Cowboy bull riding

REVIEW looking ingenious piece of paper-cut, my thoughts flew to the kingdom of the imagination, as if the ground.In a summer afternoon, scorching sun, burning sun garden, only cicadas calling upon.Great people are hard busy to go to the fields.  Paper-cut art is one of China’s folk art treasures.A pair of scissors, a colored paper, can […]

Courtyard deep dash

“Osmanthus tree tree so nice, is not from the moon in the shift?”” Silly boy, the moon in GuiHuaShu how it can be moved in mortal?”” Grandma, you look so nice, is not it also down from the moon in?”” Silly boy, grandmother if it is from the moon down inside, that you just have […]


Part one: courage courage, which is not significant mountain, not dew perseverance; courage is a fear of wind, rain defying spirit.- Inscription in the vast expanse of the sea, a ship in moving forward, suddenly, incredibly hard, rolling waves, not far from the sea thrown from the surging waves that come, the ship then how […]

Countryside mountain lentils

Cassia, also known as lentils, in my hometown Tongzhou transport flood, the people they dubbed the “old woman ear”.Look at the shape of lentils, exactly like the human ear, but thin and flat.If look at appearance, it is difficult favored by the people, but there are indeed extraordinary welcome in the large family of vegetables […]

Countryside green foxtail

REVIEW fall, foxtail long stems will grow to a length of soft and thick ear, open against the wind swaying children, like most of the dog’s tail shaking that Yingying, a relaxation of a likable.The spike covered with a lot of fruit, and makes the call you have to count the number of.      Walks away in […]

Countryside birds

I live in the countryside, is commonplace sparrows, owls, woodpeckers and swallows, which over many years and the mountain people who live together, mountain people who already regard them as a barometer of the seasons, as long as they appeared, were on the mountain Teenage understand cold and heat, from this sense, they are the […]

Country roads

Before the 1970s, the biggest difference is that rural and urban roads.On the streets of the city, mostly flat bare road.Horse-drawn carts to walk on the countryside, extraordinarily smooth.In rural areas, rural dirt road always silent way, quietly lying between village and village, it winds lanky body, is an honest and authentic rural landscape, countryside […]

Campus wind

Incense and ah, the campus wind!    When I walked into the campus early in the morning or evening stroll, suddenly come a long deep breath: ah, campus style, was actually so warm, so gentle, so harmony.Ah, full of green wind; ah, full of spark wind; ah, full of golden wind; ah, poetic style.Incense and ah, the […]

Country road

Part One: country road “walking in the countryside roads, old cow is my companion.Blue sky with flowers in the chest sunset, colorful sunset clouds are clothes.”Every time I hear this song, my thoughts fly that will not help me miss childhood, and that carries me many happy country road.  My home is in rural areas, between […]

Campus suspense story of past lives

A autumn afternoon always makes a kind of sense of cool, though at this time I sat in the center of the most exclusive cafes, Heating quarto, can still feel the cold outside, so I cold hands and feet.  Drank mocha, full-bodied flavor in the mouth Man, I can not help but heart sigh: indeed the […]