on the 14th. The Chinese club Qingdao Zhongneng was replaced by 7 points and was fined 400,000.  The ticket stated that following the evidence and facts found, Qingdao Zhongneng Football Club was found to have committed fraud in the case of a work contract dispute with player Liu Jian, causing serious social impact.  Regarding the fines issued by the Chinese Football Association, Qingdao Zhongneng Group deeply corrected it, and issued a strong wording statement, claiming that the Football Association’s penalty was sloppy, requesting the Football Association to publish the basis, and ordering the club to resort to disciplinary inspections and judicial authorities for related serious issues.The statement also stated that the Chinese Football Association is both a law enforcer and a case, and small and medium-sized clubs have no way to protect their rights.  The Arbitration Commission of the Chinese Football Association cancelled the application for arbitration in the contract dispute between Liu Jian and Qingdao Zhongneng Football Club regarding Liu Jian’s free transfer to Evergrande on January 7, 2014.On April 11, the arbitration tribunal made a final decision after deliberating that Liu Jian would transfer to Guangzhou Evergrande as a free agent.Since then, the Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association has initiated disciplinary investigation and handling procedures based on the complaints and the information learned from the Arbitration Committee.Further reading: Qingdao Zhongneng apologizes for Liu Jian’s contract disputes. Hopes to standardize transfer contract management. Liu Jian’s transfer is unsettled. Zhongxin can insist on the Football Association’s Disciplinary Committee: the disciplinary offender Liu Jian will be transferred to Evergrande.Contract

Live video of the 2016 Snooker Northern Ireland Open Ding Junhui vs Delu Live

Live video of the 2016 Snooker Northern Ireland Open Ding Junhui vs Delu Live
The 2016/2017 Snooker Northern Ireland Open will start at the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast. As a newly added ranking game this season, it attracts world famous players including O’Sullivan, Higgins, etc.参赛,中国军团包括丁俊晖(关注:丁俊晖2016斯诺克最新比赛直播视频 2016丁俊晖比赛赛程时间安排)、梁文博、傅家俊在内将有17名选手出战.2016 Snooker Northern Ireland Open-Ding Junhui vs Yu Delu (data map)    Northern Ireland once hosted a ranking match for the Northern Ireland Cup. Ding Junhui once won the championship in 2006, but in 2008After Sullivan won the championship, the tournament was canceled.This season, Northern Ireland finally ushered in another snooker ranking Northern Ireland Open, which will be ranked as one of the four local stations in the British home series. The champion will receive 70,000 pounds of prize money, and the championship trophy is two world championships.Named by Alex Higgins.  There will be no qualifiers for the Northern Ireland Open, and all contestants will play in the first round. After experiencing the disastrous defeat of the National Championships, Ding Junhui finally recovered his status in the recent championship, and scored in one fell swoop.Semifinal.Ding Junhui will encounter Derby in the first round of the Northern Ireland Tournament, and the opponent is Yu Delu. The latter has not yet been able to break through the first round of the ranking game this season. Although Ding Junhui has the habit of slow and hot, it is still very difficult for Yu Delu to want to be cold。Ding Junhui’s signing is not ideal. In the second round, it is likely to encounter the recently strong Tachaia. Ding Junhui is difficult to win in the 7-game system.If you break through the first two rounds, Ding Junhui will not have too strong opponents before the quarterfinals.Game live video address: click to watch