logically speaking, it is reported that up to, but military past few years, killing many, and some not reported, it is only a trick of their own things, to recruit a lot of.

  And two rounds of discussions, they put these days to say things are finished discussing, such as house crowd away, to teach bodyguard then went into the house to avoid the human eye, they began to report after the luggage, specially Pei Naochun other matters scheduled him to do: “General adults, holds many lessons Kyoto, […]

nd winter border, cold, with their Ning has just finished looting troops towards the rest of the material, but this winter is the degree of their people towards this and would rather have no disputes, but all the people in general, have the same desire to live.

  War, unarmed Caomin they live like pigs and dogs, fancy北京体验网 driving, life and death by the day, by the people, not help himself.   ”Pei general, today examined and registered outside the city into a total of twenty.”Pei Naochun Guards are illiterate, have long been drawn to do statistical work, he turned over the report carefully […]

on, shortage of labor, we need to add third is, the other to some extent, also bring a lot of intelligence.

  Of course, while the screening and registration, has become particularly important, Pei Naochun developed a set of screening, questioning records, come to register individually, with each tribe to ask for details, even after screening, but also not into the city, to outside the city enough to be a full six months to get into the […]

oes without saying that this is their child, do not fight do not rob, mutual humility.

  There are three good child, this life without regret.   Author has to say: ask the 杭州桑拿mud eruption!This three-shift   Not rough rough   It can be a long   Fat is not fat   Trained, trained, trained, so hard to see in Iraq Iraq’s sake, we can support it?   Nutrition, message, to close, advance to bash me, Yiyi need […]

t’s like painting a dedicated artist.

  The woman submissive, very nervous, children with her husband, with honest account, wait for them to even eat anything last night to say together.   In the next passerby like this, there are many, they all ran to the same goal – they want to stay outside the West, and then pass the examinatio广州桑拿n, to be […]

t is located at the junction towards the Xia and Ning’s first city, each time it comes border invasion, they are the first to be due to the household registration, unless the war, they are difficult to settled into other border cities, they had been left behind, and the West “live and die”, almost every time of war, people had to do back-up, for a long time, they also sturdy folk up.

  Recently available since, outside this West, and in the past have been very different.   I saw the original barren, full of loess land with weeds, holds many lessons propped up one after another endless tent, top with a thick cloth and fur, blankets cushioned the nod, t苏州夜网he first half of the goods, after half of […]

hter honest hearts.

  She does not like to always unhappy, worried about what to tell others – because no one can tell her father far away, they fight all day, very hard, Grandma it is in poor health, with these things your hospitality afraid of her uncomfortable.   Only now, she and the former different, there are people who […]

e talked about, the Mother Lin Shu, previously outside said bad things about you, you know, our family attended the banquet with a lot of girls, how many listen so once been to, I have not got the idea, I also forget and you say.”She was very depressed, which was actually not the slightest Pei Yuzhuo curious, not angry.

  ”May be mi南宁桑拿sinformation, my cousin very good.”   ”That’s not necessarily a.”Gu liang suddenly attacked, caught Pei Yuzhuo hand, sometimes some stunned, how she felt each other once tender hand, recently a lot of rough, but also faint touch the cocoon of it, but this is not a critical thing, she then go on, “she said, […]

quickly, recovering himself, his heart is still very disdain, you know, the last generation, the worst was undoubtedly Guo Jiuye home when the Queen North Korea, after the emperor ascended the throne, continued to marry following the post, did not give birth to prince can still give a lot to take care of home Guo Jiuye.

  Pei Yuzhuo biological mother, the queen exchange a sister, she also cried when I heard Guo Jiuye uncle, although the two have such a relationship, when can dealings, feeling not good, because this is a young occur when Pei Yuzhuo pile things, Gu Yu Niang but have heard, she heard, then Pei Yuzhuo have to […]

her and even in private exchanges did not, how can they convince each other?Rebirth things, too amazing, I’m afraid no one would believe her.The second thing is to want to lay a good relationship and Pei Yuzhuo, the other just a little old lady of good coax, so long as to become a close friend, after at least be able to keep his home.

  ”Miss, to.”Naya Huan spoke again, she looked at the front leading the way Kurtis girl, very embarrassed, people always think Miss mansion lost in the ugly, no return on such a short distance, always distracted Miss.   ”Ok.”Liang Gu nodded, finishing a lot of mood, entered the room, they opened a smile, directed 淡水桑拿at Pei Yuzhuo, […]