Four fifty, leave the house, along with her sister brother drove into the deep forest camping, this is a very creative and very exciting thing, so when I heard, my heart kind of excitement already unable to bear Mood.Early in the school had the idea of sleeping on barren hills, for various reasons, so shelved […]

Camphor tree in the window

A bundle of dazzling light sun shines on the sill in front of the desk, which is also illuminate the office of Ming Langlang.I come here every day to do the first thing is to open the window, the window to let the sun shine in, let cool wind came out of the window, I […]

Camphor tree agreement

I met you in a hundred years camphor tree calm water of my heart began to throb as camphor petals in the spring breeze caresses were numerous dense wandering in my heart spread a thick layer of thoughts from Heart Lake rippling weave a gentle and tough net final escape your gentle embrace beautiful temple […]

Camphor sinking home

[REVIEW] when I put the water to pick camphor tree in front of the house, I would stop and rest, I installed the “General” hidden in a box in Zhuwei.When cooking pull the bellows are generally me, I’m always looking for an excuse to go to point out that a few camphor tree “General”, then […]


Who put into a string hung from a hook into the sparkling grape wine sweet purple wave ripples Oh I sipped sweet childhood jingle bells jingle singing in the alley feet soothing breeze Arashiyama Lvfeihongshou step on how to go depression and dusk imagine any mood again cut Seduction jingle bells jingle singing in front […]

Campanula flower

An Yuhan first met in school when he first entered college students recruit new, we were in the group interview.After the interview, she came up and said: We will work together in the future, leaving their contact information now.  After that, I began to frequent contact with An Yuhan.I knew she was art class, and she […]

Campanula bomb

Trading outside the building, a dozen police cars, hundreds of police and a group of armed special police are on standby waiting outside the building.Show and do so much, attracted passers-by the police were surrounded in tiers, and eventful reporters are standing in a different position to the same appalling Changqiangduanbao and pointed at the […]

Aim autumn

REVIEW sky became blue, high, clouds become white, and pale, and the autumn.Heaven noisy gradually died down, a lot of gentle thunder and lightning storm, and occasionally noisy brought a modicum of autumn.  Autumn just arrived, very much like spring hidden in the winter in the same, it’s still shy cheek buried in the hot summer […]

Ailing wet loved

The first time I saw the name Eileen Chang, still young at the time of reading, it is a both material and spiritual poverty of the times, we choose to deal with reading is one of the most effective ways of poverty.In Plum Heights plum blossoming fragrance, first arrived in Yangzhou studying my father still […]

Ailing night

My pain is from that time the street was raining last night I started the phone a blind sound, disappointed frustrated do not know who to turn to a number I can not remember everyone’s name can only look at the time, together with the dark daze my loneliness and indifference I have lost the […]