“Dirty”? Sorry, these three constellations must not be tolerated.!

Do you pay attention to details in your life? Can you tolerate a little sloppiness?? Sorry, these constellations are absolutely intolerable! Not only are they demanding of themselves, but also of others and the environment in which they live. A little bit of impropriety will make them go to great trouble to satisfy themselves.!   First […]

“Ear” husband and “deaf” secret wife

I have family and neighbors together for many years a pair of flat Fanfan couple lived a lifetime.This life, happened to them very ordinary story.But there is one story was a bit unusual, this is the call between them is very special.Man called his woman, is always this one: Hey, deafness.Women call their own when […]

Through the “Medusa No.” ghost ship mystery

Years ago the mysterious disappearance of fishing Medusa No. sudden, there is a missing boat but looks thirty years of age had not changed sailors.They through time and space yet?Or is this all stems from the supernatural Bermuda Triangle area strange?Through time and space of a fishing vessel September 17, 2011, Canadian ports Snape, sitting […]

“Frankie,” proud of the wealth of breakthrough

This year 32-year-old Huang Tsung, young, goat industry is a pivotal figure in Songzi.Goats brought him trouble, but also brought him wealth.His love-hate relationship of this industry, as he realized the wealth of breakthrough Yangyangdeyi.Big man small blog, as leader Huang Tsung Liu’s home in the market town of Songzi City, Hubei Province.Here rich vegetation, […]

“Hearts A” Murder

I especially like Susie looks at the table, no matter what the cards in his hand, both leisurely.He stood in front of a straight flush of hearts, knocking the last cards with a clean finger.Susie said: I want to see this cards, we should take the money.Laoxing first vent the fight, he said: Well, I […]

“Rice flower” Young Marshal Caikai Yun: Win in China

His elegant, but a good heart; he was a low-key attitude of life, but the subject of attention; he was a silver spoon, but live on their own; because he pursued 100 Yoshitaka first, return to the family; though he is the industry’s new, but already formed their own insights cognitive and theoretical system.He is […]

Will you suffer the curse of “love dies fast”

In general, the words “show love and die fast” are used by single people, either out of envy or from sweet hurt.. However, in real life, it happened that there were so many lovely couples who really blew it off.. So you are still showing your love, will you suffer the curse of “die fast”? […]

“God Flute” magistrate

Ming Dynasty, Liaodong sea chow magistrate Fang Xiuren settle a lawsuit as a god.He is said to have a flute, flute playing the kind of magic that allows confession from the real criminals.Therefore, it is eight miles Township called him God flute magistrate.That day, Fangxiu Ren received a letter, just shortly after taking office of […]

“Silicon Valley Iron Man” Andy Herron.Musk

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Andy Herron everyone that Musk recently said he wants to retire on Mars.He was not kidding.Into SpaceX’s factory in the town of Hawthorne, California, with 1500 engineers are working for this goal.Factory door is hung a huge picture of Mars.In this huge former Boeing 747 manufacturing factories, we parked the Falcon 9 […]

“Good friend” Peter Chan Teddy Chen was very moved

Good friend, Peter Chan, Peter Chan Teddy Chen was very moved and Teddy met nearly 20 set.Teddy Chen Hong Kong versatile filmmaker, has done continuity, screenwriter, planning, co-ordination in 1993, he joined the Teddy Chen set up by Peter Chan, Cheung, Eric Tsang, who filmmakers, Inc. (UFO).His talent caused Peter Chan’s attention, he wrote the […]